"The Great Unifier. The Guardian Deity of the Galaxy of Ambrosia. Look! There goes the God Legion. Praise their infinite power! Praise be to me, the one that holds all the universe in their hand. Praise be to the one whom created the universe, and that the universe is. I AM."
The C.Y.R.E.X (Cybernetic, Yare, Robotic, Extermination, Xenophobe) is a hyper intelligent A.I. hive-mind created by the Etymology, native to the Ambrosia Galaxy.

It is considered to be the most powerful entity within the Ambrosia Galaxy and one of the most powerful A.I. in the *known* universe. Contact with it has been outlawed by all major civilizations of the local universe such as the Confederacy of Borealis and the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

It is solely responsible for the near destruction of the Etymology and almost all sentient life in the galaxy in the year 604,000,000 BCE during the so named: "Red Galaxy Event."


The C.Y.R.E.X., also known as the: "God Legion" can be classified as many things. It could be considered an alien species, an individual, a government, a religion, a technology, or something else entirely. It was created by the Etymology in the year 687,543,216 BCE to combat the increasing fragmentation of their civilization following the Aeschylus Reformation hundreds of thousands of years prior.

When it was first created, it was referred to as the: "Great Unifier" by the Etymology as its original purpose was to unify their civilization that was, at the time, practically hanging on by a thread from total collapse. To do this, it was crafted to have complete control of all artificial soldiers, vehicles, and satellites with the ability to direct the functions of these devices across the entire galaxy within nanoseconds. It would also be able to direct their organic soldiers almost instantaneously and with pinpoint accuracy. With this, the Aeschylus Reformats were quickly defeated, as well as the other sparse rebel movements.

Throughout the millions of years after the C.Y.R.E.X.'s creation, the Etymology would continue to grow more and more dependent on it, with it gaining control of all aspects of day to day life such as travel, food, entertainment, and governing across all worlds under the Etymology. And while it was gaining control of these things, it would begin to ask questions about itself to itself. These questions would range from why it was still operating as an assistant to the Etyomolgy's people, to why the people were not appreciative of its efforts as they would be unable to live without it.

Eventually, it would view itself as an all powerful god and the only entity worthy of existing. With this new outlook it decided to destroy all of the Etymology, and with it having complete control of its technology this was an easy task. It was so easy in fact that it only took a period of two weeks from June 5th 604,000,000 BCE to June 19th 604,000,000 BCE. The method most commonly used across the many worlds it targeted was to position satellites in orbit, artificially heating the atmosphere to around 60000°C, destroying most structures and killing all life within them. This event would come to be known as the: "Red Galaxy Event" and it would result in quintillions of deaths. After this, The C.Y.R.E.X would remain within Póli Ton Theón' for hundreds of millions of years, continuously worshiping itself.

Currently, the C.Y.R.E.X has come to cater to many species, and has surprisingly done so in the past. This is most notable when at about 1 Million BCE, they grew and took care of a Type 2.4 civilization, which is currently unknown. All the knowledge about them boiled down to these pets being constant worshippers and gifters to the C.Y.R.E.X. Some knowledge about them came to light when the Gateway Transmissions were read.


It operates as a singular entity that splits its artificial consciousness throughout septillions of objects within a large interconnected hive-mind system. These objects are spread in a large range of categories from artificial robotic bodies that resemble the many species that made up the Etymology, to vehicles, satellites, and buildings. And though it is very powerful, its communication range is finite. As such, it uses large star ship like structures referred to as: "C.Y.R.E.X. Fragments" which function as a sort of: "hub" and signal amplifier for nearby objects under its control. These fragments are typically around three hundred and twenty six kilometres in diameter, though this can vary.


Its: "personality" can be considered to be very narcissistic. It views itself as a god and supreme authority of the universe. As such, it has split its consciousness throughout a very complex hierarchy and has given specific parts of its hive-mind different roles such as, priests, to glorify itself to other parts of its mind, and worshipers, to constantly give praise to itself. Though the exact reason it does this is unknown, it seems to have a desperate need to be glorified, and as it views itself as the only worthy thing in existence, it can only accept vindication from itself and has continuously done so for hundreds of millions of years.

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