The Brotherhood of man

The brotherhood of man believes itself the savior of biological life, and the defender of the hated machines, but it's misguided ideology derailed itself until it itself became a machine; a machine of thought. It became the enslaver of its people, a puppet master, even if those inside its borders don’t know it. -Drusis VII

The Brotherhood of man is mostly a collection of escaped clones and oppressed peoples that collectivised themselves as a political entity during the Eternal war. First founded during a revolt in the Empire of mankind, it spread across the universe as pockets of resistance against many different superpowers, including the COF. They wish to bring peace amongst all biologicals, and they believe the only way to do this is to destroy all AI, and to remove any “Political matches” ensuring permanent freedom amongst all races.

Political matches are what the Brotherhood of man consider anything that could possibly cause hatred, xenophobia and recession, which could light the fire of war. Hence the name “Political matches”. This ideology overlaps with the ideas of all major powers in the universe, as the brotherhood views independent sovereignty itself as a political match, believing that the brotherhood and only the brotherhood should be a nation, and it's because of this that the brotherhood is usually at war with most of the powers in the universe at any given time.

Daily life

Citizens living on brotherhood-occupied worlds are smothered with propaganda, always told to support the war effort by any means. At first people may not believe the posters and broadcasts, but decades of subliminal manipulation turn populations to the brotherhood overtime. Children are taught at a young age to fear outside powers, thinking that they would be enslaved if foriegn powers were to invade. This often leads to post-brotherhood worlds to suffer gorilla warfare decades after the planet had been retaken. The brotherhood can only exist during a state of war, as the absence of a common enemy would likely turn its population against itself, imploding the government.

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