The Th'ega Federation is a relatively small nation that controls the majority of the NGC 5986 cluster (also known as the Korjes Cluster). Formed in 198,379 CE, the Federation is one of the newest multiple-system nations in the colonised universe. Kavla is the capital of the small nation and is also the homeworld of the Th'ega. Currently, the Federation is led by Mar'en Ukayien and Izel'ae Druyen, both of whom represent the Raelkan Social Party (Hezteni Marrej Raelka). While not part of the Confederacy of Borealis, the Th'ega Federation maintains friendly relations with its larger neighbours. Ideologically, the Federation is classified as a social democracy/democratic socialist state.


Formed in 198,379 CE, the Th'ega Federation was formed shortly after first contact with human settlements in the Viana Cluster. The governments of Kavla, Ikrael and Raelka all decided that it would be best to unify and work towards the common goal of colonising the Kavla Cluster. After the unification, the Th'ega entered a period of rapid expansion and technological development; an incredibly rare event given most things that originate on Kavla form and advance far slower than is average rates throughout civilisation.



Political Structure

One large chamber makes up the bulk of the Th'ega government. It is composed of 904 "seats", which are represented by various Cerwest'i (closest English translation would be "Member of Parliament" but it literally means "little parliament") who are elected through a system akin to proportional representation. Unlike some modern ways of electing individuals - or even archaic ones -, people vote for political parties and not for individual candidates themselves. Typically, it is up to the party leaders to decide (post-election) which candidate is allocated to which seat, but the Raelka Liberal Party is an exception to this.

Elections take place at regular intervals of seven Kavlan years (about 2 standard years) and, as mentioned before, uses a system that can be best described as proportional representation. In the last election, for example, the Raelkan Social Party got approximately 53.61% of the votes and got 53.65% of the seats (rounded up to 485 seats), while the Ikraeli Democratic Party got 28.2% of both the vote and the seats. Unlike historical elections on Earth, voter turnout is almost always between 80% and 90%.

Several devolved governments exist within the Federation's complex political structure, most of which are given control over individual planets. However, Li'ion, having a total population comparable to that of minor colonies like Losker, has its own devolved administration that governs the colossal city. Unlike the ancient, long-dead devolved governments of Earth, Th'ega administrations are given more powers to change their region's policies. One feature found in all of the devolved administrations is the fact that, officially, no political parties exist - this means all of the representatives are not affiliated with any party.

Diplomatic Relations

Confederacy of Borealis

Ambassador to Th'ega Fed

Asheni Zhou, Confederate ambassador to the Th'ega Federation

Despite the Confederacy's tendency to absorb smaller nations, the Th'ega Federation has retained its independence. Both nations have agreed on a migration treaty that allows citizens freedom of movement between them and, at the request of the Th'ega government, are currently working on legislation to allow full voting rights for citizens of either country living in the other. The Foreign National Electoral Reform is being trialled with citizens of the Viana Cluster and is expected to come into effect in 200,002 CE, along with a slew of other reforms such as the Anthro-Kallic Education Scheme. The current ambassadors to the Th'ega Federation are Asheni Zhou (stationed at the main embassy in Li'ion) and Youssef Ndlovu (stationed in a minor embassy in the capital city of Raelka).

RS-Designations for celestial bodies (.980)

  • Kavla - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4
  • Eredon - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4.1
  • Xedia - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B3
  • Halka - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B8.1
  • Ochi'an / Kari'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340
  • Raelka - RSC 8474-9707-4-511-363 A5
  • Xani'en (now Ikrael) - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-54 2
  • Kavla Cluster - NGC 5986
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