Terrenda is a rare mysterious Warm Terra in the corner of the Universe, it was discovered by humans in 167000 CE but not colonized yet due to a mysterious fact.


Name origin

The name Terrenda is the combination of “Terra” (meaning Earth), and “End” (reffering to the edge of the universe).
The name Vendoid is the combination of “End” (referring to the edge of the universe), and “Void”. (referring to the darkness beyond the end of the Universe).


Disappearing when being seen by a telescope

When Terrenda was first discovered mysteriously when the scientists tried to observe Terrenda passing in the front of it's parent star to confirm it's existance mysteriously it didn't showed up, the real reason why Terrenda didn't appeared is currently unknown, but scientists suggest that a mysterious alien race might be controlling this planet and altering it's surface.


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