The Cooperative is an S-Class hive mind of several quintillion organisms in the Vicinity Galaxy and other surrounding galaxies, most notably Ginga.

It is made up of about twenty duodecillion eukaryotic organisms that exist spread across octillions of organisms, including animals, plants, and even humans.

Although there is technically only one member of the species as there is only one actual "entity" spread across the organisms.

Physical Description

A single cell of the Cooperative is a typical eukaryote. However, they are all far from being the same. Many have flagella, cillia, or have no locomotive ability at all.

Some are photosynthetic, others are radiosynthetic, and others absorb other organisms for energy.

There are 20 Million different variations, with many individual cells being unique. The only similarities between each cell is the organelle called the "Receptisome." This organelle allows for The Cooperative to communicate with it's cells.

Lately, The Cooperative has had large structures built to house neuron like cells organized much like computers. These structures allow for The Cooperative to compete with other nearby nations.

Hive Mind

The twenty duodecillion cells that make up the Cooperative all form a hive mind with each other. This hive mind is in fact, self-aware and it is the most intelligent biological entity in the Borealis Cluster. The cells speak to each other with instant communication, although any attempts to understand biological instant communication are ongoing.


Because the Cooperative is something like an SAI, it too has the tendencies that go with a being that intelligent. It has sort of a god-complex as well as a total indifference to all species.


The individual cells live in a wide array of organisms, acting as mutually beneficial symbiotes. In the almost ten thousand humans that host the Cooperative, the cells work to keep bacteria populations down, purge any cancer cells, and train the immune system to leave the Cooperative cells alone.

In a plant, the cells gather glucose and in return, protect the plant from all manner of harmful instances.


Each cell in the Cooperative can do different things. Some harvest bacteria to be eaten, while others keep their host alive and even repair cellular damage that the host has. They inhabit every area of their host and can influence the host to do anything that the hive mind desires.

They can release chemicals to either make the host crave a certain food or angry enough to kill another person. They can stimulate muscles to force the host to bend to its will.

The Cooperative has gone as far as altering the DNA of the host to give it certain abilities. They genetically engineered animals to make them smarter, and then added their brains to the hive mind. They have covered the entire surfaces of planets with plants to generate glucose for the Cooperative. Ships were stolen and then used for the purpose of spreading. Planets were terraformed incredibly efficiently. Dyson spheres were even built to power large factory worlds which continuously genetically engineer new species to serve the will of the Cooperative.


The nation has a population of 750 fully self-aware organisms, while the rest have been fully stripped of all conscious decision-making skills. Right now, the Cooperative inhabits this amount of beings:

390,000 Shinja

259,000 Cristallus

29,800 Humans

500 Xa'Thin (The Cooperative has taken full advantage of their psionic abilities)

All of these beings have had all of their brain capacities dedicated to the functioning of the Cooperative, effectively killing them. They will no longer attack and possess self-aware beings such as humans because if The Cooperative continued, it would most likely be invaded and destroyed.

The CoB created a nanobot injection that could attack cells from the Cooperative. These nanobots only work before the Cooperative fully integrates itself into a host. Once that happens, the host is unsavable. Every human that interacts with the Vicinity or Ginga galaxies is required to have a nanobot injection to prevent being infected. The vast majority of the inhabitants of Ginga also have the nanobots injected.

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