The Cristallus Noocracy (No-Ah-cra-see), usually referred to as Cristallus or simply, the Noocracy is a large nation of 100 Billion stars in the Ginga galaxy.

The nation is made of the species Cristallus and is the most powerful nation in the Ginga Galaxy.

This nation is a Noocracy, a system where the wise rule over the nation. They developed the concept independently of Plato (the first human advocate for the system).

The nation is highly imperialist and it continues its imperial efforts in the nearby Vicinity Galaxy and is currently at war with The Cooperative of the Vicinity Galaxy.

The Cristallus Noocracy is a member of the Intergalactic Council, even though it's not democratic in any way.


The Cristallus Noocracy is ruled by the wise. Due to the naturally immortal nature of the Cristallus, this means that the oldest or most competent Cristallus is selected by vote of pre-existing wise men.

The Cristallus seem to naturally form Noocratic systems, as throughout their entire history they operated this way.

Local officials, Bureaucrats, and generals are also chosen this way. Normally the other officials choose the wisest leader for the position, which makes the Noocracy much like a technocracy (rule by the most competent).

The military is made up of the best warriors, pilots, and engineers in the nation. Compulsory drafting of the best fit for any position is a constant occurrence.


The Cristallus came to be about 350000 years ago on the planet Skriy. Like humans, they were divided into many nations. These nations were always fighting each other, as each one believed that their ruler was the wisest.

After developing the warp drive, the nations slowly began to stop fighting. They eventually figured out that the constant wars would be more detrimental than unification. Therefore they unified in about 120000 and began their conquest of the galaxy.

The War for All

Like virtually every other civilization in the universe, this nation participated in The War for All. The seekers never paid attention to Ginga, so they did not do much except fight in a few obscure battles.

Expansion to Vicinity

They began to conquer many other civilizations in the galaxy until 190000 when the took every available star in the galaxy.

In order to fuel their relentless lust for more systems, they began to colonize the Vicinity galaxy. In 190012, they discovered the Cooperative, and immediately declared war. This war has been reduced to a war of attrition that has no sign of ending soon.


The capital planet and homeworld of the Cristallus is Skriy. This planet is an Ecumenopolis with a population well over 30 Trillion. The Cristallus have an almost religious devotion to the planet, as there are mass pilgrimages every year.

The core of The Ginga galaxy is occupied by the Cristallus, however, the area is contested by Blicu. A large number of military bases have been constructed in various areas in and around the core to prevent any invasions by Blicu or Nihon.

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