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  • Mystara's Lullaby - Created in 3,300,000,000BCE and destroyed in 3,290,999,970 BCE - A machine that makes the listener feel how it wants them to feel by using specific sounds and frequencies to manipulate brain waves. It was created in response to growing tension between them and the Propita species. But, it was destroyed due to the Time of Somber. [REDACTED] has also requested that this entry only be visible with Z-level clearance.


  • The Mysterium Region - Date of Creation Unknown - A region of space where objects within 30 AU disappear without a trace. No idea why, but we don't want this thing to start growing. That would, well, be terrible.
  • The Voyager Galaxy - Date of Creation Unknown - A galaxy that contains a civilisation powerful enough to manipulate the movement and location of their own galaxy. The sci-fi nerds down in Thulcandran Federation ought to hear this one.
  • The Archurion Galaxy - A large galaxy that suddenly appeared in the mid-Borealis Cluster. A sizable fraction of its composition is antimatter, which has proven to be useful in energy production.


  • Moonmoon - A living being who often intercepts broadcasts to give speeches about our 'heaven' and our 'hell'. Possibly related to the Mysterium Broadcast(?)
  • The Traveler - Being who appears to be a human from the ancient 2nd millenium, who uses black holes to go forwards in time to see how humanity would evolve.
  • The Hidden Figures - Date of Creation 12,000,000,000 BCE - Came into being at the same time as the Ones that Came Before. Archaeological surveys of multiple planets show this... thing... used to be the subject of horror stories. Must've scared the actual hell out of its perceivers.


  • Black Hole Induced Psychosis - Again, we're stumped with why. But what, exactly? It's an illness that is caused by being within 100 Schwarzschild radii of The Black Pearl, causing you to, well, go mental. Sounds real unfortunate, I'd hate to be a victim of this.
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