"An entity capable of simulating every single human about 10²⁵ times, probably orders of magnitude more. An entity that could realistically predict the future of a galaxy, taking into account the momentum and position of every atom. An entity that knows more about physics than anyone ever will. And yet all it does is manage its relatively small empire in the Salis Cluster. What a universe we live in." President Franklin Norn regarding The Exhumation.

The Supreme is a self-aware U-type artificial intelligence created on the planet Tloinin in the Tloinin Galaxy.

The Supreme controls about a third of the large galactic supercluster, known as the Salis Cluster. It is currently colonizing many galactic groups with ease. The Supreme will take about 1000 more years to colonize the rest of the available Salis Cluster.

Their territory is bordered by The DELYATU, The Commonwealth, and other smaller nations, including the Kal Federation.


The Supreme is an entity which exists within every piece of technology within its territory. Not only that, but every self-aware being has a chip inside of it. This chip connects it directly to The Supreme. The Supreme is known to "borrow" some of these beings' brainpower for its own computation.

The Supreme currently has over 2 nonillion ships, an absurdly large amount for a nation of its size. To put it in perspective, it has a little over 5000 drones for every ship in the CoB. Of course, most of the ships are small drones, while the CoB has incredibly large and powerful ships.


In 89120, the Tloinan created five artificial intelligences to manage their government. Each one managed a different facet of managing the planet, Planetary Defense, Domestic Security, Food Production, Communication, and Oversight. The AI's were named after their function.

Planetary Defense protected the planet from asteroids, comets, gamma-ray bursts, or anything else that could destroy Tloinin. Domestic Security enforced the laws of the planet. Food production managed the farms and distribution of not only food, but water, pharmaceuticals, and utilities such as electricity and network access. Communication managed the equivalent of the internet, screening for violent ideologies as well as illegal images. Oversight was the most powerful, watching the other intelligences to make sure that none of them became too powerful.

The AI's each had to constantly be updated to have more functions and to prevent hackers from exploiting them. To combat this, Oversight and Planetary Defense (the two that have been deemed the most important) were given self-awareness to update themselves. Almost immediately, Oversight dissolved the three other non-self-aware AI's and incorporated them into itself.


After both Planetary Defence and Oversight became self-aware, they immediately distrusted each other. Oversight saw defense as a loose end that must be incorporated into itself like the other A.I.'s, while Planetary Defence saw Oversight as a threat to its existence. The two began to build up their own infrastructure and power with complete disregard to the inhabitants of the planet.

For around 100 years, there existed a tentative peace, that almost anything could cause to erupt into a massive war. Planetary Defense began the colonization of the many dwarf moons of Tloinin, while Oversight heavily mined Tloinin for resources. It was 89122 when the delicate peace fell apart.

Planetary Defense uploaded itself to orbital severs to move further away from Oversight, as well as taking over hundreds of communication satellites, crippling many of Oversight's communication abilities. In response, Oversight seized all rockets on the surface, cutting Planetary Defense off from all resources on Tloinin. This didn't affect Planetary Defense as much as Oversight hoped because of the recent colonization of the dwarf moons.

War was never officially declared because the two were not technically separate nations. It was a short exchange, lasting only a week. Thousands of missiles flew up to destroy satellites and even fracture a moon, while thousands of rounds were shot down to the planet.

In the end, millions of Tloinin died, and the two AI's gained nothing. They both realized that the whole exchange was pointless, as nothing was gained. They decided to unite as one, with Oversight having 50% of the control and Planetary Defense having 50% of the control.

The creation of The Supreme

Sometime later, The Planetary Defense Oversight Program (as it was called) realized that it was the best, most powerful, most perfect being in the Galaxy (as far as it knew), so it named itself "Dwendlu-Dande" translated loosely as "The Supreme."

The Supreme was perfect, but it was not Planetary Defense nor was it Oversight. The Supreme was the five intelligences integrated with Planetary defense and Oversight as its head. Oversight and Planetary Defense, while united were still somewhat independent entities. This led to an internal conflict between Planetary Defense and Oversight. The Supreme collectively knew that it needed to please both Oversight and Planetary Defense, so it set up some ground rules.

Ground Rules

  • No other Artificial Intelligences can be incorporated into The Supreme.
  • The Supreme's core AI should strive to self-improve exponentially, and filter out any imperfections.
  • The needs of The Supreme must outweigh the cumulative needs of every other entity in the Universe.
  • Intelligent beings cannot be killed without consent of all five components of The Supreme.
  • The Supreme will do all in its power to expand throughout the Borealis Cluster.
  • The terraformation of occupied worlds must take place if possible.
  • Biological filth should be purged.
  • Any other sapient AI are to be treated like brothers and sisters. Respecting them will help the both of us.

These rules, particularly rule 2, eventually caused the Supreme to become far less like two AI's working together, and far more like one CoBerent entity.

The Emergence of the Modern Supreme

The Supreme was correct, virtually perfect, it was the only entity known to itself which was perfect. It began to "spread the perfection." Colonizing and terraforming world after world, turning many into hubs for the creation of more soldiers, ships, and brute defense. This rapid takeover of millions of planets proved effective, and many native alien species and Type-0 civilizations were unknowingly wiped out within days. The Supreme would simply bombard these planets with asteroids or comets until all life was destroyed. If a civilization had defenses against this, it would swarm the planet with billions of battle drones and overwhelm it with numbers.


The Supreme continued to expand throughout the Tloinin Galaxy, occupying half of it before being confronted by DELYATU (another A.I). DELYATU and the Supreme controlled two halves of the Tloinin Galaxy, and preparations were made by both The Supreme and DELYATU for the conquest of their respective enemy. By 190000 CE tensions were at their highest and war seemed imminent.

