The Redshift Problem is the name given to the fact that the universe is growing at an exponential rate. Every single point of empty space is floating away from each other at a faster speed, 1 given area becoming two, two becoming four, four to eight, and so on. Due to this fact, galaxies have been forming into clusters of hundreds of millions or so that are all but vaguely reachable to one another, albeit with extreme difficulty. This is growing easier the closer they come to one another.

As a result of this fact, within only a few thousand years, the universe at large may realize the space beyond their given cluster-bundle is growing dim and fading from reach. As a result, the universes space, albeit not necessarily resources, are indeed finite with an expanding population. This explains why Cluster Portals have been invented. This then lead to The War for All, and many other extra-boreal events.

As the species of this smaller space see the dim galaxies beyond and the infinite void between, and understand what shall happen if they fail, It gives many great grief and determination. Within the void between each cluster, isolated places being thrust back into the main realms of each given pocket, with technologies gone in an entirely different direction since they exited.

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