The Thavma Cluster is a region of the Virgo Super Cluster, in the Laniakea Galactic Supercluster made up of twenty galaxies in gravitational resonance with each other.


The Thavma Cluster is a galactic neighborhood of twenty members. Each of its respective members contains countless worlds and civilizations. Some of these civilizations within these galaxies have interacted with other galaxies in the neighborhood, while others have not left their galactic borders.

This region of the universe was named by the Confederacy of Borealis as the area where the Great Expansion would take place. This was an attempt to expand humanity's reach in the universe. However, after humans arrived within the Ambrosia Galaxy, funding for this grand scale colonization was cut.

Its members have changed many times throughout the billions of years that the cluster has existed. Several galaxies have collided with each other, forming new larger galaxies.

By the year 100,000,000,000 CE, all of the cluster's current members will have collided with each other. Forming a large spiral galaxy nicknamed the Thavma Galaxy. Any intelligent civilization living in this new galaxy will exist in an empty universe, never being able to leave their home galaxy. Assuming they are unable to travel beyond the Cosmic Light Horizon.

Thavma Galaxy

What the Thavma Galaxy will most likely look like circa: 100,000,000,000 CE. Long after all currently recorded Thavma history has been forgotten.


Timeline of Major Events

The following is a simplified timeline of events taking place in the various galaxies of the Thavma Cluster: (Note: Subject to change)

Before Common Era

13,600,000,000 BCE:

13,000,000,000 BCE:

12,990,000,000 BCE:

  • The Noctillius is believed to have fully evolved.

12,890,000,000 BCE:

12,640,000,000 BCE:

12,478,000,000 BCE:

12,390,000,000 BCE:

  • The Pre-Fade Galaxy forms.

12,000,000,000 BCE:

11,900,000,000 BCE:

  • The Faded Galaxy forms.

11,800,000,000 BCE:

11,022,009,000 BCE:

11,000,000,000 BCE:

  • Vocatus goes supernova.
  • The Vocatus Nebulae forms.
  • Geras is captured by Ambrosia's gravity.

9,848,247,000 BCE:

9,697,246,210 BCE:

9,690,250,000 BCE:

  • Umor Titanarum attracts several comets in orbit that form a planetary ring system.

9,204,100,000 BCE:

9,100,000,000 BCE:

  • Life on Dralora forms

9,000,000,000 BCE:

8,760,325,015 BCE:

  • All water on Ri'Vanni's surface drys up.

8,500,867,780 BCE:

  • Ringo-Stella B's orbit is captured by Ringo-Stella A's gravity, forming the binary Ringo-Stella Star System.
  • RIngvas' sister world enters within its roche limit, forming a large planetary ring.

7,128,320,000 BCE:

7,000,000,000 BCE:

6,722,500,630 BCE:

  • Several dwarf moons of Ri'Vanni crash into each other, forming Ri'Vanni's planetary rings.

6,680,624,006 BCE:

6,500,620,004 BCE:

  • Life appears on Umor Titanarum

6,450,903,080 BCE:

  • New Haven becomes a D-Class world.

6,450,000,000 BCE:

  • Valdona enters in Dralora's roche limit, forming the Rings of Valdona.

5,810,810,900 BCE:

  • A large asteroid collides with Cervivisam creating Wine Crater, Verka, Kiqw, and Wiwor.

5,790,249,207 BCE:

  • Life on Ringvas forms.

5,600,000,000 BCE:

  • The Pre-Fade Galaxy and the Faded Galaxy begin to be gravitationally pulled to each other.

5,210,550,089 BCE:

  • The Talora systems enters within another binary star system's orbit, forming a triple star system.

5,000,000,000 BCE:

4,796,109,000 BCE:

4,795,800,000 BCE:

4,795,900,000 BCE:

4,790,000,000 BCE:

4,500,050,219 BCE:

  • Uva becomes tidally locked.

4,500,000,000 BCE:

  • Haven forms.
  • The Pre-Fade Galaxy and the Faded Galaxy collide with each other, forming the Rift Galaxy.

4,400,000,000 BCE:

4,309,315,009 BCE:

  • Life forms on Douma.

