The Crown Galaxy is a galaxy very close to the star HIP 116776 as viewed from Earth, and given the designation RG 0-0-0-24.  It is 14.86 gigalightyears from Earth, and has a luminosity of 4.8868-10^14, and has an apparent magnitude from Earth of 30.76.  By comparison, the magnitude of the Milky Way from The Crown is 22.66, which means The Crown is considerably fainter, and was only discovered by the CHS Hawking when an incredibly bright point of light was found.  The galaxy has a diameter of 326 KiloLightyears, and has a tiny satellite galaxy.

Dubbed the Crown Jewel, this tiny galaxy has a diameter of only 668.79 light years, and seems to consist of mostly hot blue stars. It seems to have 2 regions full of light-absorbing gas, and no stars were found in these bands of darkness.  It was given the designation of RG 0-9-105232790-602, and while The Crown has no other galaxies as part of its local group, the Jewel warranted further discovery thanks to it's unique position as one of the smallest galaxies yet found.

A scan of the entire galaxy yielded:

917 planets containing organic life (129 containing multicelluar life similar to Earth.)

34 planets containing exotic life (14 of which may have an advanced race on their surface.)


A close up of the Jewel, with the Crown poking out of the gas.

It was decided to explore the satellite first rather than the main galaxy for a few reasons, first and foremost being that no other galaxy found is this small, making travel to different civilizations extremely easy and cost-efficient.  Friendly races may be another huge draw, and they may have interesting stories to tell.  Also, the black areas in the galaxy were equally as interesting, as they have mostly no stars within them.  Initial theories included that "Dark Stars" may lurk here, stars purely made of dark energy, and may even host planets full of extremely exotic life, moreso than the exotic life detectable by the Hawking.  That, and the potential science return here is enormous, easily requiring a stay of 5 Earth years or more.


This mindset has proven to be spot on, as further study found that the entire Crown Jewel is taken up by a tight-knit confederation known as the Lanoir Confederacy, with the capital world being Lanoo. This confederacy consists of nearly all of the 133 complex-life bearing planets in the Jewel, with 2 or 3 outliers that seem to be independent. It also seems to consist of 4 "states"; the "Central Worlds", "Midworlds", "Outworlds", and "Fringeworlds". More information is availiable in the Confederacy's article.

The black hole in the center of the Jewel was dubbed Cr-A*, after the Milky Way's own Sag-A*.

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