The Alkan Intendancy (usually just called the Intendancy) (Demonym Intendant or less commonly Alkan) is a nation of four thousand twenty-one galaxies 400 Million megalightyears from the Milky Way. It resides in the Alkan Supercluster, an area of galaxies far less dense than the surrounding clusters. The Intendancy is made up of thousands of species.

Unlike most nations, The provinces of the Intendancy are organized by species rather than by physical location with little exception. This causes the species to usually willingly segregate themselves into various galaxies meant solely for members of a specific species.

The Intendancy as a whole is ruled by a permanent ruler named Unit I, it acts as a president or, more accurately, leader of the parliament.

This nation has almost always pledged neutrality, and only joined The Intergalactic Council out of necessity during The War of The Ancients in 185,969 CE. This membership proved to be relatively short-lived when the Intendancy declared neutrality regarding The Exhumation, resulting in unusually harsh sanctions and treatment from most nearby nations.

It currently has good ties with DELYATU and The Empyrean, two of it's nearest neighbors.


The Intendancy is one of the only examples of a pure Intendancy (a form of government invented by The Ror Units when they founded the nation.) Every race has a degree of self-governance, making it similar to a confederation, but more closely knit as the government has to manage the relocation of species discovered within provinces.

Unit I

Unit I is the most powerful of the Ror. It is a Matrioshka Brain built around an unknown star. The star is unknown to protect Unit 1. Hundreds of decoys exist to prevent the actual location of Unit 1 being discovered.

This mind was built in the same year as the creation of the Alkan Intendancy. The Ror believed in the concept of Technocracy (rule by the most qualified) and decided to have their nation be ruled by the most qualified individual possible. Hence, a Matrioshka brain.

The Parliament

The Parliament has 5.5 Million members as of 200000. Each conquered civilization gets representation proportional to its population and territory size.

The parliament can pass bills to Unit I with half of the vote, and can sign bills into law, while completely ignoring Unit 1, with eighty-five percent of the vote. Right now, it is divided into four major political parties (with about ten minor ones). The Imperial Party, The Rorran Party, The Worker's Party, and the Theocratic Party (these names, of course, are translations.)

Each province gets one representative minimum, and then has a proportional amount of representatives after that. While the exact formula is unknown, it is known that the amount of representatives per person goes down almost exponentially.

Some species, however, are incapable of forming a functional democracy, for those species, they simply have whatever ruling body or entity that governs them also represent them in the Main Parliament and this entity gets voting power based on it's population.

The Imperial Party

This party believes that the Intendancy is the most qualified nation to rule the universe, and therefore should expand at all costs. They also believe that the Intendancy should be forceful in dealing with armed revolutions.

The Party is the result of the intense propaganda that the Intendancy puts into the education system. This party, however, took the patriotic schooling and turned it into radical nationalism. Fortunately, the party does not promote racism.

This party is the largest in Parliament at 38%.

The Rorran Party

The Rorran Party is made up of most of the Ror Units in the Parliament. They believe in the protection of the Rorran culture, as well as maintaining the dominance of the Ror Units in the Intendancy. Apart from that, this party is fairly centrist.

Not every Ror Unit is a part of this party, most are actually split up into the ten minor parties previously mentioned. This makes the party the second largest at 21%.

The Worker's Party

This party is very similar to the Communist party that exists within the CoB. They believe in a redistribution of power and wealth so that the proletariat control the Intendancy. They believe in the dismantling of the Ror and instead what to fragment the Intendancy into thousands of pieces, with each species having ten or so systems. They are fairly liberal as well; they want to allow refugees into the Intendancy, they scorn tradition, and place a high value on maintaining the cultures of the less numerous species in the Intendancy.

They seek the removal of Unit 1 as the head of government, and would rather have an elected official be the head of government. They make up 11% of the Parliament.

The Theocratic Party

The Theocratic party is a far-right extremist party that upholds a somewhat nationalist belief based in Fuukanism. They want to ban things such as Narcotics, Virtual Reality, Self Aware Machines, and they want to establish Fuukanism as the state religion. They also want to advance technology as much as possible as well. Most of the people in this party are refugees or descendants of refugees from The Empyrean. They make up 7% of the Parliament.

Minor Parties

Below is a list of minor parties and what they believe in.

