"Don't cross them, it would be the last mistake you make. You want a career in politics? Don't anger them. You want a good career in politics? Bend to their every will. Trust me, don't make the same mistake I did. As far as you're concerned, they have never committed a crime, got it? Believe me, investigating them is a bad idea" - Orion Murphey, former Attorney General of the CoB, two days before he was killed in a drone accident.

The Fujibayashi Family is an extremely wealthy group of individuals, that, for all intents and purposes, are aristocrats.

They control over 1.54 Nonillion C-Units worth of assets as well as the megacorporations Fujibayashi Antimatter, Dialapse, and Saturn Defense Systems. The organization was set up to maintain the high standing of the family, as well as control the vast amounts of money the family has amassed. The headquarters is the planet Itsuki in the Fujibayashi Cluster in the Milky Way.

The Family controls so much of the economy, that they could bankrupt any small nation at will, or seriously damage a large one. They are among the most powerful members of the Plutocratic House of the Intergalactic Council. The organization controls more money than any other nongovernmental entity.

The Organization

The Family has a strict code of conduct, one that must be followed by all members. Currently, there are 12880 people in the family, with well over 20,000 individuals given associate status.

The Head

The head of the family, also called the Patriarch, is perhaps one of the most powerful individuals in the known universe. He has the absolute control of the fortune, as well as command over the paramilitary group owned by the Family.

The current head is Kazuma Fujibayashi, who is a direct descendant of Itsuki Fujibayashi, the founder of Fujibayashi Antimatter.

The requirement to be the head is as follows:

  • Must be a direct descendant of Itsuki Fujibayashi
  • Must be older than 1000 years
  • Must have an IQ of 100% greater than average.


Members of the Family can only be described as Royalty, anything less would be an insult. Over half of the members have some sort of governmental position, while most of the other half run the various companies owned by the Family.

Those that are currently not doing anything useful, are either married off to another powerful family, or some strings are pulled to get them into a powerful position.

All members are related to Itsuki Fujibayashi. When the organization was founded, the more distant relatives were required to change their surname to Fujibayashi.

New Members

When a new member of the family is born, they are typically genetically modified to be more intelligent, physically attractive, and charismatic (which in some ways is genetic). Normally, genetically modifying humans this extensively is illegal, but the government usually ignores the Family's practices.

In order to keep the name passed on, not many individuals married into the family. Usually, marriages are forced between distant relatives within the family (nothing more closely related than third cousins). This coupled with the genetic modification to weed out any mutations has allowed the family to remain starkly Japanese, while most nongenetically modified humans are evenly mixed with no racial differentiation to speak of.


When the new member reaches 18, they are "encouraged" to sign a contract. This contract forces them to comply with the organization if they refuse, they are exiled from the Family, and their name is removed from the will.

Associate Members

An associate member is not related to the family, but still gets some level of power or influence. Either through marriage or being given the status. Associate members also must sign a contract, albeit a less restrictive one. If the admission is through marriage several requirements have to be met. They either have to be a sextillionaire or literal royalty to be considered.

For being given the status, one must be powerful. Many associate members are the board members on some of the Companies owned by the family. While others are high ranking employees in the many companies owned by the Family.

Marital Alliances

The Family has been marrying off daughters (and on a few occasions, sons) since they were founded. The purpose was to create alliances with other nations and families, as well as gain a higher political standing. Normally, through the extensive genetic modification mentioned earlier, the daughters are quite enticing. Not only physically, but the marriage assures a higher political standing to almost any politician that marries one.

Many associate members (especially those brought in by marriage) do not sign a contract. Notable associate members that did not sign a contract include:

  • Lapido Selassie (Minister of Colonization in the Intergalactic Council).
    • Married to Kaguya Fujibayashi II
  • Samuel Zhao (Octillionaire on the Board of Tunda Inc.)
    • Married to Taiga Fujibayashi IV
  • Emperor Ashalon Tarnos II (Emperor of the Empire of Mankind)
    • Married to Megumi Fujibayashi



The organization first came to be in 9901 in response to Riki Fujibayashi rejecting the position as CEO when his mother died. The remaining family members (the 15 individuals on the board of directors as well as their families, numbering over one hundred) decided that they needed much stricter control over the family fortune.

