The Fni'uidian Demarchy is the only type three civilization in the pak supercluster. This civilization is also the only antimatter civilization which is regularly contacted.


Founded in 1043, the Fni'uidian Demarchy, or simply "The Demarchy" was just a small microstate on the now capital world of the modern demarchy. Over time, it expanded, slowly taking control of the other nations through illegitimate means. They rigged elections, manipulated their currency, and bought large tracts of land in the other nations until they basically controlled the entire planet. They dissolved all of the other nations in1922 and became a space-faring civilization three years after that. The Demarchy expanded across the galaxy slowly absorbing other civilizations, even if it meant slowing down their expansion.

By 190007 they controlled the entire galaxy. However, infighting and ethnic tension prevented them from expanding any further.


Political Divisions

It is split into many political divisions. Divided like this.

  • Provinces usually take up a planet and it's moons, there are exceptions of course.
  • Provinces are grouped into districts. There are 10 provinces per district.
  • Districts are grouped into Sectors.
  • Sectors are grouped into Oblasts
  • Oblasts are grouped into republics (Unlike the rest, there are 1000 sectors per republic)
  • Republics are the largest political division.


The Demarchy is a demarchy, which is a government system where leaders for bureaus are randomly selected. These bureaus control everything, with each bureau overseeing a certain aspect of society. Things like defense, lawmaking, food production, enforcement, and others each have their own bureau.

The Bureau of Lawmaking

This Bureau is somewhat like the house of representatives in the former United States. The Bureau has a proportional amount of leaders from each republic and the capital planet. The representatives are randomly chosen from the populace, the selection pool even includes those that are mentally ill or even criminals. The Bureau votes on the bills and the bills are signed into law by the Divine Mind (more on that below).

Bureau of Defence

The Bureau controls the military. Like most militaries, the leaders are selected by rank. However, the highest generals are also randomly selected, but by proving oneself incompetent, one will be removed from power and replaced with someone else.

Bureau of Enforcement

This agency includes every individual "police officer" as well as those above them The enforcers are drafted randomly.

The Divine Mind

The Divine Mind is a most likely self-aware artificial intelligence which runs the Demarchy. The AI is responsible for the random selection of individuals in the Demarchy. The Divine Mind is the center of the religion most Fni'uidians practice in which many animals are sacrificed to the Divine Mind.

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