The Red Spot is a restaurant franchise located only on Jupiter's floating cities. It's named after Jupiter's once famous Great Red Spot.


The Red Spot is one of the most successful restaurants in the FUSS due to its scarcity and promise to the customers to fly underneath the Great Red Spot. As the FUSS expanded, so did the menu. The restaurants are all located on floating cities which are either near the old site of the spot, or ones that are near massive storms themselves.


Logo of their largest location.

The house special varies from week to week, but for the most part the special is some sort of terrestrial or extraterrestrial seafood of some sort. The Red Spot is also one of the last remaining restaurants which serve ancient Earth fast food meals and drinks.

All of the locations are placed near the edge of the floating cities in which they set up a restaurant with a grande view of Jupiter's massive cloudy landscapes. Despite the allure of viewing the Great Red Spot from afar or within, the restaurant has been able to hold its own with the quality of its food alone. The current entry fee is 13 C-Units.


The Red Spot Menu is varied from human to alien foods.

Ancient Fast Food Specials

Take a blast back to the 20th century! These ancient fatty foods have been famous for its unique tastes. Even the same deep-fry technology from the ancient days are used in preparation of these foods!

The varieties of these foods are:

Pizzas: 10 C-Units/Pizza, 1 C-Unit/Slice

Try the local Deep Dish, the precursor New Yorkie thin crust, or even authentic Italian tastes! These pizzas are infamous for its great taste, and origination. Vegan alternatives are also available! (WARNING: Do not consume in excess, or if you are concerned for your health!)

Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers: 2 C-Units for hamburgers, 2.1 for cheeseburgers.

Once a staple food from the bygone United States of America, The Jovian Hamburger is a marvelous treat for anybody's lunch! With the advances of technology, these burgers are now gourmet, and better than ever, with the same signature taste! Vegan alternatives are also available!

Hot Dogs: 1 C-Unit

These once cheap and mass produced foods have been revived into a delicious treat for any meat lover! The old qualities of this meal have since been refurbished to be of a classic German sausage, being very tasty! Vegan alternatives are also available!

Exotic Zythyn Foods

With Zythyns being the one of the most popular visitors to Jupiter, we at The Red Spot thought it would be best to serve exotic Zythyn foods, prepared by our 5-Star Chefs!

The varieties of these foods are:

Xlin'Tak Fruit: 3,000-200,000 C-Units. This rare specialty is picked from the grounds of Hol'Usk! It is cut up, purified, and prepared by our chefs straight to your platter. The expensive price is worth it, with consumers noting it to be the most delectable fruit that they have ever tried! Samples can be tried for 100 C-Units, one time only.

Bulotoqla Tentacles: 10-50 C-Units. Once a threat to all Zythyn life, these well-aged tentacles from the former hostile Bulotoqla have been seasoned and cooked to perfection. Do not worry, as these animals have since been tamed on rural fields and butchered humanely, for the highest quality of meat.

Shevin Cuisine

For our Shevin visitors, we have prepared a number of Edanaian food that folks from the Shev'ra are guaranteed to enjoy. These foods include:

Samoya Fruit Combo: Grown freshly from Ginta trees in our gardens, these Edanaian fruits are known for their juicy taste that is sure to put a smile on our Shevin customers. They are also compatible for a human's digestive system so come on down and get a taste of what Edana has to offer! Samoya Combos are only 5 C-units!


Red spot logo

Very first logo.

With rising tourism rates in the Jovian System as well as the terraforming of the Galilean moons, many enterprising entrepreneurs tried to cash in on the growing popularity of the gas giant and its moons. One man was named Harold Forde. He came from a family which owned TerraFoods, a food dispensary company back on Earth and wanted to expand his company, so when a restaurant on Zeus closed, he purchased the location and opened his first Red Spot on March 12, 3320, on his 40th birthday.

It only took a few years before the popularity of the restaurant to take off. Soon Forde had bought a larger restaurant location on the other side of the city and had opened up his second store. By the time Forde retired at 120, he had eight restaurants open in many of the major floating cities on Jupiter.

In 3561 The Red Spot company began construction on its own floating city, named Jove City. Not only did they open many different franchise locations within the city, but the city held The Red Spot's headquarters as well as the largest museum on Jupiter's history as well as that of The Red Spot.

Currently there are over 70,000 locations spread across the planet's floating cities, with its first location still open.

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