The Empyrean or The High Empyrean Confederacy is a somewhat large nation bordering The Alkan Intendancy. It has a population of over ten septillion individuals. It is made up of 907 galaxies, populated mostly by The Ravis, Ersatzans, Paxans, and a small minority of Ror Units.


The capital of this nation is the planet Alphos. This planet is not only the capital, but also an important planet in the religion of Fuukanism. This planet lies within the galaxy Fluorescence.

While officially a democratic republic, the current head of state, The Empyrean Parliament, and all other government positions there must also be a devout member of the faith, making it a theocracy.


The Empyrean is a theocracy grounded in Fuukanism. Since the religion fractured into millions of pieces during WOTA, it lost the unity in faith it originally had. As such, it had to drastically alter it's government to compensate for this.

The Parliament

Each of the millions of denominations make up blocks. These blocks are collections of denominations that are similar to each other. The territory controlled by the denominations, however, does not need to boarder each other in order to compose the same block.

Each block is what gets representative in the parliament. This parliament is based on that of the Intendancy's parliament. This branch is also tasked with doing everything it can to maintain the independence and culture of the Empyrean.

Apart from this parliament, there are four other branches of government. The Taxation Branch, The Presidential Branch, The Foreign Branch, and The Holy Branch.

The Taxation Branch

The Branch's job is to manage the revenue of The Empyrean. It is a technocratic branch, meaning that those that run in are appointed internally rather than by vote. This branch has to approve all spending bills created by the parliament, and has the power to deny bills that go over budget. If this branch tries to over-tax the citizens or otherwise cause issues within the government, it can be"refreshed" by a popular vote in the parliament, replacing every high-ranking official within the branch.

The Presidential Branch

This branch contains the military, police, and the president of the Empyrean. The President is elected by the Parliament rather than by a direct vote from the people. They are responsible for the enforcement of the law, the approval of the law, and the maintenance of order.

The Foreign Branch

This branch is not so much a branch as it is a way to make sure The Empyrean remains stable. It's job is to take decisions made by The Intergalactic Council, The Intendancy, and interestingly DELYATU, and command the military accordingly. It is a council of various generals, civilians, and ambassadors from these places. Since theocracies are not to be trusted, the Intergalactic Council instated this to make sure it never tried to forcefully evangelize.

It is the newest branch and was added when The Intendancy occupied the Empyrean after the War For All in order to stabilize it. DELYATU also took part in this occupation and therefore gets just as much influence as the Intendancy does.

The Holy Branch

This is the only bicameral branch in the Empyrean. One house has it's members appointed by the various leaders or councils of the denominations. This house acts as a way to veto any actions taken by any other branch. This ensures that the government does not become secular (one of the worst fears of the people).


The Empyrean was founded in 1266 BCE, making it one of the oldest continual political entities in the universe. When it was first founded (see Fuukanism for how it was founded), it was a single tribe with little more than stone age technology. Remarkably, they had a total understanding of how the universe functioned, everything from the periodic table to orbital mechanics and other science was kept in the the first of the Holy Books.

The tribe began to use this knowledge to create medicine, weapons, simple machines, and even very basic money. They were well into the iron age by 0 CE. This rapid advancement in technology is often accredited to the founder of Fuukanism, Mololov. They were most likely the last of a precursor race on the planet Alphos, although suggesting this is usually enough to get one deported.

The tribe called the Empyrean, now more of a city-state than anything else, began to conquer the world. The primitive hunter-gatherers they faced were slaughtered in the tens of thousands. Those that did not immediately begin worshiping Fuukos (the main goddess of Fuukanism), were killed. However, the disparity in technology made many assume that the Empyrean were truly from the gods.


The Empyrean began to settle every continent on the planet. Their population rose to one billion by around 3000 CE. As they were colonizing, however, the priesthood began establishing a firmer grip over the population. They managed to form a global police-state without instant communication, an impressive feat on it's own, but their advanced knowledge about chemistry made doping the population into being more docile a relatively easy feet. The priesthood had absolute power.


