The Sentinels were a collection of one thousand large robotic entities created by the Euphorion in the Aeschylus Arm and Dryas Cloud of the Ambrosia Galaxy that take the appearance of various humanoid forms all based around the deities of the Euphorion. They existed from 2,900,000,000 BCE to 2,898,000,000 BCE.


The Sentinels are an absolute marvel of technology from a forgotten era. Created by the Euphorion, a late type two intelligent species native to the Ambrosia Galaxy in 2,900,000,000 BCE. They served as massive robotic soldiers and protectors for their aforementioned creators. They by far hold the title as the most technologically impressive and famous creations of the Euphorion, as well as one of the most famous artificial entities in the larger Ambrosia Galaxy as a whole.

They were created to combat the Etymology's encroaching in the Euphorion's territory in the two respective galactic regions they held control over in a conflict known as the: "Sentinel Wars", for obvious reasons. Which it proved to be fairly successful in, blocking the Etymology's expansion in the Aeschylus Arm and Dryas Cloud for around two million standard years. However after Mystara managed to infect almost the entire Euphorion population, in 2,898,000,017 BCE, it didn't really matter much.

Each Sentinel was given a unique design based on the thousand deities of the Euphorion's: "Faith of the Thousand" religion, and therefore, a unique set of abilities and purpose in the battlefield. As such, it is hard to pinpoint exact constants throughout the Sentinels, as each respective one was as different as night is to day. However they do share many certainties throughout their overall design philosophy such as the metal used in their creation, why and how they were created; Et cetera.

They proved to be quite the military asset to multiple different civilizations, with the Euphorion coming first of course. Followed by the Etymology. Then the C.Y.R.E.X. And finally the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, as they would change hands fairly often, with several type 2 civilizations holding control over a single sentinel.

Now, the vast majority of Sentinels are now under the control of the C.Y.R.E.X A.I hive mind after it destroyed the Etymology in 604,000,000 BCE, with the almost the remainder being inoperative. However, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems have managed to find thirteen still operable and in tact, and as such, they now employ them as a military asset.


Their appearance varies from each individual Sentinel but they all seem to be modeled after the various Gods of the Euphorion's: "Faith of the Thousand" religion, with each Sentinel representing their own respective deity. And due to the various Gods all possessing a humanoid form in one way or another, so do the Sentinels. Though this was in contrast to the actual physical form of their creators. This was made so for more of a symbolic reason rather then any sort of functional purpose.

The physical structure is made from a very strong and strangely exclusive metal native to planet Sancta-Nostra known as: "Novumium". The planet was so full of the materiel that the core of Sancta-Nostra was almost made entirely of the metal. Novumium is extremely durable, so much so that it is neigh-indestructible, causing the Sentinels themselves to be practically indestructible as well. However extreme amounts of either heat or cold is known to make the molecules of the metal break apart, making them easily destructible through atmospheric heating methods.

Within the structure is a vast network of millions of miniature cables and wires in an interconnecting system to link the various electrical impulses needed to operate the main Sentinel structure. Though these wires were extremely thin, with them being practically invisible to the naked eye, they had an immense tensile strength thanks to them being constructed from the same metal as the main structure.

At the center of the Sentinel's structure is its power core, which is a miniature controlled super-nova to produce the vast amounts of energy needed for the Sentinel to operate itself. These power cores typically last around one standard month before needing to be replaced with a new one due to the extreme amounts of energy needed.

The massive size of the Sentinels was chosen more as an aesthetic decision, to show off the incredible technological might the Eupohrions had to their adversaries, rather then serving any kind of functional purpose. In fact, one can recognize that the massive size of the Sentinels is a hindrance, as it takes extreme amounts of energy to operate, as well as leaving it as a bigger target for attackers. However their massive size benefited them in their overall defense, strength, and intimidation factor.

Across the Sentinel's main structure are thousands of weapons from various firearms of plasma or hard-light composition, to various explosive devices that can deploy from any part of the Sentinel's body. As well as thousands of remotely controlled drone weaponry, making a single Sentinel operate as a one entity army.

On the structure's back are large rockets and warp propulsion jets, allowing the Sentinel limited interstellar travel. This allowed them to be deployed to worlds that ere under threat from Etymology invasion, much to their dismay.

The sight and hearing range of a Sentinel was extremely impressive. The max range an individual Sentinel could see was up to fifteen light-years out, and this was due to specific telescopes implanted across the entire Sentinel's structure, allowing it to see the aforementioned distance in all directions. While it was able to hear across whatever celestial body they were standing on through long range sensory scanners.

Whenever a Sentinel receives any form of damage, it would have to wait to be repaired by their handlers. However due to the extreme durability of Novumium, they would very rarely receive any form of damage, and if they did it would be negligible at best.

They lacked any ability to speak, but due to their nature, speech wasn't really a concern of the Euphorions. Instead, if a Sentinel needed to inform their handlers of, the on board computer systems would send any information that was deemed abnormal by itself.

Technology and Behavior

The technology of the Sentinels is rather mundane compared to the other notably pieces of technology housed in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It's not comprised of billions of nano-machines that can reshape themselves like the Vade or the Ringvarite. It's not a complex A.I that can think independently and is practically alive. Instead, it's built more like your typical space ship, or any kind of vehicle for that matter.

While it does possess a limited artificial intelligence, which it has just for self preservation purposes, it lacks any form of drive to act independently to what it's order to do, requiring a separate individual to direct it towards the various tasks they want it to preform. This control can be enhanced even further by taking direct control of the Sentinel, making them massive and powerful drones.