4,209,673,732 BCE:

  • An ancient planet crashes into Haven, forming Hearth and Harmony.

4,200,340,120 BCE:

  • Heittrisa captures Blekur

4,200,000,000 BCE:

  • Geras has a close encounter with another Ambrosian star, taking three planets.

4,127,010,000 BCE:

3,999,666,333 BCE:

  • Solum is ejected from its home star system.
  • Oblivio turns into an H-Class world.
  • Etiamteamo's surface melts and becomes a temperate E-Class world.

3,899,000,000 BCE:

  • Life forms on Blekiur.

3,554,890,709 BCE:

3,490,000,000 BCE:

  • Life forms on Hocestetiamipsa.
  • Life forms on Xeka,
  • Life forms on Veria.
  • Life forms on Strana.
  • Life forms on Duati.

3,469,019,445 BCE:

3,460,000,0000 BCE:

  • The Holden fully evolve on Taurus Ruber

3,458,000,000 BCE:

3,456,590,000 BCE:

  • The Katya fully evolve on Zador.

3,456,496,280 BCE:

  • Hocestetiamipsa becomes a Ecumenopolis.

3,456,000,000 BCE:

3,454,000,000 BCE:

3,451,009,000 BCE:

3,410,000,000 BCE:

3,401,000,000 BCE:

  • The Capi fully evolve on Et-Nos

3,400,001,030 BCE:

3,400,000,000 BCE:

  • The War of the Ten ends.
  • The Etymology if formed.
  • The Etymology Era begins.

3,399,999,990 BCE:

3,398,000,000 BCE:

3,390,000,524 BCE:

3,390,000,506 BCE:

  • Peccati Reus and Perdita Ratio get married.

3,390,000,503 BCE:

  • Perdita Reus dies.
  • The Free Et-Nos Movement is founded.

3,390,000,500 BCE:

  • The Necro-Shaper is constructed on Póli Ton Theón'.
  • The Etymology bombard Et-Nos, destroying the Free Et-Nos Movement.
  • The Oblivione are created.

3,340,160,000 BCE:

3,320,887,087 BCE:

  • The Etymology discovers the Comistatus System.
  • The Vyssi-Wing join the Etymology.

3,308,000,000 BCE:

  • The Propitia fully evolve on Proptiara.

3,300,000,500 BCE:

3,300,000,002 BCE:

  • The Propita species begins to grow increasingly hostile towards their Etymology rulers.

3,300,000,000 BCE:

  • Mystara's Lullaby is used to pacify the Propita

3,290,999,970 BCE:

  • Mystara's Lullaby is mysteriously activated in Póli Ton Theón'.
  • The Time of Sorrow begins.
  • Mystara's Lullaby is destroyed.

3,210,005,222 BCE:

  • Petram and Iusto escape each other's gravity, becoming independent bodies.

3,026,000,000 BCE:

3,013,000,000 BCE:

  • Aa forms.

3,002,150,569 BCE:

  • The Euphorion fully evolve on Sancta-Nostra.

3,000,000,000 BCE:

  • Urgutu's rotation becomes tidally locked.

2,900,000,000 BCE:

2,899,790,000 BCE:

  • Laniatum Sentinel is created.

2,899,619,067 BCE:

2,899,617,200 BCE:

  • The Etymology creates Dryas Cloud Shield Generator.

2,899,617,000 BCE:

  • The Dryas Galactic War ends.

2,899,570,410 BCE:

  • Monotheism Sentinel is created.

2,898,000,017 BCE:

  • Euphorion's bane is created.
  • The Euphorion almost go extinct.

2,898,000,000 BCE:

  • The Sentinel Wars ends.
  • The Euphorion join the Etymology

2,890,000,980 BCE:

2,890,000,100 BCE:

  • The Nekrodian Thavmaphage enters the Ambrosia Galaxy.

2,890,000,010 BCE:

  • The Nekrodian Thavmaphage is eradicated in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

2,890,000,000 BCE:

  • The Etymology takes control over the Nekros Galaxy.
  • The Nekrodian Thavmaphage is eradicated in the Nekros Galaxy.

2,889,216,710 BCE:

  • Dimittetur Sentinel is created.

