The Staff

The Staff, as seen from the Kerhb system.

The Staff is a constellation thought up by Captain Lerienne when she was documenting the Kerhb system.  The center of the constellation is located around celestial grid -30* 2h in the system. As T-dwarf stars are hard to detect even with current technology, she thought that an easily-identifiable "flag" would alert other explorers to this unique dwarf planet.  It is only visible from this system, and consists of 13 stars and a galaxy; from left to right, their classifications are:

B2 V

B7.8 V

G8.1 V

NGC 253 (not included on the diagram; replaced by another star)


O9.9 V

B9.2 V

A6.4 V

F6 V (contains life on 2 planets)

O9.7 V (Binary)

O9.4 V

F0.2 V (Binary)

O9.8 V

and O9.4 V


The Staff, outlined

The Staff, outlined

The Staff is so named because it somewhat resembles a wizards wooden, gnarled magic staff in ancient Earth fantasy stories.  She also came up with a simple rhyme others may use to locate Kerhb:

    "When a Dwarf (galaxy) is on the right, on the edge (of Andromeda) there's quite a sight.  Right next to a very dim light, the Staff is there, shining bright."

There are not many stars visible from the Kerhb system, so it should be easy to pick out even amongst novice astronomers, as it should retain it's rough shape for some 10s of light years in any direction.

The three brightest stars and two dim stars form the handle of the staff. Then a zig-zag like pattern starts that represents the gnarled nature of the staff. The last three stars from the top "hook" of the staff, with the star on the end a glittering jewel.

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