The corner of the universe or Cetamaza is a supercluster with nothing special but something special. Its name '"The corner of the universe" come from its shape that look like a corner of a cube and its location on the edge of the Eternal void supervoid. It has a neighbor with only 100 million light-years away, and its neighbor calls Amitanie supercluster. Cetamaza is safe from universal major events. by its tremendous distance from most supermassive empires with the nearest part is 28.04 billion light-years away. Most people think this place is quiet, but not at all the wars happen quite often because of its anarchy. But grandmaster with age of 10,000 trillion years settles here in a dwarf galaxy call Jui-kasnorus-gipya-tyss in Ee-N language (RG 0-9-57521883-959).

The origin

Back to 13.4 billion years ago, after the Bigbang 370 million years. There was no civilization in that time, it takes at least 2.2the Bigban 2.2 billion years after for primitive civilization to emerge. But the first generation star started forming. A few hundred million years after that it very chaotic with thousands of supernovas and galactic collisions.

11.2 billion years ago, first civilization formed on a planet around a red dwarf star (RS 0-5-14043-1442-4091-8-10804996-155 B) in proto(Nilemia)galaxy, they call themself "Ekabiaun". This civilization took several thousand (Earth)years to able to discover space. In that time early generation galaxies and quasars formed. The process to form Cetamaza supercluster completely take 5.7 billion years

Major Power

No leader chooses this place to form his intergalactic empire because he can only expand in only one direction. Most leaders who want to build their empire leave here to everywhere with at least 500 million light-years from here to settle his empire. Same as super-advanced civilization. That why it very quiet from most empires because of it not worth for intergalactic empire. But not all types of empire are not worth to build. The smaller empire aka intragalactic and dominated few galaxies is worth it. Also colonies

Another thing special

This all happens in another place which beside The eternal void. This place is the perfect place for illegal stashes, to do the collection of exotic species around the universe and ... etc. While stuffing collection of species some of them can break out and settle on an abandoned planet. There are a bunch of them scattered across the supercluster. So this is the densest place in the species count. They collect every exotic species possible it far away from their home 100 billion light-years? no problem whatever distance to get them they can take them. That species such as Xa'thin , Human , birds , elephants , Noraki ... all everything you can imagine.

The Eternal void supervoid

Cetamaza isn't at the true corner of the universe. there is no true corner of the universe because our universe was the sphere and its diameter isn't less than 93 billion light-years. it located nearby The Eternal void, it not an infinite void its only 6 billion light-years across, and we can see galaxies on the opposite side cleary using a cheap telescope. About its formation, we don't know yet why this void expand to 6 billion light-years across

Galaxy cluster members

Δ Fahleia



Not enough information.


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Δ Heriam galactic family


Name Meaning
Limena Star path
Kyzer Home land realm
IORian Flooding power


Name Meaning
Kretalia Elf's shelter
Savarah Kingdom of Homo's world
Dutho Trade central force
Wijaya no meaning
Pamuleu New empire
Nima-Faye cooperation of 4 kingdom state

Δ Nilemia galactic family


Name Meaning
Nileda Central realm
Nilewiad Edge realm


Name Meaning
Savarah Over galaxy colony
Sissalis Black hole power plant
Norieh Civilization recovery team
Karantikaran Open world
Fianai New discovery
Shedvaiti Alpha colony

Δ Ale galactic family


Name Meaning
Ellabadin Dusty arm
Arritete cluster of cluster
Camarn No meaning
Exipah Local core


Name Meaning
Lilanocoic I want your state
Irus Sub state
Lin Liberty
Mehtuchrome Nebular conquer
Alarankan Inter stellar
Humitala God of multiple suns

Data on 1st January 2020

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