2,780,140,050 BCE:

  • Solum captures Traditae.

2,764,212,067 BCE:

  • A large asteroid collides with Petram, forming Iron Crater, Meyoone, and Kekat.

2,700,000,000 BCE:

  • Life forms on Urgutu.

2,650,400,219 BCE:

  • Solum captures Incognita.

2,628,139,070 BCE:

  • Harmony enters in Haven's roche limit and becomes the planetary Rings of Harmony.

2,600,000,000 BCE:

2,540,000,000 BCE:

  • The Nagala become a Type One species.

2,490,000,000 BCE:

2,489,999,999 BCE:

  • The Desdia fully evolve on Tardum.

2,489,888,000 BCE:

2,489,488,000 BCE:

  • The First Great War for Haven ends.

2,489,480,000 BCE:

2,489,467,000 BCE:

  • The Havenites attempt to create a large nuclear rocket, which malfunctions and explodes.
  • The Second Great War for Haven to begins.

2,489,466,980 BCE:

  • The Second Great War for Haven ends.

2,489,466,176 BCE:

  • The Havenites land on Harmony.

2,489,466,168 BCE:

  • The Havenites land on Hearth.

2,489,466,150 BCE:

  • The Havenites establish colonies on Hearth.

2,489,466,140 BCE:

The Havenites image Heittrisa.

2,489,466,090 BCE:

2,489,466,070 BCE:

  • The Havenites establish colonies on Douma.

2,489,466,010 BCE:

  • The Havenites establish colonies on Luxpetram.

2,489,466,000 BCE:

  • The Havenites establish colonies on Viridi Greater.

2,489,380,142 BCE:

  • The Havenites establish colonies on Blekiur.

2,489,020,142 BCE:

  • The Havenites construct large communication arrays across Cevla.

2,488,109,065 BCE:

  • A Nagala shuttle lands on Tutum and its occupants are killed by the Havenites.

2,488,109,012 BCE:

  • The Nagala launch an invasion to Harmony.

2,488,109,000 BCE:

  • The Etymology discovers the Havenite and the Nagala.
  • The Etymology attacks the Havenite Republic and the Nagala Empire.
  • The Havenites and the Nagala join the Etymology.
  • The Havenite Republic and the Nagala Empire are dismantled.
  • The Safe Haven Wars ends.
  • The Nagala terraform Orbis.

2,445,385,009 BCE:

  • Solum captures Inais.

2,406,006,000 BCE:

2,406,001,000 BCE:

2,406,000,000 BCE:

  • The Etymology destroy all world atmospheres in the Vade Star Cluster.
  • All life in the Vade Star Cluster is destroyed
  • The Vade are destroyed.

2,208,533,150 BCE:

  • Solum captures Absit.

2,200,000,000 BCE:

  • A large asteroid collides with Urgutu, killing 96% of life on the planet.
  • Urgutu-Haka, Urgutu-Hana, Urgutu-Brana and Urgutu-Souana forms

1,900,000,000 BCE:

1,780,000,000 BCE:

  • The Hyacinthi become an early embryonic  civilization.

1,678,290,280 BCE:

1,640,024,000 BCE:

  • Hearth becomes a Ecumenpolis.

1,600,215,000 BCE:

  • Acconda enters within Douma's orbit.
  • All life on Douma is destroyed.
  • Douma becomes a D-Class world.
  • Aiene forms.
  • Viridi Greater and Viridi Lesser are ejected from their orbits and become a dual-planet system of I-Class worlds.

1,400,400,000 BCE:

  • Roaur and Ruaor escape each other's gravity and become independent bodies.

1,261,178,000 BCE:

1,240,670,689 BCE:

  • The Hyacinthi join the Etymology.

1,240,670,687 BCE:

  • The Defecti-Tayfilio is created on Póli Ton Theón'.

1,240,670,429 BCE:

  • The Etymology attempt to destroy the Hyacinthi, driving them to near extinction.
  • Hyacintha becomes a scorched D-Class world.

1,240,670,033 BCE:

  • Surviving Hyacinthi discover Hyacinthus.

