The War for All (Often abbreviated to TWA, and commonly called The Fourth Intergalactic War, or The War of the Millennium) was a massive intergalactic war that lasted for over 1000 years. (between 185367 CE to 186372 CE.) The vast majority of The Borealis Cluster's nations, including the full force of The Intergalactic Council, united against the extra-boreal threat that is The Alliance of Five.

This singular war has caused more damage, casualties, and damage of every empire than almost every other war ever fought in The Borealis Cluster, combined. The sheer destruction, scientific breakthroughs, and weapons used in this war were just simply put, immense.

In The War for All, a continuous state of total war emerged from beginning to end. There were no breaks, and countless people from countless nations were directly involved in this battle. Countless famines and genocides were committed on millions of planets.


The War for All initially had their roots when The Seekers and The Elite Nora were trying to find a way to traverse into different galactic clusters. Their cluster is much smaller than The Borealis Cluster, and The Redshift Problem, as well as resource depletion over millions of years took a massive toll upon it. No ships with regular wormhole technology could bare the intergalactic abyss, and even if contact was made to any other galactic cluster, it would be impossible to control. The colony would split off and eventually lose contact and resources.

A Quick Plan

As a result of their level of desperation, The five nations (Commonly called The Alliance of Five) of their cluster decided to start a large joint project, which would take an immense amount of time and resources to pull off. Every single last one of their funds would be dedicated to researching, and nothing in sight would stop them from reaching this goal. Eventually, rationing programs had to be put into place because of the sheer amount of funds that they were expunging on to the project. This project eventually became to be known as the Cluster Portal.

Cluster Portals are a form of transport, which would eventually lead all five empires on a road to greatness and success. They essentially work as ginormous wormholes, which take in countless amounts of energy to send travelers to another galactic clusters.

What The Alliance of Five would do to these clusters was immediately garner resources with Harvester Ships. The Harvester Ships would autonomously scan for wealthy planets and stars. The Harvester Ships would then send in dozens of Von-Neumann Probes, which were around the size of a house. These Von-Neumann Probes could self-replicate and send in a large number of resources back to the mothership. This process would be exponential, and profitable results could be seen within 50 years.

With this project up and running, The Alliance of Five would then start a complicated 40-year operation of rationing and material use. The three steps for this plan were Conservation, Recyclability, and Efficiency. This plan would include major rationing of resources, 100% recyclability, and the invention of more efficient resource energy gathering.

Not everybody was happy with this plan. Four long decades of less food and water seemed like a sketchy scam. What kind of galactic empire would try to introduce that? Well, after realizing there was nowhere else to go, this may as well have been the only option. At this point, there was a mass decline. galactic colonies had to be abandoned from over-exhaustion, and The Alliance of Five was running very thin on resources. After millions of years of looking for a way out, this was probably the only solution at the time.

If there was a large amount of public disagreement and outcry for this plan, then The Alliance of Five would have to shrink endlessly, for many more years. Certainly before then, a large collapse would occur.

During The

As soon as this new plan was executed, every person of every monetary class was forced to step down a rank. The wealthy had to experience rationing for the first time, and the poor stayed as poor as before. The bulk of The Alliance of Five, the Middle Class, was quite disappointed to see prices rise and food lower, but most of them knew that it was for the greater good of all empires.

Some groups of less wealthy people decided that they did not want to opt-in for this change. They locally rebelled in their city, causing turmoil on many planets. It was hard to manage them because the militaries were shrunk to save costs. The best thing to do was press on.

Around 3 years after The Plan began, at 184,298 CE, a large scientific breakthrough was in action. Elite scientists all around The Alliance of Five simultaneously discovered many exploitations within the quantum realm. They discovered a way to harness enough energy to send particles to and from other clusters. The scientific community was ready to build a prototype Cluster Portals, and there seemed to be nothing that would stop them.

When construction finished on the prototype, it was at a grand total of 35 kilometers in radius. There were countless machines and power stations that fueled it, and the engineers and scientists were going to turn it on for the first time. The Press heard rumor of this, and decided to televise it for everyone to see. Everyone across The Alliance of Five would witness the dawn of a new era, an era of pure bliss and utopia.