For over 10,000 years, the Empyrean operated this way, never advancing beyond what the holy books said. They believed that anything not detailed in the books was heresy. It took them over ten millennia to figure out that combing the technologies described could lead to the "Grand Stories" in the latter parts of the second holy book.

This sent them rocketing out of the late iron age well into the industrial age within a generation. This rapid advancement is usually impossible for most species, but the details on how to construct everything was right there in the book.

Further Development

Within another three generations they had created a functional nuclear reactor, and by 7250 CE, they had achieved space flight. At this point, the people actually began to develop an immunity to the drugs, this allowed for more scientists, engineers, and physicists so the priesthood allowed the general population to finally have free-will. The police state was abolished.

In 7504, they achieved Type I status and had begun terraforming the other planets in their system. This is when another stagnation hit. The Fusion reactor technology and warp drive technology were vaguely written, implying that Molonov had gaps in his knowledge.

However, it took the Empyrean only another 100 years to achieve both technologies. By then, they had already built laser highways to other nearby stars, but those were obsolete once warp drives came into play.

Galactic Expansion

By only 20,000, The Empyrean came to control the entirety of Fluorescence. Further expansion was viewed as pointless, as they had everything they needed. They began to concentrate on utilizing the entirety of their galaxy's materials for their purposes, seeing the full exploitation of their galaxy as the end result of their religion.

In 57181, the last star in Fluorescence was fully enclosed in a Dyson Swarm. Instead of focusing on expansion and spreading out, they focused on the full utilization of their galaxy. They illuminate it with countless Penrose Spheres to simulate the stars that were once present.

They then decided to expand at a much slower rate than the usual superpower. Taking another twenty millennia to fully colonize the nearest two galaxies.

They grew to boarder the Intendancy in 168265, and had 200 galaxies under their control (compared to the 3400 the Intendancy had at the time).

War of the Ancients

The Empyrean had always maintained a sizable military. This'll be done when WOTA is revamped

Societal Collapse

The Empyrean's government collapsed during the war for all, resulting in the collapse of the economy as well as society of the Empyrean. The Galaxies all became independent states; they were almost totally isolated from each other due to the collapse of the Worm hole network in The Empyrean.

The Alliance of Five decided to divert resources away from the now crippled Empyrean to deal with the Intendancy since it was no longer a threat.

The galaxies began to diverge and to tear themselves apart. Just about every single government ideology was tried in the various sections of the galaxies; from anarcho-capitalism to communism, and everything in between. Some of the closer galaxies to each other united, and other galaxies fell into pieces. The only shared attribute between all of them is that they were highly unstable and prone to coups.

Most of the nation-states were still rooted in Fuukanism. In fact, it was the religion itself that prevented many of the nations from falling backwards in terms of technological advancement. This is when the religion started to break into the millions of denominations that are seen today.

The High Empyrean Confederacy

The Empyrean galaxies remained independent from each other for far too long and began diverging. After the banishment of the Alliance from the Alkan Supercluster, The Intergalactic Council occupied the area controlled by the Empyrean in order to reestablish it. However, it had already been 700 years of isolation. No one spoke the same language anymore, the religion had split into millions of denominations, and the wormhole network was in tatters.


Like all international organizations, The Council did little to promote peace and just forced all of them to unite together and left the rest to someone else. This someone else was The Alkan Intendancy and DELYATU. The Intendancy reformed the economy, while DELYATU concentrated on infrastructure and quality of life.

The Intendancy established the Alko as the currency of The Empyrean and did most of the police work. Thousands of warlords and dictators were deposed in favor of a democratic government. Luckily, the religion they all had in common emphasized the construction of technology and infrastructure, allowing for a somewhat speedy recovery.

To this day, the Empyrean remains a confederacy that is still heavily dependent on it's neighbors for stability and protection.

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