The Intergalactic Confederacy, (Not to be confused with the Intergalactic Council, a union for larger nations) was an intergalactic governing body lasting from 8017 - 22000, whose legislation presided over all minor civilizations in the Borealis Cluster. The IC was founded in 8017 by Diplomatic Chancellor Ik Klap'tuk, and the first Confederacy meeting took place in Xcathlia's Global Senate. The last Confederate Officer was Ted Willis, who originated from Mars. The Intergalactic Confederacy was comprised of many system-states and planet-states, the most influential member of which was Earth. those worlds settled by the Xcathli, and several other places. The official currency was the C-Unit.



The logo of the Intergalactic Confederacy, used since 8127.

Ik Klap'tuk, a praised diplomat, originally founded the Intergalactic Confederacy in 8017. At the time, the only two members were Xcathlia and Barr'Isha, an arrangement that was only possible due to the Xcathli's advanced technology. The former members went as follows:

After the Treaty of 8127, all remaining intergalactic leaders were brought to Xcathlia's Global Senate, where they were sworn in as new members of the Confederacy.

First Galactic War

When the First Galactic War erupted in the Milky Way, the Intergalactic Confederacy contacted the Confederacy of Borealis in the famous Ventris Conference. Together, they provided aid to the victims of war and dispatched military fighters to redirect some of the bombardments. It was predicted that without them, the Giokans would have gone extinct.

In the midst of this war, the Andromeda Uprisings were proceeding in the distant Andromeda Galaxy. From 9134 to 9167, the galaxy was being rocked with heavy bombardments. The Intergalactic Confederacy's associates informed Tar Aboth, the Confederate Officer at the time, who dispatched several military drones to contain the uprisings. It succeeded from 9137 to 9154, at which point Clospet ships dropped dangerous plasma bombs on the Eonia, the headquarters of the Intergalactic Confederacy's Andromeda Division. As a result, Tar Aboth was forced to launch the Ytricite, a doomsday weapon capable of destroying stars. It was fired at the star Micre, but redirected at the last second by Clospet fighters. It was sent to an unnamed star, where it detonated. The resulting blast could be seen 2 million light-years away, including on Xcathlia, where Tar Aboth believed it meant the end of the war. Despite the Ytricite not hitting the right target, the Clospet began to fear the potential threat of bombardment, and eventually ended the uprisings in 9167.

Full Member List (A-I)

Name Civilization Type Local Government Member Status
Ayesse Mid-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Bolga Type III None (self-governed) (former) Principal Member
Carens Late-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Ceetia Early-Type IV Republic of Rixxes Principal Member
Chata Dok"Iellweni Early-Type III None (self-governed) Principal Member
Clospet Mid-Type II None (self-governed) Supporting Member
Danuil Early-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Ehippolor Late-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Githu Late-Type II Cooperative Imperium of Spheres Supporting Member
Gitoraks Type IV None (self-governed) Principal Member
Gorvats Early-Type II Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Hakoduil Late-Type II Cooperative Imperium of Spheres Supporting Member
Horuth Mid-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Humanity Mid-Type IV Confederacy of Borealis Principal Member
Ingla Late-Type II Cooperative Imperium of Spheres Supporting Member
Iruahr Mid-Type I Confederacy of Borealis Supporting Member
Delvans Mid-Type II None (self-governed) Supporting Member

First Intergalactic War

The Intergalactic Confederacy condemned the First Intergalactic War, neglecting to take a side in the matter. They were responsible for moderating the peace talks between the Confederacy and the Alliance. Following the end of the war, all members of the Alliance were annexed to the Confederacy. Following the events of the war, the Confederacy of Borealis became more hostile with the Intergalactic Confederacy. All calmed down soon enough, however, and as of today their relations are as strong as ever.


Acting much like the old UN of planet Earth but holding more influence in smaller government affairs, the Intergalactic Confederacy was a intergovernmental organization, established to promote interspecies cooperation and goodwill. When forming the Confederacy, the inhabitants of Xcathlia and Barr'Isha looked over the many histories of the multitude of planets in order to try and establish a working government body that would be the most effective.

