The Elite Nora, (Often and from now on referred to as The Nora) are a mysterious trans-boreal empire, located within the 7-L Cluster. With a known population of around 165 Septillion, they are obviously a force to be reckoned with.

It is told that if there were a war between The Nora, and The Seekers, The Nora would barely come out on top.

The Nora's capital world is, well, creatively named Nora. The very few pictures and videos of it suggest that Nora is an ecumenopolis, with large circular parks and nature reserves that are many square kilometers in size. Nora's population is speculated to be around 30 Trillion, at the high estimates. There is also an growing ecumenopolis on their moon, Nora-I. Nora-I is theorized to have 1 Trillion people on it once it is done.Their second moon, Nora-II is a large mining and trading hub, and is also used as a station for wormhole travel.

The Elite Nora helped The Seekers invade The Home Cluster within The War for All. Their reasons for doing so were very closely related to almost every other empire in the 7-L Cluster.

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