  • The Libertarian Party
    • Typical small government Libertarians 4%
  • The Cyberocratc Party
    • They want Unit 1 or some other AI to have total control of the Intendancy. 2%
  • The Internationalist Party
  • The Borealis Party
    • They want to have better relations with the Borealis Nations. 1%

Provincial Governments

The Alkan Intendancy is composed of 15043 self-aware species. Each species gets its province. As such, the provinces have thousands of enclaves of other provinces within them, with most of the Enclaves being the entirety of other smaller provinces. A member of one species can travel any where in or out of the Intendancy and still be a member of the province. Meaning, that the provinces are not necessarily physical areas, rather they are the citizens themselves.

This leads to many species fleeing to unclaimed galaxies or clearly defining where territory is, however. As the provinces typically like self-governing their territory with minimal interference from the Ror. Many species are kicked out of their galaxy by provincial governments, Type-0 and Type-I civilizations are especially prone to this. The Intendant Government usually relocates these species to inhabited galaxies or uninhabited sections of galaxies until their population is large enough for them to govern themselves.

There are several provinces that control no territory at all and just wander the Intendancy. These provinces are all small and barely receive any representation. Some provinces are made of hundreds of species because they were a united nation before the Intendancy showed up. For these provinces, any racial conflict means that the offending species are immediately made into separate provinces.

Each Province has a governor and its own Parliament. The largest provinces have Parliaments that can even rival the power of the main Parliament of the Intendancy. The most powerful province is The Werryn Province, with a population of 75 Septillion.

Expansion Protocol

The Intendant government does not expand itself, rather, it oversees the expansion of the provinces (including

Alliance Flag-0

The Traditional Flag of the Alkan Intendnacy. Most provinces use this flag in their flags rather than the newer design.

the Rorran Province). The government makes sure there are no territory disputes among any of the provinces.

When a new species is discovered, if it occupies less than 100 systems, it is usually moved to an entirely different galaxy. Among some species this sparks outrage, but among the majority, the idea of getting free technology as well as protection from larger threats is worth it. These species are usually given a dwarf galaxy, or a section of a larger galaxy all to themselves and are given the status of a separate province, responsible for their own expansion from there.

Planets that have native multi-cellular life on them are typically left alone. Bacteria covered worlds, however, are not because they are very common and unique bacteria can just be sent to research facilities instead of needing an entire planet to live on themselves.

A province that commits genocide will be invaded by the Intendant military and all of its government officials will be executed or otherwise opposed. As clean and easy as dropping an asteroid on a planet is, it does not look good to the nations bordering the Intendancy, and is therefore illegal.


The Intendancy controls 5041 galaxies. Below is a list of the notable territories and provinces it controls.

Werryn Union

Province 484

The League Immortal


The Vios

The Intendancy is made up of 15043 provinces. Each province represents a unique species. Some of these provinces are as large as 650 Galaxies, others are as small as a star cluster. Either way, they get proportional representation in Parliament, with the minimum number being 1 per division.


The Alkan Intendancy is an extremely diverse nation, with over fifty thousand species under its belt. The largest or most notable races are listed here, with many having populations far too small to be significant.

Normally, a nation this size could not have such a massive population (at almost 50% of the CoB) , however, unlike most nations, the Intendancy did not place any restrictions on population growth; even incentivizing it in many cases. Each conquered species was given nicer treatment the more they reproduced. Many provinces reward those that reproduce more with tax exemptions and the like. Provinces get more representation for a larger population, so most provinces are incentivized to incentivize the people.

Ror Units

The Ror Units are the most common race in the Intendancy, making up over 39% of the entire population. In every galaxy the Intendancy controls, there is at least one Rorran settlement. On average, the Ror are far wealthier and more prosperous than the average species in the Intendancy. They are typically described as the "dominant race" and sometimes even the "Master Race" by Rorran Party propaganda.


The Werryn make up 22% of the population. They exist in the former galaxies of the Werryn Union, as well as the surrounding galaxies of that area. In ten galaxies, the population is almost 100% Werryn, and they are a significant presence in most galaxies of the Intendancy.


Øal are one of the most common races in the Intendancy. Making about 15% of the population. They are mostly concentrated in Province 484.

The Vios

The Vios are an exception to most of the rules in the Intendancy. The seven Artificial Intelligences were fighting over the same ten galaxies. The Intendancy annexed all of them and established each of them as Provinces. Bizarrely, there were no biological life forms present in any of the Vios. This means that each one is its own representative in Parliament.



