The Krod Marauders, commonly known as The Marauders, The Terrorists, and Little K, are a pirate nation comprised of many states. These states have united over the past few millennia in order to spread the act of terrorism and piracy.

The Marauders are most infamous for committing mass acts of terrorism, especially to the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth did not take to kindly to this, and promptly declared war on the annoyances. This led to many embarrassing Commonwealth defeats, but also the total destruction of countless Krodian colonies. This has left The Marauders hostile to the superpowers of the Borealis Cluster.

The Marauders take claim to roughly 7,734 galaxies, with many colonies expanding outward, almost like a tumor. With the great rate of expansion, The Krodians, along with their many allies have decided to form an alliance. This alliance, called The Band, has their own currency called the A-Credit. They also have great hubs for travel, located near the borders of the Outer Nations.

Currently, The Marauders are at the cusp of reverse-engineering many Commonwealth debris left over from The Outer Wars. If this is completed, many prototype weapons will be instituted into their military, granting them much more power. Cleanup programs are being put into effect to prevent or slow this.

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