The Neo-Terran Intergalctic Hegemony Military

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony's military is a highly organized, highly romanticized force that is the backbone of Neo-Terran society as a whole. Since its formation in the early 25th Millennium, It has steadily grown to be the seventh strongest military in the universe.

Ship Types

The Neo-Terran fleet is made up of countless ship designs, each with their own unique purpose in the general scheme of the fleet.

Key: name (Size) [crew]

  • T3 Mothership (1200 KM) [400,000]
  • T2 Mothership (500 KM) [150,000]
  • T1 Mothership (100 KM) [25,000]
  • Heavy Titan (10000M) [2,800]
  • Titan (5000M) [2,000]
  • Flagship (2000M) [500]
  • Deadnaught (1500M) [350]
  • Heavy Battleship (1000M) [200]
  • Carrier (1000M) [300]
  • Battleship (600M) [120]
  • Heavy Cruiser (300M) [70]
  • Light Cruiser (310M) [70]
  • Destroyer (200M) [40]
  • Frigate (120M) [15]
  • Stealth Ship (50M) [5]
  • Corvette (70M) [5]
  • Light Corvette (50M) [2]
  • Transport ship (10KM) [1,000,000 troops]

Stealth Ships

Stealth ships are the real life equivalent to space submarines. Using state of the art technology, these ships use chameleon fields and sensor deflectors to remain unseen on ship radars. Each fleet in the Neo-Terran Military has at least one of these handy ships to scout possible threats to the greater fleet.


Motherships are planets and moons that have been hijacked to be used as mobile bases for larger fleets. In effect, they are mobile fortresses that can repair and reinforce ships during wars and battles. Due to its planetary nature, these ships cannot really be destroyed, but rather invaded and captured.

Patrol Fleets

Patrol Fleets are the backbone of the Neo-Terran Military force. Without them, all of the neo-terran worlds would fall into anarchy and disarray. Making up the vast majority of the Neo-terran fleet, Patrols are the first defense against Xenos, Rebels and Pirates.

Galactic Lead Patrol

Frontier galaxies owned by the Neo-terrans contain at least one of these large fleets to help discourage rebels, outside invaders and pirates. When a planets more local defense fleet cannot handle the threat it is dealing with, the galactic lead Patrol may step in and remove the threat.

Ships within a Galactic Patrol fleet

  • 1 Flagship
  • 10 Dreadnaughts
  • 35 Heavy Battleships
  • 65 Carriers
  • 200 Battleships
  • 450 Heavy Cruisers
  • 500 Light Cruisers
  • 1,200 Destroyers
  • 3,000 Frigates
  • 120 Stealth ships
  • 7,000 Corvettes
  • 20,000 Light Corvettes

Rural World Patrol Fleet

Rural world patrol fleets are by far the smallest patrol fleets. Only guarding planets with minuscule populations, the only real purpose of rural world patrol fleets is to ward off pirates.

Ships within a Rural World Patrol Fleet.

  • 1 Destroyer
  • 4 Frigates
  • 1 Stealth Ship
  • 10 Corvettes
  • 30 Light Corvettes

Industrial World patrol

Industrial World patrol fleets are the fleets that defend industrial worlds. They mostly make sure the working population on the planet stays in check.

Ships within a Industrial World Patrol fleet

  • 1 Heavy Cruiser
  • 2 Light Cruisers
  • 5 Destroyers
  • 25 Frigates
  • 1 Stealth ship
  • 50 Corvettes
  • 120 Light Corvettes

Urban World Patrol fleet

The Urban world patrol fleet mostly serves to fend off pirates and rebels as well as comfort the large population living there. Urban world patrol fleets commonly assist nearby industrial and rural patrol fleets if a problem becomes to big to handle with the local fleet.

Urban World Patrol Fleet Ships

  • 1 Carrier
  • 2 Battleships
  • 6 Heavy Cruisers
  • 15 Light Cruisers
  • 25 Destroyers
  • 40 Frigates
  • 2 Stealth Ships
  • 120 Corvettes
  • 300 Light Corvettes

Assault Fleets

Fleet 001

Fleet 001 Is the core assault fleet In the Neo-Terran Hegemony. This fleet is feared by all enemies of the Hegemony, as it alone could occupy entire galaxies. Fleet 001 usually is garrisoned at Fortress 001, where ships are continuously constructed and added to the growing pool of ships.

Fleet 001 Ships

  • 100 T3 Motherships
  • 250 T2 Motherships
  • 700 T1 Motherships
  • 2,500 Heavy Titans
  • 7,000 Titans
  • 20,000 Flagships
  • 55,000 Dreadnoughts
  • 120,000 Heavy Battleships
  • 200,000 Carriers
  • 550,000 Battleships
  • 1,150,000 Heavy Cruisers
  • 1,570,000 Light Cruisers
  • 2,900,000 Destroyers
  • 5,000,000 Frigates
  • 10,000 Stealth Ships
  • 12,000,000 Corvettes
  • 50,000,000 Light Corvettes

Expeditionary fleets

Expeditionary fleets are the fleets the Neo-terrans use to fight offensive wars with. There are currently 100 Expeditionary fleets, each crewed with the most elite of crewmen. It is every cadets dream to become a member of an expeditionary fleet when they graduate; as it is the most honorable position in the military. These fleets are the ones on the front lines, and experience the most combat. Expeditionary fleets are called in as a last resort if even Galactic patrol fleets cant extinguish a threat. List of Expeditionary fleets

Expeditionary fleet ships

  • 10 T3 Motherships
  • 20 T2 Motherships
  • 40 T1 Motherships
  • 200 Heavy Titans
  • 1,000 Titans
  • 2,500 Flagships
  • 5,000 dreadnoughts
  • 12,000 Heavy Battleships
  • 30,000 Carriers
  • 100,000 Battleships
  • 150,000 Heavy Cruisers
  • 200,000 Light Cruisers
  • 1,000,000 Destroyers
  • 2,500,000 Frigates
  • 1,000 Stealth Ships
  • 5,000,000 Corvettes
  • 10,000,000 Light Corvettes

Transport Ship Escorts

When a planet is too well defended to be taken by just an expeditionary fleet, a transport ship escort is called in to bring troops to land on the resisting planet. The vulnerability of these ships require that a large escort is present when transporting armies.

Transport ship Escort Ships

  • 5 Transport Ships
  • 3 Dreadnoughts
  • 10 Heavy Battleships
  • 15 Carriers
  • 50 Battleships
  • 120 Heavy Cruisers
  • 200 Light Cruisers
  • 100 Destroyers
  • 300 Frigates
  • 1 Stealth Ship
  • 100 Corvettes
  • 400 Light Corvettes

Defense armies

Defense armies are crucial to keeping order on frontier worlds, and a last resort when the planets parent fleet is destroyed. While not the most exciting job in the Neo-terran military, it is still regarded with high honor.

Defense Garrisons

Rural Planets: 1,000 troops

Industrial Planets: 50,000 troops

Urban Planets: 1,000,000 troops

(These Planet types are based off the Neo-Terran Caste System)

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