While they lack any form of higher brain function, they all seem to share the behavioral trait of wanting to be around other individuals, and they seem to enjoy standing over large cities, watching the various inhabitants as they go about their daily lives. This is most likely due to the inborn programming of wishing to protect the species of those who control it.


The history of the Sentinels begins with the creation of the Nova Sentinel in 2,900,000,000 BCE in response to the Etymology's continuing encroachment on the territory the Euphorion had in the Aeschylus Arm and the Dryas Cloud, along with various other pieces of military technology. Once created, the Nova Sentinel was sent to various Etymology colonies, completely destroying them, demonstrating the Euphorion's technological might and starting the Sentinel Wars.

During the war, hundreds of more sentinels would be constructed, numbering in a thousand in total at their peak. However during the war, around twelve would be rendered inoperable. They proved to be quite the asset, with them trading victories with the Etymology where they would've failed otherwise.

Eventually, the war would begin the wear on the Etymology's patience. Thus, Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorties, would concoct a devise that could embed itself in the technology Euphorion was integrating themselves within, which in turn would infect them with a deadly virus. As a result, she would create the: "Euphorion's Bane" in 2,898,000,017 BCE. The aforementioned virus would quickly spread amongst the entire Euphorion species, killing many of them. The Etymology would offer an antidote to the deadly virus if they would lay down their arms and surrender their various worlds and resources to them. At first they remained steadfast and continued to fight the best they could, but eventually they had to give in to their demands and concede.

After the Euphorion's defeat, all of their worlds, colonies, peoples, and resources they controlled would fall under the Etymology's Dominion, and as such, so did the Sentinels. At first, the Sentinels would receive very little use. However as the Etymology famously got involved in numerous conflicts, they would be used in the field. The most notable fact of when the Etymology had control over them would be that Skorne, One of the Ten Supreme Authorities, would grow quite fond of the Imperius Sentinel due to its demonic appearance. Thus, he would often transfer his consciousness into the Sentinel and often fight in battles himself.

Once the C.Y.R.E.X attacked the Etymology during the Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE, one hundred more Sentinels would be indirectly rendered inoperable due to the atmospheric heating method of its attack. However, the vast majority of the Sentinels would be taken by the A.I, placing them in its artificial consciousness.

Much later, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would find thirteen operable Sentinels, left marooned in various locations and in various points in time, nicknaming them the: "Thirteen Sentinels". Once discovered, they would become quite the military asset for the intragalatic state, with them being one of the main reasons they were able to defeat the Serpentine Empire in the Serpentine Wars.

The Thirteen Sentinels

Monotheism: The Sentinel of Protection

Monotheism is the Sentinel of Protection, and as such, its design is to resemble the mythological art of the ancient deity created by the Euphorions. Its creation has been dated back to 2,899,570,410 BCE, during the ongoing conflicts against the aforementioned species and the Etymology.

Its appearance is likened to a wooden figurine, often used by artists to assist in the recreation of vague humanoid figures in their works of art. On its arms are two large wing like appendages that are used to encircle adjacent structures and various other objects it wishes to protect, making the wings take the bunt of the damage rather than the aforementioned object. During the Sentinel Wars, it was used as a giant walking shield, jumping in front of incoming attacks against other Sentinels and or cities.

It would be discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 28,907 CE set adrift in the vast Mid Arm. How or why it was put in that position, or how it was even operable isn't well understood. Regardless, it would be taken by the Ambrosia Alliance and be reprogrammed to serve them thanks to the Department of Etymology Technological Research. It then became the respective Sentinel of Humans in the Ambrosia Alliance and is currently housed on planet Haven.

Laniatum: The Sentinel of Aggression

Laniatum is the Sentinel of Aggression and it really shows. Its overall design philosophy was based on ancient depictions of the Euphorion's deity named Laniatum, the god of Aggression. It was created in 2,899,790,000 BCE in the Sentinel Wars.

Its appearance is similar to a medieval knight from the respective Dark Ages of Humans, similar to the Templars. On its chest is one large barrel cannon which, when fired, releases a powerful explosion thirty thousand times more destructive then an atom bomb. Its function on the battlefield was to cause as much damage as it possibly could in one move.

It would be discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 78,980 CE, wandering the desert wastes of planet Iarum. Once discovered, they managed to reprogram it to serve the Ambrosia Alliance. It fittingly became the respective Sentinel of the Ugnara and is currently housed on Urgutu.

Dimittetur: The Sentinel of Forgiveness

Dimittetur is the Sentinel of Forgiveness, and, though the name doesn't really fit with its function as a weapon, it is designed to resemble the Euphorion Goddess of Forgiveness. It was created in 2,889,216,710 BCE during the Sentinel Wars.

Its appearance is modeled after the respective Euphorion goddess of Forgiveness, with a bit of an ironic twist to it due to a forgiving deity being used as a weapon. Regardless, its overall appearance resembles a large angelic woman adorned in massive robes. On its back are two large wings that do not seem to serve any functional purpose. While on its arms are large incendiary cannons that allow it to shoot out flames at impressively high amounts of volume. Its purpose on the battlefield was large crowd control.

Its discovery would be made in 80,009 CE, when the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovered the moon of Illi, where it was marooned on. Once discovered, it would also undergo reprogramming and would be made to serve the Ambrosia Alliance. It then became the respective Sentinel for the Capi-Oblivione and is currently housed on Et-Nos

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