The Ror Units originated on the planet D'Naevium in 150,000 BCE. The planet is located in the Alko Galaxy. They were all originally identical, but as time passed five distinct races formed, each with a slightly different color and size. The races were virtually identical and were named after their colors. Grey, White, Black, Blue, and red where the names of the races (this is a translation, the colors closest to the actual name in the Ror language were filled in.)

Over time, the technology of the Ror advanced. They first made it into space in 5021, and they first landed on another planet in 5099. In 6541, they invented the warp drive, and shortly later discovered wormholes.


The five races of Ror were still independent nations all the way up until 9901, when they united into the Alkan Intendancy. They joined together in response to detecting faint radio waves from other civilizations in nearby galaxies.

The Alliance only controlled half of the galaxy, with the other half controlled by two other civilizations, all of which were too small to be a threat. The Ror forced the other two into submission very shortly after. In 35201, The Intendancy controlled the entire galaxy and colonization was well underway into nearby galaxies. These galaxies had their fair share of life as well. That meant that The Intendancy would absorb more and more species.

Extra-Galactic Conquest

Shortly after controlling the entire galaxy, The Ror spread to others. They colonized the nearby Alka II galaxy and then the Drio Galaxy. During their conquests, the Intendancy never came across another strong nation until 18001.

The Alko-Werryn War

The Intendancy came across the terraforming Von Neumann Probes that the Werryn Union had unwittingly destroyed many planets with. This forced the Intendancy to fight back against the legions of probes until they could get to the home galaxy of the Werryn Union, the Alstol Galaxy.

This was not so much a war as a warning to the Werryn Union to make the probes less genocidal. After the war, peace was maintained for another 500 years before the Intendancy annexed the Werryn Union in 13509. The people of the Werryn Union were actually very fond of the idea of joining a much larger empire for safety.

The Golden Age

From 18000-100000 the Intendancy encountered no other powerful civilizations and expanded hundreds of times their previous size. By 100000, the Intendancy controlled 2100 galaxies and internal strife was at a minimum. This peace and prosperity slowly came to an end as the conquered species began rebelling.

The Age of Rebellion

For over 5000 years after the golden age, thousand of races rebelled, causing all expansion to halt. The Ror had to put down rebellion after rebellion, killing and imprisoning quadrillions of individuals. This went on until the Parliament was founded in 149991. This calmed most of the rebels, and most of the prisoners were released.

All of the battles were failures because the main invasion force demanded almost ninety percent of resources, making the smaller fronts compete for the remaining budget. This particular front got more money than some of the other fronts, however, it still wasn't enough to counter the large Intendant fleets.

The Intendancy just wasn't large enough to be worth whole number percentages of the Alliance's budget. The Alliance had to deal with much larger enemies only a few mega-light years away, making any effort to attack the Intendancy meaningless.

The Treaty of Jewel

For the Intendancy, the war ended a century early, when a treaty was signed to dump all of the deserters into the Jewel Galaxy. the War of the Ancients, lasted many millennia, and in that time, billions ended up deserting from the Alliance (likewise with all sides, really). The Alliance didn't want to execute them all, and the Intendancy was looking for a way to replace some of the Species it lost. Fighting had died down in the latter years of the war, and the Alliance was desperate for a way to humanely dispose of the deserters and POW's they've accumulated (because executing deserters would cause more instability in the Alliance).

The two sides signed the Treaty of Jewel in 186394. The Alliance would use the Jewel Galaxy as a place to deport all of the deserters and prisoners of war they had, and in return, they would leave the Intendancy alone. Many intelligent species were entirely destroyed except for the prisoners of war in the Jewel Galaxy, so they just remained there as they had nothing to go back to.


Even though the Intendancy managed to defend the Alko Galaxy, the rest of the empire was still badly hit. In all, over two hundred species were completely wiped out, 500 critically endangered, and 100 had their populations halved. This added up to over 500 Quadrillion civilian casualties.

Post War Reconstruction

The Intendancy was allowed to keep every galaxy they liberated, greatly expanding the size. They incorporated over one thousand new species into the Intedancy. While this could be considered a good thing, this actually put a huge strain onto the economy of the Intendancy. A huge economic depression occurred, the economy was worse than it was even during the Age of Rebellion.

At this point, The Intendancy also had to help rebuild the The Empyrean.


The Intendancy took almost a millennia to rebuild everything lost. The population wouldn't recover until 188461, almost two millennia after the war ended.

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