The Crown and Crown Jewel are the names given to the Milky Way galaxy, and NGC 362 star cluster respectively, by the native Lanoirans who have colonized the entire cluster.

A scan of the entire cluster yielded:

497 planets containing organic life (91 containing multicelluar life similar to Earth.), and 21 planets containing exotic life, nearly all of which most likely have an advanced race on their surface.

Since there are no other stars for tens of thousands of light years in any direction, this cluster would be dubbed the Crown Jewel Galaxy, after the Lanoirians name for it.

Cr-A* about to swallow up a star that strayed too close.

It was decided to explore 362 for a few reasons, first and foremost being that no other "galaxy" found is this small, making travel to different civilizations extremely easy and cost-efficient.  Friendly races may be another huge draw, and they may have interesting stories to tell. 

The black hole in the center of the Jewel was dubbed Cr-A*, after the Milky Way's own Sag-A*.

Looking at the Milky Way's center from within NGC 362

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