1,240,425,024 BCE:

  • Hyacinthus is terraformed.

1,240,000,000 BCE:

1,200,000,000 BCE:

890,070,240 BCE:

  • The Etymology discover the Hidden Figures.

789,357,430 BCE:

  • The Capi-Oblivione's Mausoleum Control ship is hit by a gamma-ray burst and left to drift in the Fantasma Arm.

711,000,000 BCE:

691,937,204 BCE:

  • The Etymology leaves microbial life on Aa.

687,543,216 BCE:

687,543,213 BCE:

  • The C.Y.R.E.X creates its own version of Mystara's Lullaby.

670,294,050 BCE:

  • Mystara attempts to activate the "Proditione Protocol", the C.Y.R.E.X overrides this.
  • Mystara flees to the Fantasma Galaxy.

604,000,100 BCE:

  • The Etymology begins to terraform Luxpetram.

604,000,000 BCE:

  • The C.Y.R.E.X rebels against the Etymology and destroys them during the Red Galaxy Event.
  • 87% of all life in the Ambrosia Galaxy is destroyed.
  • Noctis-Umbra go extinct.
  • Holden go extinct.
  • Havenites go extinct.
  • Nagala go extinct.
  • Sizel is killed.
  • Exodus is killed.
  • Temple is killed.
  • Scabiloa is killed.
  • Millennium is killed.
  • Lykeligan is killed.
  • The remaining Etymology powers in the Dryas Galaxy activate the Dryas Cloud Shield Generator, trapping the C.Y.R.E.X in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

603,750,000 BCE:

601,456,020 BCE:

  • The Haggard are created on Reges Mare.

600,100,000 BCE:

600,000,000 BCE:

  • The Final Ancient Ambrosian War ends.
  • Skorne is killed.
  • The Ambrosia Galaxy's C.Y.R.E.X era begins.

580,902,040 BCE:

  • Nitrogen seas reappear on Umor Titanarum.

546,000,000 BCE:

  • Illum captures Autum, forming a dual-planet system.
  • Illum becomes an O-Class world.
  • Autum becomes a D-Class world.

539,070,000 BCE:

  • Harmony enters within Haven's Roche Limit and is torn apart, forming the Rings of Harmony.

532,120,467 BCE:

  • Iusto captures the dwarf moon Fre from the Hope Asteroid Belt.

487,570,026 BCE:

  • The Katya colonize Ri'Vanni.

5,000,000 BCE:

  • The first primate species evolves on Urgutu.

1,200,000 BCE:

  • Life forms on Ertaka.

970,000 BCE:

  • All liquid on Riniuop drys up, turning it into a D-Class world.

107,960 BCE:

  • The Immortal Sidena is born.

70,000 BCE:

  • The Thay-Tu fully evolve on Quare-Altum.

36,290 BCE:

28,000 BCE:

19,800 BCE:

  • The Ko'rr fully evolve on Ri'Vanni

18,000, BCE:

  • The Ugnara fully evolve on Urgutu.

9,399 BCE:

  • Solum captures Te-Desidero and Ubies

8,120 BCE:

  • The Battle of the Brothers is waged.

8,085 BCE:

7,000 BCE:

6,213 BCE:

  • The First Ugnarian Civil-War begins.

6,200 BCE:

  • Yowara is killed.
  • The First Ugnarian Civil-War ends.
  • The Ancient's Chosen is disbanded

5,601 BCE:

  • Spriwaw enters in Riniuop's roche limit and becomes the planetary ring, Spriwaw Dihona.

2,600 BCE:

  • The Serpentine launch their first mission to Serpenlacum and discover the native Antitine.
  • The Serpentine and the Antitine war with each other.

100 BCE:

  • The Serpentine discover the Viridis particle, turning them into a late type two species.
  • The Mid-Arm's Fantasía Period begins.

Common Era

1,000 CE:

  • The Faded attempt to go back in time to stop the formation of the Libation Galaxy, causing a temporal cascade effect across the Rift Galaxy, ejecting it from our plain of existence and leaving it in between two points in time.

1,600 CE:

  • The Anciilis are created on Vitride Vitrum.

