The Rexlorian Central Database, or R.C.D., is the largest known source of knowledge in Rexlorian Space. Based primarily on Rexlor, it holds many things that Humanity has yet to even see. Really for any race to see of course. Humanity does have access to some of the Database, of course, due to it's alliance with the Rexlorians. Strangely, the Database also has Sarcasm built in. Other notes include that it reads the articles for you in any desired language.

Articles on Human Culture


Cultural Assessment #1 - Music: Humans have a very strange way of expressing themselves in their music in recent times. From what we know, Humanity enjoys some kind of strange music genre known as "Rave", as well as "Heavy Metal" and "Electronic Music". We do know that from the dawn of Human Civilization to the mid 20th century, a different type of music was enjoyed. We believe that it is very similar to our own preference of music, which they call "classical music". What has gotten into these creatures, that they think buzzing and loud electronic sounds are music.


Cultural Assessment #2 - Art: Human Art is interesting, to say the least. Until the mid 20th century, Human Art conveyed a message, and some of it still does, of course. However, now, anything you make is considered art. (Human Culture is so strange.) We do enjoy some of the art they made, at least the art that is meaningful. Perhaps it is a tactic of some kind. We do not know, and we do not care.


Cultural Assessment #3 - Religion: Human Religion is, for the most part, ridiculous. Most of it has no basis in fact. One does not explain how the Universe was created! Who can believe that!? Of course, there has to be one that makes sense, right? Well, yes. A Religion known as Christianity, oh and maybe some of Judaism, actually makes sense. In fact, the current Emperor is considering converting to Christianity! Okay, back to the topic at hand. There are many Religions on Earth/Terra, only one makes any sense, and a few actually have a large following outside of Confederacy Space.One religion called Hinduism makes some sense.They believe there are infinite univeses created by god and they live on one of them.

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