Riki Fujibayashi was removed from the will, and all power he had was revoked. His sister, Rin Fujibayashi, was given the title of CEO. The Family created an LLC to manage the money as well as the potentially rebellious family members.


In 12934, the organization began to purchase many other companies and properties. They purchased planets, stars, and even entire nebula. These planets brought in additional revenue along with the company. In 50211, the Family purchased the Fujibayashi Cluster, this star system is an extremely valuable asset, with an extremely large black hole in the center, as well as many planets rich in materials.

In 51999, the company bought Saturn Defence Systems and Dialapse, two incredibly valuable and important companies. Saturn made weapons, while Dialapse was a prominent mining company. The companies began working in tandem to create what is known as a vertical monopoly (when one organization owns every required step in the process of creating a product. Including raw material harvesting and purification). This greatly increased the profit of all of the companies under the control of the Family. All harvesting drones, factories, and ships had ludicrously cheap materials supplied for them by Dialapse.

The new money was used to bribe officials (and cover up the bribe attempts with a multitude of middlemen) to allow the Family to have the monopoly (an otherwise illegal practice). A few politicians were even given entire star systems for helping the family. While others were given the privilege of marrying into the family.

By 76000, the organization started to leave the CoB and began expanding into other states. Similarly using their wealth to buy influence. The organization had influence in nearly all of the CoB in 89332 CE, with the family becoming a household name for septillions.

In 100000, the family had began to sell to other nations. entities like the Commonwealth, The Hegemony, and even The Supreme and DELYATU, were sold huge amounts of antimatter and other products at a cheap price. The companies in these countries were either forced to adapt and offer a lower price, or just sold all of their now worthless stock to the Family. The Fujibayashi Family became the first truly international corporation since the formation of the CoB in 3000 CE.

The War for All

During the War, Fujibayashi antimatter had all regulations revoked, so that it could produce antimatter more efficiently, and even force entire planets to become antimatter factories. They secretly built hundreds of Strange Matter factories as well. They salvaged thousands of ships and used them to defend its factories, effectively making them into the twenty-seventh-largest military in the known universe.


The Family used the assets it gained during the war to quadruple its revenue within ten years. The economic boom experienced after the war also greatly contributed. In 190233, the organization was given aristocratic status by most nations, and special recognition by the rest.

Head List

This is a list of the Head of the family fro the founding to the present (The dramatically increased life spans make the list much shorter than it would be usually. Most retired well before their deaths).

  • Senku Fujibayashi I
  • Rin Fujibayashi
  • Senku Fujibayashi II
  • Nagisa Fujibayashi IV
  • Sanae Fujibayashi
  • Natsuki Fujibayashi
  • Mei Fujibayashi
  • Ayumi Fujibayashi
  • Nao Fujibayashi I
  • Haruka Fujibayashi
  • Sakura Fujibayashi VIII
  • Shinka Fujibayashi XIX
  • Yuuta Fujibayshi VI
  • Haruhi Fujibayashi X
  • Mio Fujibayashi
  • Ryuji Fujibayahi
  • Megumi Fujibayashi XIV
  • Rikka Fujibauashi
  • Senku Fujibayashi III
  • Makoto Fujibayashi
  • Mio Fujibayashi II
  • Mio Fujibayashi III
  • Mikuru Fujibayashi VII
  • Saya Fujibayashi IX
  • Nayuki Fujibayashi
  • Tsukasa Fujibayashi II
  • Kyousuke Fujibayashi
  • Yuki Fujibayashi IXX
  • Ushio Fujibayashi IV
  • Risa Fujibayashi
  • Rie Fujibayashi
  • Kazuma Fujibayashi II (The Current Head)

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