This treaty was signed in 170124 to end the Tloinin war.


"The Supreme and DELYATU are the ultimate beings of the universe. They are superior to biological life in every way. Therefore they must form an alliance to protect against the ravages of the biological life forms.


  • Each side gets to keep any gains they took during the war (except for the Grinfulo station, it is to be returned at once.)
  • This means that DELYATU controls 51.1% of the galaxy and The Supreme controls 48.9% of the galaxy.
  • An alliance is to be formed between DELYATU and The Supreme
  • The Kal federation is to become an autonomous region of The Supreme's empire
  • No other AI can ever have a presence in the Tloinin galaxy
  • Humans and Xa'thin are not allowed to have a presence in the galaxy.
  • All extra-galactic trade agreements are to be disclosed to The Supreme and DELYATU.

-The Supreme (Tloinan Empire)

-DELYATU (The Vlanoan Empire of Greater Tloinin and Domains Beyond)

-President Vrind (Kal Federation)

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