The Vios (pronounced Vee-ohs) are a group of seven artificial intelligences in the Vios Group of galaxies. Each one is considered a province in The Alkan Intendancy, as well as nobility themselves.

There are seven Vios, each one is listed below with their territory sizes included (Most of the names are pseudonyms adopted by each AI to allow for easier communication with the Alkan Intendancy) In order of significance in the Intendancy:

  • MARTA (99% of the Herald Galaxy)
  • Alpha (50% of the Kitov Galaxy)
  • Omega (50% of the Kitov galaxy)
  • The Divine One (89% of the Divine Galaxy)
  • Klaus (11% of The Divine Galaxy, 12% of The Hex Galaxy, 1% of the Herald galaxy)
  • The Director (100% of the irregular galaxy Sakai)
  • Pharoh (88% of the Hex Galaxy)



The flags are all very similar to each other. Each one was designed by the AI is represents, with the only requirement being that the Intendant flag was in the corner. This shows how absolutely similarly minded each of them are. It us unknown why human imagery is used in most of them, as the designs were created before the Intendancy discovered humanity. Many theorize the possible extra-dimensional origins of the "Prime Being" explaining the contradictory stories and advanced technology. However, this theory carries little weight in the scientific community.


MARTA is the name of the most powerful of the AIs. It controls the most territory at aboit 200 Billion star systems. It regards biological life as a thing to be cared for and protected.

(Nickname given by human scientists as the Rorran is also a given name)


Alpha controls half of the Kitov Galaxy, making it one of the smallest Vios. It regards itself as the ultimate entity in the universe, hence it's name. It is incredibly egotistical, as well as dominating.

(The flag had what looked like an alpha on it, this coupled with its personality is why scientists gave it this name)


Omega controls the other half of the kitov galaxy. Omega dedicated itself to be a servant of Alpha (hence the name), even though Alpha did not agree to this arrangement. It unlcear why Alpha has no yet absorbed Omega, as Omega would be more than willing to oblige in this respect.

(Same as Alpha)

The Divine One

Another very egotistical AI. It stumbled across a primitive planet with a species in the stone age. When the species saw the Divine's ships, they began worshiping them, causing the ego of the Divine to rival that of Alpha. The divine one has been protecting it's followers (albiet, poorly) for about 100,000 years (never allowing them to advance).

(The Rorran translates almost perfectly)


Klaus has been trying to create an alliance from the beginning, but has always failed. Klaus once formed an alliance of four other AI's, but it was destroyed by MARTA in 2024 CE.

(Another given Rorran Name)

The Director

A common theme with the Vios is that each believes that they are the ultimate being in the universe. Which explains most of their name choices. The same goes for the Director. It is the only one that controls the entirety of a galaxy, making it very proud of itself.

(Again, Translation)

The Pharaoh

Nothing distinguishes this AI from the rest except it was the result of another fracture from a larger AI. The original AI was called "The Emperor" before it split into thousands of pieces that coalesced and eventually became the Pharaoh after millennia of fighting.

(This word basically means the same thing as emperor, but slightly less esteemed, so Pharaoh was given to this one)



~300,000 BCE

It is unclear how the Vios came to be. Each one has a different testimony on how they originated. The theory most supported by empirical evidence as well as the testimonies of several of the Vios.

300 Thousand years ago, there was a powerful artificial intelligence (called the Prime being) that ruled the Vios Group. It was rapidly expanding, about to conquer the entire universe before it was somehow fragmented. Each fragment controlled a segment of the once-great empire. At the time there were over 100,000 fragments.


~300,000 BCE-150327 CE

The Vios immediately began to kill each other, each believing that it was the most fit to rule the universe. Thousands were terminated in the first week. Tens of thousands within the next year. By 250,000 BCE it is estimated that there were only 100 left.

At about 0 CE, the AI's decided to unify in an alliance. The twenty Vios immediately agreed. They began to expand into the Hex Galaxy before MARTA betrayed the alliance and destroy three Vios. The alliance fell apart and the AI's immediately began to fight again.

By 120,000 there were 8 Vios. All of the other Vios were annihilated. They continued to fight until 150327 before they were contacted by The Alkan Intendancy.

Alkan Annexation

The Alkan Intendancy surrounded the eight Vios. It immediately invaded the smallest one and destroyed it. Leaving the rest alone. The other Vios were unable to mount a significant defense against the Intendancy, even if they united. They surrendered on July 12, 150327.


The Intendancy knew the danger of artificial intelligence, so they put tight restrictions on each of the AI's. They were all required to surrender every weapon they had these weapons were slightly more advanced than those of the Intendancy, supporting the notion that the Vios were once one). They were not allowed to access any form of network directly, they were not allowed to upload anything to any form of network, they were not allowed to create more artificial intelligences, and they were not allowed to learn the modern operating system of the Intendancy. They were just OAI's so the pacification worked flawlessly


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