The day was November 15th. The last checkups were being made on The Cluster Portal, and its huge size appeared to intimidate anyone who would cross its path. It was a true beast that would be awoken. Many scientists on board read positive on their status checks. Tiny test runs were initiated within the main core of The Cluster Portal, and all seemed like the run was going to be successful. Simulations were being run left and right, and an optimal one had been selected. It was finally time to break free from the shackles that were cuffed in place by redshift.

The Cluster Portal suddenly glowed with a bright green light, apparently brighter than anything else in the galaxy. It roared to life as the immense fuel load was being transferred to power the colossal wormhole. The probe ship inched closer to the green flames, and with a bright flash it all but disappeared. Scientists then ordered the Cluster Portal to re-activate and take back the probe. The Cluster Portal went online once more, and a healthy probe came back in mint condition. The most ludicrous plan had succeeded. Finally, the 7-L Cluster would no longer just be a lonesome cluster in The Alliance of Five's eyes. No, it would be the domain for empires to spread and grow.

Mere minutes after this great event, Confederate listening posts were suddenly blasted with pure electromagnetic noise, as a result from The Cluster Portal ripping through reality3. Commonwealth radios also reported the same effect, and they triangulated the origin. Survey ships saw nothing where it came from, which ended up confusing many scientists, and eventually the masses. Meanwhile, The Alliance of Five were essentially popping bottles in success, and were ready to send colonists to the other side within a month.

The Confederacy takes notice

Soon after the Suralians sent a state-of-the-art probe to The Borealis Cluster, they were prepared to make more checks on the situation. For a start, they sent out a secondary probe, fit with a camera. They also let it free for approximately 43 minutes, to soak everything in. Orders were beamed through the Cluster Portal to take pictures, and they arrived to show a stable galactic cluster. Once Probe 2's time was up, it came back in good condition. About 10 minutes worth of video and hundreds of photographs showed that the probe was in a spiral galaxy, orbiting a M-class red dwarf. However, there was another side that the scientists did not figure out.

Moments after Probe 2 came back in, the same electromagnetic noise plagued the CoB communications station. Without hesitation, they sent in a crewed scouting ship, which warped to the zone immediately. What they saw intrigued them beyond belief. A probe, with five unknown black and white colored flags printed on the side. The crew couldn't pull it in with their limited tools, so they warped back. When they were hailing a carrier, another spout of electromagnetism was heard. When they returned with the ship, they saw nothing in its place. They eventually classified this event as a spatial anomaly, and returned empty handed.

(Work in progress)

War Fronts

Tloinin Front

While The Suralis Empire was surveying nearby the Tloinin galaxy, they discovered large traces of Strange Matter. With only this knowledge, they knew that there was a treasure trove of special matter which would fuel their conquest. Inevitably, they forwarded this news The Nora and The Araxis Confederation. All three of them simultaneously began a small search party, which would find these resources. If their calculations were correct, they would have an entire galaxies' worth of special resources, which would act like tinder to their upcoming firestorm.


2 weeks later, on October 24th, a Suralian surveying drone began to relay heightened signals of the special matter. Other drones nearby also noted a large cluster of Strange Matter and Antimatter all in one place. The Suralis Empire knew that there was a medium-class empire that controlled territory at the time, but they didn't worry, as they were backed up by the other two nations. So, The Suralis Empire sent in a large flock of Harvester Ships. The Harvester Ships confirmed the presence of Strange Matter and began to harvest them quickly and quietly. Eventually, the income from these vaults was so immense, that a secondary portal had to be created so that all resources could be relayed at an efficient rate.

Almost instantly, The Supreme noticed these actions. It saw that one of their crucial Strange Matter vaults were being depleted at a fast rate.

It unanimously dispatched trillions of its own battle drones to intercept the harvester ships. Before the Supreme could destroy the harvesters, The Seekers sent a message to the Supreme, a message that could be read here. The message did not stop the Supreme from destroying the drones. The Suralians needed to secure that material for the war effort, so they invaded immediately leading to some of the longest and outstretched battles in The War for All called the Tloinin Invasions.

