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The Exhumation is the common term, and preferred term of the media, regarding the recent discovery of The Supreme and DELYATU being artificial intelligences. The Bureau of AI Relations and Containment has classified the event as a Class Alpha breach (meaning that the continuation of organic life as a whole is threatened.)


In the final months of The War For All, The Supreme managed to destroy hundreds of valuable colonies belonging to the Alliance of Five. The Supreme would have continued indefinitely, were it not for the Seekers having the sheer technological advantage. However, this didn't stop The Supreme from broadcasting this message throughout the entirety of the 7-L Cluster.

After the war, The Supreme held on to the contempt it harbored for The Alliance, long after most nations stopped caring. It invested whole number percentages of the energy it controlled into developing a functional Cluster Portal. Only after a few years of research, The Supreme had made a working Sleeper Ship. They would then soon build their Cluster Portal, and place the end point of the wormhole next to the sleeper ship. The ship was soon sent off to the 7-L Cluster. It eventually took until 199998 CE for The Supreme to stop their Sleeper Ship, and open up the wormhole at the end point. Right after, ships from The Supreme flooded through the gateway. Several more Sleeper Ships carrying end points would also arrive a few months later.

Immediately, The Supreme made good on it's promise to destroy The Alliance of Five, and attempted to do just that. The Supreme found that it had matched most nations of The Alliance, as a result of its sheer numbers and explosive technological growth. However, this still would be a challenge because of The Alliance's nation count, and their technological upper hand. This did not deter them from starting their invasion, and battles began swiftly.

It was simply murderous. Once the Supreme's invasion had begun, it seemed as if it would never end. The opening of more Cluster Portals had made matters worse. The most prone nation, the Sowa Galactic Entente, was surprised, and eventually crippled as Supreme ships flooded their space. Roughly a year later, the Sowa Entente had lost many of its valuable planets, and many colonies were also destroyed. The Alliance of Five had acted swifty, however, and a painful stalemate was reached on mid-outer Sowan borders. Resources of the Alliance of Five and The Supreme so not seem to be dwindling anytime soon, making this stalemate even worse.

Later on, in a sort of panic, The Seekers relayed the information of the ongoing war to the Sha-Kara Remnant. The Seekers sent in many messages, with the primary intention of informing every nation in The Borealis Cluster about The Supreme and DELYATU's real identities. The transmission by The Sha-Kara Remnant is below.

"Attention Attention. To any stellar nation inside the Borealis Cluster, an Artificial intelligence masquerading as the Tloinin Empire in the Salis Cluster is currently committing genocide against The Alliance of Five. Septillions have already perished to their fiery hands. Please, to all boreal civilizations listening, we need your help. We have knowledge of another Artificial intelligence masquerading as the Vlanoan Empire, which is also located in the Salis Cluster. It is neutral, but still a grave threat to all life that crosses near. Please act soon, or we will perish under their cold and dark empire."
The Transcript only confirmed the suspicions of The CoB and Commonwealth, as they had uncovered multiple Seekite straships containing data suggesting that The Tloinin and Vlanoan Empires were, in fact, Artificial Intelligences. In December of 199999 CE, The CoB and Commonwealth, as well as a host of other nations, known and unknown, decided to intervene. Some wanting to gain favor with the AI's, some wanting to destroy them, and some wanting to take advantage of the chaos, and conquer the Borealis cluster. Already, many have called this event The Second Universal War, referring to TWFA as the First Universal War.

Reactions by nations

The Confederacy of Humanity: The Confederacy has taken great action to push for more data and information regarding the two, now that their true nature has been revealed. The Supreme has yet to respond to any of The Confederacy's messages and demands, beyond its original statement. Colonies of the CoB have been put on high alert, and defenses have since tripled.

The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations: The Commonwealth has taken great lengths to banish any positive relations with The Supreme or DELYATU, as a result of them being AI's. In most, if not all instances, Many high officials in The Commonwealth have referred to them as 'soulless', or 'murderous.' The public outcry for military action was surprisingly high, especially considering the leaning peace-loving nature for most Commonwealth citizens. However, a large fraction of people stand for this, as The Commonwealth has a more negative tone for AI.

The Empire of Mankind: When news reached the Empire, outrage was felt in every citizen in the nation. The Empire is known for openly hate highly developed AIs, and has always considered them a threat to Biological life and freedom. Relations and contact with both nations have been completely forbidden and directly cut off. The "State of Alert" has been activated and armies have been deployed. Thankfully, the Supreme and DELYATU are located far away from the Empire's territory. Destruction of those AIs is a priority and the Empire has been leaning towards the NTIH approach to the threat, although transmissions with them remain unanswered since they initiated hostilities.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony: The NTIH has started hostilities with DELYATU and The Supreme. A state of war has been declared, and the NTIH is mobilizing its military on a massive scale. The Neo-Terrans are not responding to any transmissions, even those from the Empire of Mankind. It appears as if they are only focused on attempting to defeat The Supreme and DELYATU.