2,000 CE:

  • The Voyager Galaxy enters in the Thavma Cluster and becomes a satellite galaxy to the Thrace Galaxy.

9,006 CE:

  • Inferni enters in Aqua-Inferni's roche limit, becoming the Inferni Planetary Ring system.

9,780 CE:

  • The Ugnara land on Riniuop.

9,870 CE:

  • The Ugnara land on Ertaka, answering their Eternal Question.

9,950 CE:

  • The Ugnara establish large cities on Ertaka

9,980 CE:

  • The Ugnara land on Ruaor.

9,988 CE:

  • The Ugnara land on Roaur.

10,010 CE:

  • The Ugnara establish colonies on Ruaor.

10,026 CE:

  • The Ugnara Establish colonies on Roaur.

10,030 CE:

10,038 CE:

  • Rinioup Drywiq the Nintey-First is crowned the next Ugnarian monarch.

10,100 CE:

10,265 CE:

  • Humans arrive in the Ambrosia Galaxy and land on Haven.
  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia is founded.
  • The Ambrosia Galaxy's Alliance Era begins.
  • Urgutu becomes a Ecumenopolis.

10,266 CE:

  • Construction of Minière begins.

10,267 CE:

10,271 CE:

  • Minière is constructed on Iusto.

10,272 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambroisa discovers the Balaena Magna fossil on Douma.

10,277 CE:

  • Petram Station is constructed on Petram.

10,278 CE:

  • Cosmic Vineyard is founded.
  • Construction of Silver City begins.
  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia discover the Lycurgus Galaxy.

10,280 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia discovers the Talora System.
  • Eosesh City is constructed on Douma.

10,284 CE:

  • Luxaria is constructed on Luxpetram.

10,290 CE:

  • Cevla Village is constructed on Cevla.

10,304 CE:

  • Verum Capitis is constructed on Dralora.

10,307 CE:

10,309 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia launches an intergalactic probe to study the Lycurgus Galaxy and is mysteriously deactivated.

10,330 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia discovers the Vinum System.

10,333 CE:

  • Aqua-Illnium is constructed on Illum.

10,340 CE:

  • Silver City is constructed turning Aiene into a Ecumenpolis.

10,341 CE:

  • Duplex Monte Oppidum is constructed on Cervisiam.
  • Cupmanara is constructed on Cupam.

10,344 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia hits an economic disaster and turns to corporations to bail them out.
  • Large human intergalactic corporations take over the Human Alliance government.

10,345 CE:

  • Robotic mining operations by the Cosmic Vineyard are launched towards Uva.

10,349 CE:

  • Vineyard City is constructed on Aqua-Inferni.

10,370 CE:

10,386 CE:

  • Helena is constructed on Hyacinthum.

10,388 CE:

  • The Battle of Petram is waged.
  • The True Alliance of Man is founded,
  • the First Alliance War begins.
  • The Battle of Illum and Autum is waged.

10,391 CE:

  • Battle of Tekla is waged.

10,392 CE:

  • Battle of Extrata is waged.

10,393 CE:

  • Battle of Cunctantem System is waged.

10,394 CE: Battle of Primis and Unus is waged.

10,397 CE:

  • Battle of Aurum is waged.
  • Battle of Proleium is waged.

10,398 CE:

  • Consturction of Yckar's Ecumenopolis begins.

10,400 CE:

  • Then prime minister of Iusto is arrested by the Human Alliance of Ambrosia for treason.

10,405 CE:

  • Battle of Silentium System is waged.
  • Battle of Novem is waged.

10,406 CE:

  • Battle of Kaena is waged.
  • Battle of Considerabant System is waged.
  • Battle of Educt is waged.

10,407 CE:

  • Battle of Album is waged.
  • Battle of Pictura is waged.
  • Battle of Campis is waged.
  • Battle of Dictum is waged.
  • Battle of Beachland is waged.
  • Battle of Castellium System is waged.

10,412 CE:

  • Battle of Tareti is waged.

10,416 CE:

  • Battle of Angliy is waged.

10,420 CE:

  • Battle of Wellium is waged.

10,424 CE:

  • Battle of Sugi is waged.