Tloinin Stalemate

The Supreme and DELYATU managed to repel the Seekers from the beginning with virtually unlimited hordes of drones and ships. However, maintaining this stalemate was very taxing, and The Supreme barely managed to supply enough materials for the battle. It resorted to detonating thousands of SSPGD's in order to destroy scores of ships.

Imperial Front

The Empire of Mankind knew about the conflict occurring in the Confederacy of Borealis, with some refugees from that nation seeking help in the Empire. Also the Embassy world of Anar, now property of the Empire, was suffering from colateral problems of the conflict that affected nearby planets and systems. Still, the Seekers did not want to interfere yet with another power, so Anar was spare for the most part.

The Seekers appeared near the edges of Herschel Space and looked to attack most of the outside worlds of the Empire (and other Lewis Nations) to focus military attention away from the Lewis Galaxy. This meant that most of the Imperial fleet had to be sent to the border areas of the Empire to secure it from attackers. This led most of the Lewis imperial territory less protected. The Seekers then launch a counter attack, targeting worlds in the Core Galaxy. However, the Imperials did not let the Lewis Galaxy completely undefended.

An Alliance with the Aldorians and the Krizik proved to be crucial. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Neo-Terran Front

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony's participation in the war for all was very unique compared to many other powers who participated in the conflict. Instead of viewing it as a war of survival, they viewed it as a chance to finally become a universal power they had always dreamt of. No other war had distracted the confederacy at such a level, and this was their one opportunity to get back at their most hated adversary. The Neo-Terran front was brutal and bloody. Untold war crimes were committed by the Neo-Terrans, and a staggering death toll would make even the most bloodthirsty Xenophobes wince. 

Half of all casualties in the war for all were caused or related to the Neo-Terran force’s brutal “4 steps” War doctrine. The 4 steps were “Invade, Secure, Cleanse, Repopulate.” The results of these 4 steps were certainly chilling, resulting in an estimated 6300 intelligent species going completely extinct in the crossfire.

Start of the war 

In 185155 the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony Launched all 101 of its Expeditionary forces at The Confederacy, shocking the confederate government, and further overwhelming the already strained confederate Military. In 187890, After conquering countless confederate frontier galaxies, The Neoterran Expeditionary fleets 1,5,6,7,8,23, and 89 entered the Ambrosia Galaxy and met with a substantial Confederate force, starting the Siege of Ambrosia. Meanwhile, Task Force 0 entered Neo-Terran Territory in The Milky Way and started inching towards Sol.

Seeker-NeoTerran Front 

At the beginning of the war, The Seekers had no reason to fight the Neo-Terrans. Because of Neo-Terran hostility towards the Confederacy, the Seekers were cordial to the Hegemony, even offering an alliance that was, of course, refused by the highly Xenophobic Society. Later on, however, after the Neo-Terrans started taking galaxies and planets that The Seekers needed for their planned conquest, they became concerned that the Neo-Terrans may hinder seeker domination by occupying precious resources and industry. Many Seekite generals and officials gathered in a meeting to discuss the fate of the Neo-Terrans. After about a week, they had decided that they must do something to distract their forces. They knew war with the Neo-Terrans was not a good idea; one of the last things they wanted was another burden to war with.

Instead, The Seekers looked towards the heart of the Neo-Terrans, The Phoenix Galaxy; or more specifically, Scipio. The Phoenix Galaxy was very undefended, with The Blessing of Mars in effect the Hegemony did not have to worry about The Confederacy capturing the galaxy. The Seekers knew that entering the galaxy was suicide, but they had an advantage over the artifact. Unlike the Neo-Terrans and The Confederacy, they knew how the technology worked, and more importantly, they knew how to negate the effects it put upon those who entered its field. 

