The Th'ega Federation was formed in 198,379 CE, just after the Th'ega made first contact with the Confederacy of Humanity. It has a population of 57 billion people spread across several star systems. It is a late Type-II civilization. The Th'ega are the only species in the Federation but they are split into several semi-autonomous factions such as the Isd'an Alliance and United Kavla.

Political Structure

The Th'ega Federation is a democracy, with laws being created in Federal Parliament on Li'ion's upper levels. Every four Kavlan years (a bit over one standard year), each city selects two individuals to be their representatives in Parliament. Once all representatives have been selected, a Federation-wide election is held to decide which city's representatives will become the presidents of the Federation. This is similar to the former High Kavlan Parliament present on Kavla before the Federation.

In recent elections, Ar'ion on Raelka has had its representatives become presidents. The current presidents are Mar'en Ukayien, a male Th'ega from the lower levels of Ar'ion, and Izel'ae Druyen from the mid to upper levels. The Ar'ion Party have helped the civilization rapidly explore their home cluster by funding research into other, less restricted forms of FTL travel.

Any representative can be removed from office if the majority of the Federation's inhabitants sign a petition-like form. If they have broken the law, then they are removed from office and prosecuted in High Kavlan Court and, if found guilty, sentenced. The death penalty is illegal throughout the Federation, so the worst sentence an individual can receive is a life sentence. If the representative(s) has not broken the law, they simply return to civilian life and a new individual/s is/are elected. Any politician removed from office (via petition) cannot participate in any elections for the next two terms (eight Kavlan years or just over two and a half standard years). If a politician has broken the law, they cannot participate in any election for the next four terms if their crime was not severe. If it, for example, was murder, then they wouldn't be allowed to run at all.


With a population of only 31 billion, the Federation is incredibly small as civilizations go. It only controls 4 planets and 2 moons, 2 of which are Kavla and its moon, Eredon. Kavla has the title of the most populated planet in the Federation, with 17 billion inhabitants.


An image of Ikrael


An image of Raelka

Two colony-worlds, Raelka and Ikrael, share the position of second most populated planet in the Federation, with each having 4 billion citizens. This is likely because Raelka and Ikrael have similar atmospheric compositions to Kavla, as well as being oceanias. They are covered in "iceberg" cities, the most notable being Ar'ion and Kr'ion. Another 5 billion Th'ega can be found on Kavla's only spherical moon. The remaining 1 billion can be found on Halka, the closest moon of a gas giant in Kavla's home system.


Formed in 198,379 CE, the Federation is a very young empire compared to others. The Federation was born out of a political and legal restructuring of the original Kavlan central government. The Th'ega Federation is made up of several smaller factions that existed before the Federation. These are listed below, along with the planets/moons that form them.

  • Ochi'an Consortium - Kavla, Eredon, Xedia and Halka
  • Raelka United - Raelka
  • Xani'en Republic - Xani'en (now Ikrael)

These factions signed the Treaty of Kari'an, which united them under the Federation's rule while still allowing them to be semi-autonomous.


The Federation is advancing Th'ega technology at a rate faster than ever before. They are funding research into less-restricted methods of FTL travel in order to better colonise their native star cluster. The current presidents are well-known for their interest in artificial intelligence, having even discussed the future of AI with Yu'in, the only AI created by Th'ega scientists as of 200,000 CE. Yu'in was created only a few centuries after the formation of the Federation. It became self aware during the presidency of So'en Kalei and Kal-ae Ukayien (an ancestor of one of the current presidents, Mar'en Ukayien), presidents renowned for their contribution to the advancement of medical sciences that allow Th'ega to live up to 170 standard years on average.

Currently, the only publicly available FTL method used by the Federation is the KL-001b warp drive, only a decade younger than the Federation itself.

RS-Designations for celestial bodies (.980)

  • Kavla - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4
  • Eredon - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B4.1
  • Xedia - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B3
  • Halka - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B8.1
  • Ochi'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 B
  • Kari'an - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-340 A
  • Raelka - RSC 8474-9707-4-511-363 A5
  • Xani'en (now Ikrael) - RSC 8474-9707-3-63-54 2
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