The Intergalactic Republic, commonly referred to as just The Republic, is a completely isolated civilization that resides in Wild Space.


Craving a state of isolation, in 9648 CE a group of 100,000 explorers set out into Wild Space. After months of travel, they found a galaxy 17.88 GLY from the Milky Way. Ever since settling, the Republic has been expanding and growing in strength.


The Republic is located in galaxy RG 0-7-1466699-1468 (Version, which is also known as Republic Galaxy. The capital planet of the Republic is known as Terras. The Republic's existence is completely unknown to the Confederacy.


The Republic operates under a social democracy. Decisions are made through popular vote, though the General of the Republic may make decisions without the need for a vote and may also override the popular vote if necessary. If the people of the Republic feel that the General is unfit for duty or is corrupt, they may start a petition of impeachment. When the petition reaches 5 billion signatures, a popular vote is held in which the people can vote to keep the General or remove him. If the vote succeeds, the General is removed from office and a new one is elected. If the vote fails, a new petition may not be started after a minimum of 5 years.


Flag of the Republic

The government of the Republic is not in contact with any of the governments from the Milky Way or surrounding galaxies because of its extreme isolation. This proves beneficial to the Republic, allowing for rapid, uninhibited expansion with a lower risk of large-scale war. Their isolation has allowed the Republic to mostly focus on technological advancement and expansion instead of diplomacy and military growth.

The Republic's isolation has also brought their society together in a way unseen in other civilizations and has allowed for culture to flourish. Without much threat from other empires, the Republic has maintained a healthy, stable relationship with its populace. The people of the Republic are very happy and they feel enlightened with all of the expansion and discoveries that they have made and continue to make.



Three Republic Cruisers on patrol.

The Republic's military holds control of its territories, and is generally moderately sized. Usually, it does not need to be much larger as the Republic is very isolated and rarely comes in contact with other civilizations, though in times of major conflict it may expanded into a war machine. Most of the civilizations that the Republic encounters are tiny and peaceful, and many of them gladly join the Republic. The military of the Republic acts as a peacekeeping force most of the time.


The Republic is heavily inspired by the government of the same name from Star Wars. The Jedi Order's symbol is in the flag of the Republic. The Republic also uses ships from Star Wars, most notably the Venator-Class Star Destroyer, used by Star Wars' own Republic.

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