The Seekers sent a highly specialized squad of soldiers to Scipio, disguised as humans they infiltrated the imperial palace and planted a thermonuclear detonator in a small room that was in the west wing of the palace. On January 3rd, 188751 at 6:32 AM, The Palace was incinerated in a 20 megaton explosion, destroying the artifact, killing nearly all members of the Neo-Terran Royal Family, and leveling the surrounding capital city which had a population of an estimated 15 billion. Drusus VII after hearing the news immediately stopped Commanding Expeditionary Force 0, and became Emperor, ruling from the old homeworld of Publius. The entire Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony went into a standstill, and the 51st Expeditionary Fleet blockaded Scipio. All transportation in or out of Scipio was immediately halted, and Martial Law was declared. The Hegemony was determined to find the culprits of this massacre, whatever the cost may be.           

Meanwhile, The Seekers were celebrating with success. With about 20 Neo-Terran expeditionary fleets being dispatched to the Phoenix Galaxy, Neo-Terran expansion came to a halt, and the Neo-Terrans viewed the confederacy with almost religious hatred. However, their celebration would be short-lived as only a week later the Neo-Terrans found one of the infiltrators and soon discovered his seeker origins. The Neo-Terrans wasted no time and immediately declared war on The Seekite menace.

For the next few thousand years, the Neo-Terrans would go on the defensive, pulling out of the Ambrosia Galaxy and reinforcing important strategic locations like the Phoenix Galaxy and its foothold in the Milky Way. Fleet 0 would later participate in the War for Earth, fighting both the Confederates and Seekites. 

Later, however, to demoralize the Neo-Terrans, the seekers sent a massive force to the Scipio system in 191405. A massive battle took place there which lasted about 2 years. The Seekers eventually won but took heavy losses. With the system under control, they did to Scipio like they did to earth and turned the world to ash. With 20 expeditionary fleets destroyed and a ruined homeworld, the Neo-Terrans had no choice but to sign an armistice with the confederacy. With about half of their military left, the Neo-Terrans were able to mostly hold their territory until 195372. That was until The Confederacy defeated The Seekers within their area.

Confederate Offensive

The CoB was hit hard by The Alliance of Five, as thousands of galaxies were occupied, and trillions were killed. The Seekite supply lines were growing ever longer, with the COH growing ever more desperate. This lead to them removing all restrictions on any production. This allowed for dangerous experimental weapons to be tested and used.

The largest factories were either seized or the corporations that owned them showered with money in order to dedicate everything to the production of arms. Massive propaganda campaigns, designed to be as psychologically effective as possible, were launched, making many enlist or buy bonds.

These events culminated in 185999 when the first galaxy was taken back by the CoH. The galaxy was nothing but an irregular galaxy about a million light years from the milky way. It was overwhelmed afterward, however, this boost in morale was crucial to the war. Many historians call this event the most important event in the war, many going as far as describing it as the turning point in the war.

Tloinin Offensives

The Divine Swarm

The Supreme finally decided to get revenge for the Seekers stealing its strange matter. The Supreme built a swarm of self-replicating robots. These robots were the size of ants, and therefore ridiculously hard to intercept. The robots were able to replicate by harvesting any artificial material and therefore began to appear as many colors. The swarm was later known as the Divine Swarm.

This swarm was directly connected to the Supreme, which made any uncontrollable Grey Goo scenario an impossibility. The Divine Swarm was used to destroy quadrillions of ships, as even one robot could self replicate enough times to eventually destroy a ship.

Eventually, The Seekers figured out how to deactivate the Swarm. Before then, The Divine Swarm protected the Tloinin Galaxy for hundreds of years.

DELYATU Secret Parasites

When the DELYATU initially joined the war effort, it did not want to be as brutal as The Supreme in their fighting tactics. However, they happened to capture an off-guard Sowan battalion, and sent them to a POW camp located on Onaud. The Sowans did crushing manual tasks, like plating battleships and crating rail shells by hand. Eventually, with enough experimentation, DELYATU understood the biology and motivations of the Sowas. Using this knowledge, DELYATU immediately probed their brain to find out everything they knew.

DELYATU knew the real reasons for The Alliance of Five's invasion and felt bad for such employing un-needed punishments. But, the Sowans weren't innocent by any stretch of the imagination. They still stole from many vaults and killed many Vlanoans and soldiers. So, as a parting gift from the POW camp, DELYATU decided to implant parasites into the Seekites' central brain and a smaller one down their spinal cords.

