The Teyak is a predator, native of Thetis, living in groups in the oceans of the planet. They are a very majestic species and usually are compared to Earth's Wolfs. They live in group packs and hunt together. They have been imported to a lot of oceans in terraformed worlds, and other non-terraformed ones as well. It has been brought to Mitra, Elpida, Pax, Astrion, Rhea, Alma, Pandora, Isolda, Lipna, Eyen and Haldar among many more even outside the Empire, like Ishai or Kataria. Some even have been exported and introduced in other nation's worlds.

They communicate through a complex sound system, that is compare to singing. The sounding of wild Teyak has been considered as one of the wonders of Thetis native wildlife. It is common to hear them at dawn or in the twilight.

One of their favourite prey in their native oceans of Thetis is the Takke Fish, which they love to hunt.

They are the Emblem of House Hayalon.


They are usually beautifully shaped, of large size and hard skin. Of somehow high intelligence, they are very peaceful and joyful with humans, they are considered to be very respectful hunters, they know what and where to hunt, which has allowed humans to export many of them offworlds and integrate to foreign worlds habitats successfully. Most oceans tolerate them well and even help to equilibrate the alien ecosystems.

They behave on packs structures. Most of them live in groups of between 5 and 25 individuals, being the norm around 12 or so. They have some hierarchy but social movement is normal in their societies. There is a leading female who leads the group, and a leading male, who sometimes also acts as a leader.


This alpha couple is usually the oldest and to which most of the members of the group are related. It is not very common to mate between members of the group, unless the alpha or if a new foreign member joins the group, mostly because the current members are all cousins, sisters and brothers, half-siblings, etc.. being related to each other while the Alpha couple is usually unrelated.

Usually, when either the group meets another one, or usually when they meet a group in some of the mating points scattered around the ocean, they mate. The mating areas can concentrate around 15 groups at a time, meaning more than 200 Teyak. This massive concentrations serve to distribute the gene pool and sometimes even, some Teyak may abandon their former group to join another, and mate with several partners of its new group. But this later practice is rare. In this massive concentrations some females and males mate and leave their previous groups to form a new one out of their own issue together.

A female produces one offspring at a time, but they can have as much as 10 pregnancies in their entire lives. They reach sexual fertility at 35 years of age, and stop being able to reproduce by age 70. A pregnancy last up to 2 years.

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