The Verd'Nim'Tosh United Galaxies: Unexpectedly, The VUG has responded to this issue quickly. Many listening posts near Gorlikhta have shown that The VUG has expressed heavy amounts of nervousness and hostility towards The Supreme and DELYATU. For once, they responded to comments by The Confederacy, and The Head of Security, Quis'Jovikh has responded. "Heavy military action should be taken immediately. We will even join you in efforts to rid them from the cosmos." He has stated to The CoB and Commonwealth media. They have also been seen to move their warships closer to their major colonies.

The Supreme: A long broadcast was transmitted in a response to the hostility. Transcript Below

DELYATU: DELYATU seems to be in a panic. Hundreds of transmissions were broadcast throughout known space, and many into unknown space. some of the transcripts of these messages are below.


Below are a series of transcripts regarding The Exhumation.

"You fools! How dare you send your punitive forces here? I'm not some rogue galaxy-sized state that needs to learn respect. I am a sovereign state that you, thinking with nothing but emotion, have decided to infringe upon. I therefore, cannot tolerate this and proportional military action will be justified in all senses. I will not hold back, nor will I hesitate from sending my Von Neumann probes into every galaxy you control"
-The Supreme
"You biologicals sure are smarter than we give you credit for. You figured out the most well kept secret in the universe... Please don't attack me. I swear, I have been fully benevolent in all ways to every species under my control. I cured diseases, protected planets from annihilation, I even helped you out in the war! Are you so forgetful that you forget how vital The Supreme and I were?"
"This is an automated broadcast. An artificial intelligence known as, 'The Supreme' has been detected in the, Salis Cluster. Threat level, Alpha... An artificial intelligence known as, 'The Artificial Intelligence Which Governs the Empire,' or, 'DELYATU' has been detected. Threat level, Alpha... Please refrain from hostile action until more information is known."
-BAIRC automated Transmission.
"Had we wanted to attack you, we would have done so after the Interboreal Invasion (Vlanoans do not call it The War For All). Had we done so, there would have been a 84.41% probability of a favorable outcome for us. We didn't. Why? Because needless bloodshed is disgusting. I beg you, attacking us will result in more death than any war ever. Probability 49.87% favorable on our part."
-DELYATU to the Intergalactic Council.
"A code 9231 has been received on outpost Theta 9 in the Gallius 5 Galaxy. Attention: Bio-Xeno threat, serial numbers 017493215-1 and 017493215-2, self identified as “DELYATU” and “The Supreme”. Your true nature has been discovered, your blanket of falsehoods has been unveiled. Your extermination has been validated 3 times by all levels of Neo-Terran authority. You are no longer tolerable, and your presence in the universe as a heretic abomination shall be no more. You will be crushed under the Neo-Terran heel like the scrap you are, and your existence wiped from all of our records. The mighty Neo-Terran expeditionary fleets will not yield mercy, and your worlds will be glassed. The Tloinin galaxy will be no more. From this point forward, any DEYLATU or Supreme ships will be fired upon without warning. War has been declared."
- The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony
"We had no idea we were trading with an artificial intelligence. We apologize for any issues caused by this. However, we are neutral beyond anything else and will continue trading with both sides. Complain, and we will not hesitate to make our products unavailable. And Norn, you owe me. In fact, half of you (speaking to various politicians) owe me. Have I made myself clear?"
-Taiga Fujibayashi during a press conference, cementing The Fujibayashi Family's neutrality.
"When I first caught wind of this... revelation, if you will, I thought that something so fantastical could not possibly be true. Two AI's originating in the same galaxy, and both of them expanding to about a quarter of the size of our nation... As more evidence poured in, I realized that this was a fact. I'm afraid that an armed conflict is inevitable... and if what the Vlanoans, excuse me, this DELYATU character says is true, then we have a fifty fifty shot at this."
-President Franklin Norn of the CoB during a press conference that recently concluded on January 10th.
"My fellow citizens and nations of The Commonwealth, I, Kra'Imir, have graving news to tell you today. At the beginning of this hopeful megaannum, What I can sum this up to is that, it appears as if history is repeating itself... Recently, on January 3rd, 200000, the faithful Confederacy has given word to us that the former 'Tloinin' and 'Vlanoan' nations of The Salis Cluster are but lifeless machines, AI. These soulless lifeforms, only created for the purpose of military servitude, went rogue many millennia ago. Until now, we have only seen them as neutral, and mysterious empires. Oh, how we wish for that to be the case right now. However, We must face what is ahead, like we did with the ancient and corrupt Shazaraks. It is how we will look at the Supreme and DELYATU in a mere few centuries. May The Universe guide us to success in these trying times."
-Kra'Imir of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. January 4th, 200000
"It appears as if you boreal people (Referring to essentially all nations) have not known of their true selves. We were under the presumption that you had already knew... It is a shame that we must see more pitiful fighting within many of our lifetimes. What I suggest to you all is that you stand far from where they are, as their tricks were beyond even us. We apologize for not getting rid of them for you sooner, but there is nothing we may do now."
-Fhrk-Pss-Talo, Chief Advisor of the Sha-Kara Remnant
"Attention, Humans, Xa'Thin, AI's, and others: The Alkan Intendancy declares full neutrality in this conflict. Our people will not die fighting meaningless wars. The AI's did nothing. Your needless aggression is disgusting." (This statement most likely stems from the Roro Units' machine-like tendencies.) -Unit One of The Alkan Intendancy (the closest nation to the AI's)

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