The Human - Rexlorian War, also known as the Whirlpool - Milky Way War, was a war fought between the Confederacy of Humanity and the Trans-Galactic Empire of Rexlor from 8701 CE - 9192 CE, making it one of, if not the longest lasting war in the history of the Human Race. To most in the Confederacy, the war is seen as one of Humanity's greatest failures, as even Sol, the capital of the Confederacy, fell. For 491 years, the Rexlorian Armada cut across the Milky Way, killing billions of people in the process, while the Confederacy barely held onto power. The Confederacy, however, had something the Rexlorians did not expect of the young nation (young being compared to the Rexlorian Empire.), the determination to prevent absolute defeat. This was something that the Rexlorians would consider admirable, and eventually would make peace, becoming one of Humanity's greatest allies.

Major Events (in some detail)

The Imperial Armada: Beginnings - For millions of years, the Rexlorains had gathered their strength after leaving Sol the first time. Around 100,000 BCE, several probes were sent to the Milky Way in the hopes that they would be picked up and mistaken for as artifacts of a once mighty civilization. They were, of course, eventually found, and some were even taken to Sol by the Confederacy of Humanity. When they tried to activate it, it played it's message, however the Humans at the time did not understand the language. Eventually, after many years, they began to understand what the message meant. Here is a rough translation: "Inhabitants of Qelor, for many years, we controlled this system. We are the true masters of this galaxy. Eventually, we shall return, and with us, your Doom.". They did not know that at the same time, a message was being broadcast to Rexlor about it's reactivation. Once the message arrived, the Creation of the Armada was begun, and Rexlor Prepared for War.

The Imperial Armada: Return - In the Year 8670 CE, the Imperial Armada was almost complete. Only one Ship remained, and it was the largest of all. The ship, being the first of the Imperator Class Dreadnought, was given the name "Victory", and was to serve as the flagship of Admiral Qenla Nuranos of the Imperial Armada. Capable of destroying capital ships in one barrage of its main plasma weaponry, it would soon become a mainstay of the Imperial Fleet, with some still being in service to this day. In the Year 8671 CE, the ship was completed, and with it, the Armada, which would soon be sent into the Milky Way, however, it would first be used in the Andromeda Galaxy, where it would go to war with some of the more primitive races of the galaxy (primitive being middle period interstellar spaceflight). By the year 8700, the Armada had finally arrived in the Milky Way, and would soon bring the near destruction of Humanity. In 8701 CE, the Planet Isan was the first to feel the wrath of the Imperial Armada. For many days after it fell, the system went dark, with people trying to contact it constantly. Eventually, Admiral Qenla Nuranos would reply in Rexlorian, which was again foreign. Soon, the Confederacy realized the dire truth after the Rexlorians had left the system: 99% of the Population was gone, gone like the First Civilization.

The Battle of Yamato - Known as second greatest defeat of the Confederacy of Humanity, the Battle of Yamato began on July 5th, 8992, after what seemed like a period of quiet, the Imperial Armada heading out of inhabited space to consolidate it's power, while the Confederacy regrouped after the first assault. The Confederacy did not know what was coming, for two of the Imperator Class Dreadnought had arrived, the Victory and the Doom. Meanwhile, on the planet Yamato, everything was normal, and many people even thought that the war was over. Soon, the Imperial Armada arrived at the system, and any ships attempting to flee were caught in the Armada's interdiction field. After a while, a fleet from Sol would arrive, but, unfortunately, it was completely destroyed. It is said that you can find the remains of the fleet in orbit around the star which Yamato orbits.

Fall of Sol: Checkmate - In 9097 CE, it seemed like the war could not get any worse for Humanity, however, they did not expect the next move of the Rexlorian onslaught. On January 23rd, 9097, the Entirety of the Rexlorian Armada arrived in Sol and began the conquest (or reconquest from a certain point of view). Eventually, after many months of fighting, Sol finally fell to the Rexlorians, and the capital city of the Confederacy would burn. Interestingly enough, the probe that was sent by the Rexlorians all those years ago was recovered in the attack. For the rest of the war, Sol was held in captivity by the Rexlorians.

Battle of Sagittarius A: Climax - In 9191 CE, the final battle of the war occured in orbit of the central black hole of the Milky Way. This battle was a different one from the rest in that it was one of the first defeats of the Rexlorian Armada. After this battle, the fleet was called back to Rexlor while diplomats arrived in Sol to sign a peace treaty.

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