The Eternal war is not a traditional war in the sense of a single, ongoing conflict, but multiple separate conflicts related to the server or the brotherhood. Due to the fact that server forces are predicted to not stop coming into our local universe anytime soon, it has been given the nickname "The Eternal war". Its intensity can be measured in waves (Like an economy) with periods of intensity where the Imperial Brigade and the local defence league are actively fighting each other, and periods of peace where the Imperial brigade and defence league are united against the server/brotherhood threat. This "Fighting tide" is predictible and usually ends up like this:

  1. The Brigade and Defence league are fighting eachother harshly, weakening each others Military, meanwhile, the server and brotherhood are strengthening as both powers are taking territory.
  2. The defence league and brigade are starting to get exhausted of war but continue to fight, sending more military assets towards the server/brotherhood front (A sort of Conflict equinox)
  3. The Brigade and defence league unite against the brotherhood/server, signing a truce and knocking the threat back.
  4. A period of economic growth starts as the server/brotherhood are pushed back into their respective territories.
  5. The local defence league or Imperial brigade stab each other in the back, restarting the cycle.
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