The Fight for Krolena was a large-scale conflict in the Krolena Galaxy that lasted from 10,302 CE to 10,454 CE. The war lead to an estimated 1.2 trillion casualties, most of whom were Tashka military members. After a series of hostile annexations, the Mozj'la Republic declared war on the Tashka Empire. The Quarae and Ketla-Anea were determined to stay neutral for they feared they'd sustain heavy casualties and large-scale infrastructure damage. But in 10,309, the Tashka began invading neutral systems. This lead to the Quarae and Ketla-Anea declaring war on their common enemy.


At the time of the declaration of war, the Quara'ke Trifecta had not yet been formed. Instead, the three main species were separate nations. These were the Mozj'la Republic, the Quarae Consortium and the Katla-Anea Alliance. These three nations were generally cordial to each other, though minor political conflicts still occurred on the borders. Any grudges between the inhabitants of the Krolena Galaxy were quickly dropped in 10,309, which was when the Quarae and K. Anea joined the war.

The main cause of the war was an ever-increasing Tashka threat. The Tashka were a powerful civilisation that lurked on the edges of the Krolena Galaxy, looking for ships or systems to plunder. They were native to the Makota Galaxy (RG 0-9-97023333-839, .980) but spread to Krolena via wormhole. Unhappy with the relatively miniscule size of their native galaxy, the Tashka began expanding to the fringe-worlds in Krolena. However, these systems had already been colonised and, in some cases, terraformed by the Mozj'la Republic.

Understandably, this caused conflict between the two nations. The Ketla-Anea and Quarae still tried to maintain neutrality even though several of their outer worlds were reporting ships entering the far reaches of their respective systems. The straw that broke the camel's back was the destruction of the colonies on Berjha (one of the Republic's key outer worlds), which killed as many as 7 billion civilians. Enraged, the Alliance and Consortium declared war on the Tashka.

Battle of Ashta Prime

An image, found in Tashka archives, of the Battle of Ashta Prime

The Empire had attempted to one-up the Mozj'la by destroying the major world of Berjha, with catastrophic results for both sides. The news of Berjhan cities being attacked by the Tashka spread like wildfire throughout Krolena. The Mozj'la scrambled a fleet to defend the planet, but were quickly crushed by the Tashka. Down to their last few ships, all hope seemed lost for the Mozj'la Republic. Tashka forces seemed to be prepared for any eventuality. But, as the news from Berjha quickly spread, it became clear the Empire hadn't prepared for one possibility...

Over 600 Consortium and Allied ships jumped in from Morveia and broke through the Tashka defences. They managed to force the Tashka to retreat after a long and costly battle. When news reached the emperor, Zla-Xoha Ilupros, he is thought to have gone into a fit of rage. He immediately declared war on all of Krolena, regardless of whether they'd attacked the Empire or not.

At first, the Tashka appeared to be winning the fight (in the long-term) but a badly-planned attack on Ashta Prime lead to the destruction of some of the Empire's most important vessels, including the TEV Kretk'ke. This did not stop the empire from attempting to overpower various Krolenan colonies, such as the failed Invasion of Amertairam.

As the Tashka began to see the writing on the wall, the emperor (Zla-Xoha Ilupros) ordered all remaining ships in both Krolena and Makota to retreat to the outer world of Crasnava and prepare for a last-ditch attempt at destroying the Krolenan nations. Crasnava soon became home to the highest concentration of Tashka ships ever, with around 595,000 ships (98.3% of all Tashka warships) waiting in orbit. Emperor Ilupros laid out his plan to attack the capital of the Ketla-Anea Alliance (KAA), Morveia. The plan was to destroy the orbital defences, before landing an estimated 75,000,000 soldiers near major cities.

After the plan had been set, all Tashka ships prepared to jump to Morveia via wormholes. Unfortunately for the Empire, the wormholes became unstable, letting only 350,000 ships in before snapping shut while several thousand ships were still in it. This left around 150,000 ships left in Crasnava, with no easy way of returning to Makota or travelling to Morveia. This was due to the fact that only a few dozen ships capable of creating wormholes were present around Crasnava, all of which were either sent to Morveia successfully or were destroyed by the resulting energy from the wormholes collapsing (or they were destroyed inside the wormholes themselves).

The ships that did make it to Morveia were met with better-than-expected orbital defence systems, with several captains surrendering as soon as they saw these systems. Emperor Ilupros then declared that surrender was punishable by death, in an attempt to stop other captains surrendering, though this backfired on his part. While his own ships were busy destroying one another for cowardice, smaller Ketla-Anean craft sent boarding parties into the capital ships of the Tashka. Many of the crew on these ships simply did not want to fight and were co-operative when the Ketla-Anean parties began controlling the vessels. Shocked and outraged by the amount of ships falling into the hands of the enemy, Ilupros realised his mistake and forced all Tashka vessels to ceasefire. By this point, the Morveian Defence Network (MDN) was beginning to fail as Ilupros' personal fleet began pounding it with railguns but the orbital battle was not over. Around 200,000 Tashka ships remained which, according to Morveian think-tanks, could easily overpower the weakening MDN and begin landing troops.

Out of pure desperation, the capital of the KAA shot a distress call into the void asking any armed ships for help in the fight. Several nations large and small bounced back the signal as a way of acknowledging it (as per Krolena galactic tradition). Approximately 3 minutes later, the first of the reinforcements arrived in orbit. These were Mozj'la warships, some of which several kilometres long, which had been redirected from patrol routes near the Alliance/Republic borders. The next wave composed of the Independent Systems of Krolena's major fleets as well as several Quarae capital ships. Catching the Tashka by surprise, the reinforcements began crushing the ships who had been delivering crippling blows to the MDN. Around 160,000 Tashka vessels remained when the third and final wave of reinforcements came in. These belonged to the Krolena Core Consortium, a semi-independent nation in the heart of the Krolena galaxy. KCC fleets swiftly destroyed 90,000 Tashka vessels before targeting the capital ship of the entire Tashka fleet, the TEV Mok'tau'ka. Upon realising this, Emperor Ilupros tried to scramble a defensive sphere of ships around his, only to be destroyed before giving the order by KCC railguns.

The defeat of the TEV Mok'tau'ka signalled the beginning of the end of the invasion, with all remaining loyal ships fighting to the death with the Krolenan fleets. In a joint attack, the KCC First Fleet, the Mozj'la Capital Fleet and the ISK Independence Fleets then crushed the remaining 70,000 ships, marking the end of the battle. Upon hearing of the Emperor's death, what few ships remained throughout Krolena and Makota retreated as far from Krolena territory as possible. Several Tashka worlds in Krolena surrendered to the Mozj'la and the ISK, marking the beginning of the end of the Tashka Empire. The war officially ended on the 16th of April, 10,454.

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