The parasites would consume mostly fat tissue to gather resources to reproduce. This process was meant to be as painless as possible, so the parasites released a potent numbing agent. The parasites released billions of spores into the air, so much so that the probability of all of them failing to find a host incredibly slim.

The released prisoners eventually returned to their crew and spread the parasites everywhere. These parasites were semi-controlled by the DELYATU, so with enough hosts, their main purpose could finally be realized. The parasites would re-wire a Sowan's brain in an intricate way, which would make them say praises about their former captors. Phrases like "Hail the DELYATU, our lord and savior", and "Glory to DELYATU, queen of the multiverse" were some of the more common phrases that people would say. Some Sowans actually decided to defect, because the parasites also made a large number of the afflicted Sowans genuinely believe the praises they were saying.

DELYATU dealt a crushing blow to the morale of the Sowan armies that they invaded, as even some Sowans in the 7-L Cluster were infected. DELYATU used this to its advantage and continuously threatened the Sowans with bioweapons. For the rest of the War, many Sowans refused to go anywhere near the Tloinin galaxy, although they were forced to anyway.


This is the official timeline to The War for All. It will catalog countless events, many of them being too minor to put on this article. Here is the official timeline below.

November 5th 184298 CE: The Alliance of Five officially create the first Cluster Portal.

November 7th 184298 CE: The Suralian probe arrives at Majoris. Electromagnetic pulses happen as a result.

December 28th 184298 CE: The Seekers approve the first colonists to be sent to The Borealis Cluster. A barren world named Kar-Zoowik is settled upon.

January 3rd 184298 CE: The Seekers, along with The Elite Nora complete the first starbase around Kar-Choonik

January 6th 184299 CE: Kar-Zoowik is the official Seekite capital of The Borealis Cluster.

January 7th 184299 CE: The first Noran and Sowan colonies are underway. Kar-Zoowik has approximately ~35,000 scientists and miners.

January 15th 184299 CE: Seekite and Noran mining ships encounter large quantities of antimatter and strange matter.

January 20th 184299 CE: The Seekers are contacted by the Confederacy of Borealis. The Commonwealth and surrounding nations also take notice.

January 21st 184299 CE: Most civilians are shocked with the surfaced news. Many tourists annoyingly watch Seekite construction from a distance.

January 28th 184299 CE: A second solar outpost is built near the caches of exotic matter. Kar-Zoowik is now conducting planetary and asteroid mining. Population is roughly 48,000.

February 4th 184299 CE: The Intergalactic Council makes a formal diplomatic meeting with four members of The Alliance of Five. Territorial claims are then set. Galaxies are also given to The Seekers to aid in friendly conquest.

**Much more to follow!**


The paragraphs below are interviews and sayings from The War for All.

Interview #3: Unexplained electromagnetic noise.

News Reporter: So Mr Hartman, where were you on that fateful November day?

Communications Manager Hartman: Yes, I remember it well. Our machines suddenly started to spit some crap at us. It told us of large electromagnetic signatures, all clustered up to one teeny tiny spot about 3 light-minutes away. I relayed this to the folks down at The Commonwealth station, and they too heard a large pulse. Something had to be up.

News Reporter: What did both stations do, Hartman?

Communications Manager Hartman: We decided to phone the higher-ups. An anomaly this potent had to be something bad. A super weapon being tested? Tears in the quantum reality? We were very confused, and frightened.

News Reporter: Hmm, what did the higher-ups tell you to do?

Communications Manager Hartman: Nothing. They thought of it as a Class V threat, and sent in ships themselves. Eventually, they told us that the situation was under control, and that no further action was required. With that being so vague, both stations just kept talking to each other about the matter for hours. We soon heard word that some reality-tear-scenario happened, but nothing in the area got too disorderly. They apparently saw some metal fragments and particles that were much older than the ones around them by billions of years. It was just very confusing, and we had no way to explain it until The Alliance of Five just rammed their ships through.

News Reporter: Thank you for answering these crucial questions, sir.

Communications Manager Hartman: Of course.

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