The Ekrosian Guardians are a "race" of highly intelligent synthetic lifeforms originating from the planet Ekros who, for the most part, live in the Carina Dwarf Galaxy.


Not much is truly known about the Ekrosian Guardians, with most "facts" about them being no more than rumors. All that is completely known is that they are led by Eden, an enigmatic being of considerable intelligence. As for the origins of the Ekrosian guardians themselves, it is hard to say if they were completely Eden's creations or if they were partially the original Ekrosian species and others from the Carina Dwarf Galaxy as well as completely new beings. One thing that is for certain is that they conquered their home galaxy by the beginning of the third age...


FTL Travel

Like many races, the Ekrosian Guardians have developed a form of FTL travel using wormholes, however, as a backup, they will utilize a form of hyperdrive which can only be used inside galaxies or on specific routes between them.

Time Travel

The Ekrosian Guardians did, at some point, develop time travel. However, unlike Humanity, which fears damage to the timeline, the Ekrosian Guardians did at some point figure out how to travel backwards in time, allowing them to modify their own past in a minor ways. They have yet to attempt to radically change the history of the universe.


Eden, the center of the Ekrosian Guardians as some have called him, is the de-facto leader of the species. It is said that over the course of millennia, Eden has gained knowledge beyond the comprehension of mortals, with whom he is willing to share if they prove themselves worthy. He was, for a time, xenophobic, but he has changed his ways, seeing the acceptance of all beings as necessary to the survival of the species.

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