When humanity joined the talks in 8018, they provided their own insights and their own history, specifically that of the League of Nations and the UN. As a result of this, there are four principal organs for the Confederacy, the General Senate, the Secretariat, the Supreme Court and the Eco-Social Council. The influence for these four organs came almost directly from the UN, even their old names are practically identical.

The General Senate was the main deliberative body of the Confederacy. They are tasked with the legislation of their entire influence, creating intergalactic law. They were also tasked with the ongoing security of the many member governments.

The Security Council was a member of the senate, and was responsible for keeping the peace throughout the universe. It was led by the Confederate Officer, a civil servant elected into office by other members of the senate.

The Secretariat was the backbone of the Confederacy. Behind the scenes, they supported the other three organs by providing studies, information, and facilities needed by Senate for their meetings. It also carried out tasks as directed by the other organs. It was led by the Head Secretary who was elected by the General Senate.

The Supreme Court dealt with major disputes, such as territorial disputes, horrific war crimes, illegal state interference and many other issues. Like the Confederate Officer, the Supreme Court Judge was elected by the General Senate.

The Eco-Social Council promotes economic and social goodwill throughout all the member states. They are also responsible for balancing the currencies of every member state, as the values of each form of currency go up and down nearly constantly. The General Senate elected a president to preside over meetings of the Council.


Name Start of term End of Term Term Length
Ik Klap'tuk May 3, 8017 May 3, 8257 240 years
Mar Xi May 3, 8257 May 3, 8517 260 years
Rey Tarmara May 3, 8517 May 3, 8687 170 years
Ky Virgo May 3, 8687 May 3, 9427 740 years
Sol-Ty I May 3, 9427 May 3, 10307 880 years
Sol-Ty II May 3, 10307 May 3, 10487 180 years
Sol-Ty III May 3, 10487 May 3, 11487 1000 years
Sol-Re I May 3, 11487 May 3, 12637 1150 years
Sol-Re II May 3, 12637 May 3, 13397 760 years
Sol-Re III May 3, 13397 May 3, 14707 1310 years
Sol-Re IV May 3, 14707 May 3, 15287 580 years
Sol-Re V May 3, 15287 May 3, 16337 1050 years
Sol-Re VI May 3, 16337 May 3, 17307 970 years
Sol-Re VII May 3, 17307 May 3, 19947 2640 years
Sol-Re VIII May 3, 19947 May 3, 20587 640 years
Nix-Ar I May 3, 20587 May 3, 23527 2940 years
Lux-Ar I May 3, 23527 May 3, 24877 1350 years
Lux-Ar II May 3, 24877 May 3, 29587 4710 years
Lux-Ar III May 3, 29587 May 3, 32527 2940 years
Lux-Ar IV May 3, 32527 May 3, 36397 3870 years
Lux-Ar V May 3, 36397 May 3, 40947 4550 years
Lux-Ar VI May 3, 40947 May 3, 42807 1860 years
Lux-Ri I May 3, 42807 May 3, 46597 3790 years
Lux-Ri II May 3, 46597 May 3, 52517 5920 years
Nix-Ar II May 3, 52517 May 3, 54767 2250 years
Nix-Ar III May 3, 54767 May 3, 62397 7630 years
Nix-Ar IV May 3, 62397 May 3, 67997 5600 years
Nix-Ar V May 3, 67997 May 3, 73067 5070 years
Nix-Ar VI May 3, 73067 May 3, 75917 2850 years
Nix-Ar VII May 3, 75917 May 3, 85617 9700 years
Sol-Ii I May 3, 85617 May 3, 87067 1450 years
Sol-Ii II May 3, 87067 May 3, 95337 8270 years
Sol-Ii III May 3, 95337 May 3, 99997 4660 years
Sol-Ii IV May 3, 99997 present

*For all Confederate Officers since 9427, their regent name was used instead of their birth name.

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