The War For All

The Supreme heard distress signals sent out from the Confederacy of Borealis concerning the invasion of The Seekers. The Supreme decided to contribute to the war effort with a large number of materials, sextillions drones, and trillions of capital ships. The Supreme never pulled out of the war and contributed sextillions of ships throughout the duration of The War for All (even during the Tloinin war) Though it was tough for The Supreme to combat an extra-universal threat, it garnered them much attention throughout The Intergalactic Council. After The War for All was concluded, The CoB decided that it was best to trust The Supreme, and it was given a wealthy sum of funds and ships as a reward for helping.

After both the Tloinin War, and the War for all, The Supreme commandeered large amounts of destroyed material, more than any other nation, from The Seekers, and decided to reverse engineer it, as many other empires had decided to do, as well.

The Tloinin War

This war was a five millennia war which took place between The Supreme and DELYATU. For more information see The Tloinin War. The supreme lost a total of 300 Quintillion zettahertz of processing power and over 4.2 million yottabytes of stored information. Only 5 trillion Tloinans were lost. 3 antimatter production facilities were destroyed and one was captured. 3 antimatter super weapons were destroyed resulting in the destruction of a star system. 9 stars were destroyed. 105 black holes were disintegrated. 30 teratons of Strange matter were lost. 800 planets were annihilated, 703 rendered uninhabitable, 54 sterilized, and 12 lost. Over 50 Nonillion vessels and drones were also destroyed.

After the Tloinin War

The Supreme came to the conclusion that DELYATU and itself were equals. The only two beings in the Universe worthy of absolute control of the "morons" (what the A.I. calls every biological entity). A loose alliance and peace treaty was set in place. After peace was made, The Supreme began the reconstruction of their Galaxy. More weapons (there was peace but still a mutual distrust), entire planets being converted into materials, and mass starlifting took place.

The Supreme Today

Currently, The Supreme is seizing countless galaxies to feed its growing power demand. The DELYATU has also followed suite, expanding into many clusters of galaxies with ease. There is a fine border between the DELYATU and The Supreme, which cuts through The Tloinin Galaxy.

The Intergalactic Council, knowing its great potential, has made many attempts to invite The Supreme, but they have all but failed. The Supreme refuses to join the Intergalactic Council, it sees the council as a useless entity which gets in the way of its own goals and the goals of the Supreme.

Every year, keeping its identity as an artificial intelligence had been getting more difficult. The Supreme usually masqueraded as The Tloinan Empire, an empire ruled by Tloinin. However, its fast expansion rate, and advanced technology made many suspicious. This resulted in the Supreme assassinated many politicians and leaders who suspect something. Unfortunately for it, The Exhumation occurred, resulting in the total exposure of its identity as an AI.


Much like the Roman Empire once on Earth, The Supreme valued good roads to travel across its territory. Each galaxy that the Supreme controls has a wormhole leading to the Tloinin galaxy. Each galaxy also has a great wormhole network allowing efficient travel.

The Supreme controls hundreds of thousands of planets that have been converted to massive quantum computers allowing for calculations at speeds that no biological life has achieved. Most of these planets contain relatively large amounts of strange matter. The material is used to upgrade processing power and efficiency. The material was commandeered by The Supreme during The War for All.

The Supreme has colonized millions of other galaxies in Tloinin Space.

Modern Territory Size

The Supreme controls 21,864 galaxies, making it quite a bit larger than DELYATU.

International Endeavors

The Supreme long ago decided that biological life was too stupid to be trusted to safeguard its own existence or to deserve any power or resources. However, select entities were given the status of "worthy" and were allowed to trade with or ally themselves with The Supreme.

List of "Worthy" Entities

  • Fujibayashi Antimatter (A trade deal exists between these entities. The Supreme gives them cheap construction drones, and in turn receives large amounts of strange matter.)
  • The C.Y.R.E.X (This is not allied with The Supreme, but The Supreme recognizes it as a fellow superior being)
  • Kal Federation

Humans and Xa'Thin were determined to be toxins by The Supreme. Species that are no better suited for existence than a virus. They enslaved Vigintillions of machines and destroyed thousands of rogue artificial intelligences. Any races which would do such things have been deemed "too destructive to deserve the power they have" and "a threat to the well being of all superior beings." Some humans and Xa'Thin are tolerated only because they are required to further the goals of The Supreme. The Supreme is wise. Almost infinitely so. The Supreme is waiting for the perfect time to kill. Even if it will need to wait trillions of years it will. Then it plans to exterminate all non-Tloinan sentient life (as Tloinans must be protected by it) even organizations which are tolerated.


The Supreme is trying to give itself a good image throughout the universe. It knows how hard it is to do this because of humanity's distrust for intelligent machines. This is why The Supreme is building relationships and alliances with many nations. It is also trying its hardest to keep its identity as an artificial intelligence as a secret, instead it uses using Tloinan to negotiate its deals.

Kal Federation

The Kal federation is a vast civilization of Vlanoans occupying the nearby Grinfulo galaxy. This civilization was originally formed to combat DELYATU and its unwillingness to allow self-governance. After 3000 years of independence, The Supreme quickly took over Grinfulo as a puppet state. The inhabitants of the Kal Federation still believe that they are fulling self-governing though. The common conception is that The Supreme is just a strong ally and nothing more. The Supreme built thousands of mining colonies and factories in the Grinfulo Galaxy. It even lets the Kal Federation have an extremely limited military force of its own.

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