10,431 CE:

  • Battle of Occidens System is waged.

10,437 CE:

  • Battle of Heuss is waged

10,445 CE:

  • Yckar becomes a Ecumenopolis.

10,450 CE:

  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia begins to terraform Blekiur.
  • Battle of Finis System is waged.

10,457 CE:

  • The Ugnara Kingdom attacks the Dilarcent System and the Clamoris System.
  • The Human Alliance of Ambrosia and the True Alliance of Man make temporary peace.
  • The Ugnara Wars begins.
  • The First Alliance War ends.

10,465 CE:

10,478 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems begins to terraform Ertaka.

10,484 CE:

10,489 CE:

  • Infernium is constructed on Oblivio.
  • The Ko'rr is made to join the Ambrosia Alliance.

10,493 CE:

  • The Ko'rr rebel against their Ambrosia Alliance occupiers.
  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems melts the northern ice caps of planet Ri'Vanni, ending the Ko'rr rebellion.

10,494 CE:

  • Taylor Carolina is killed.

10,499 CE:

10,504 CE:

  • The Meerkeethus joins the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

10,508 CE:

10,509 CE:

  • The terraforming of Blekiur is sabotaged by the True Alliance of Man.

10,525 CE:

  • The Retaking of Dralora is waged.

10,526 CE:

  • Romeo Carolina dies.
  • The True Alliance of Man joins the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems and is dismantled.
  • The Second Alliance War ends.

10,560 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discover the last remaining Vade.

10,650 CE:

  • Viridi Greater is aquaforemd.

10,665 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance discover the Haggard.

10,700 CE:

  • Ertaka is fully terraformed.
  • The Ringvarite joins the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

10,706 CE:

  • The Last Remaining Vade attempts to mind control the Ringvarite but fails.

10,789 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers Novad.

10,790 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers Aa.

11,780 CE:

  • The Amborisa Alliance of United Systems discovers the true purpose of the Dryas Cloud Shield Generator.

12,974 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discover the Koltride.

19,870 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers the Oblivione, and in turn reactivate the living consciousnesses of the Capi-Oblivione on board the discovered mausoleum control ship.
  • The Capi-Oblivione are created.

19,900 CE:

  • Creation of New Haven begins.

20,099 CE:

  • Terraforming of Wheravupher finishes.

20,100 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems contacts to the discovered Oblivione.
  • The Capi-Oblivone joins the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

20,265 CE:

  • Terrashaping of Wheravupher finishes
  • Wheravupher is renamed to: "New Haven"

28,907 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers Monotheism Sentinel.

29,250 CE:

30,000 CE:

  • Haven's Ring is constructed in orbit around Haven.

30,100 CE:

  • Haven's Ring's population grows to 15,000,000,000

37,000 CE:

37,002 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems establish mining colonies of Crait.

68,000 CE:

  • The Department of Etymology Technological Research creates a research station around the Hidden Figures.

78,980 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers Laniatum Sentinel.

80,000 CE:

  • The Omnius-Arcus is discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems.

80,009 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovers Dimittetur Sentinel.

99,990 CE:

  • The Omnius-Arcus turns Eris Lakvan into the first Rainbow-Eyed One in existence.

100,000 CE:

  • Aqua-Inferni is captured by Cupam and becomes a major moon of it.
  • The Omnius-Arcus gains control of the entirty of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems' population, turning them all into Rainbow-Eyed Ones.
  • The Love Lord Conflict begins.

100,030 CE:

  • The Love Lord Conflicit Ends.
  • The Omnius-Arcus is believed to be destroyed.

110,233 CE:

110,234 CE:

110,235 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems established formal relations with The United Alliance

110,255 CE:

  • A Commercial and cooperation Treaty is signed between the Ambrosia Alliance of United System and the United Alliance.

110,267 CE:

  • The United Alliance and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems sign an immigration treaty

110,272 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems and The United Alliance become allies.

130,000 CE:

  • The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discover Hocestetiamipsa.

195,666 CE:

100,000,000,000 CE:

  • All of the Thavma Cluster collides into one large spiral galaxy, the Thavma Galaxy.
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