The War for Earth, (Fom now on called TWE for times sake) was a short lived 3 year battle for Earth, beginning at the infancy of the 190th Millennium. It is currently the most emotionally and psychologically destructive war in Human history, as it ends off with The Seekers burning the capital homeworld of mankind.

The purpose of this entire battle was to crush what was left of this universe's morale, as it had projected the fact that The Seekers were the strongest things out there. This made smaller states tremble in fear, as The Seekers had singlehandedly, with minimal effort, destroyed one of the strongest, and most fortified planets in the universe. This form of psychological warfare drastically lowered almost all morale in the known universe, as soldiers knew they stood no chance to anything The Seekers would give them.

After the events that took place in TWE, The Confederacy lost roughly 23% of its remaining ships. The Commonwealth lost a large 33% of their ships in the area, as they posed the highest threat to Seeker forces at the start of the war.

Seeker Weaponry

This war saw use of the most powerful super-weapons conceived by any mind in this universe. The Seeker weapons consist of hyper-dimensional wormholes, and dimension-altering weapons that can shift quantum fluctuations in order to make anything. Yes, I mean anything. The products of the dimension-altering weapons can produce planet killers within the nanosecond range, and can give a ship impenetrable shields that can be fixed within 3.2782754⁻6 seconds.

Human Weaponry

At the time of TWE, Humanity was already heavily wounded. Their strongest power in the Solar System came from The Moon and Jupiter, which both had large laser arrays. The Moon had hers on the Delta Core sector, and Jupiter had 12 located on multiple moons, which had its maximum focal point targeted at Earth's distance.

The laser was Built only years prior to TWE for this specific reason, and it happened to shoot down 47 Seeker ships with its concentrated energy beams before the main lunar laser was destroyed.

Commonwealth Weaponry

Many weapons forged from the Commonwealth were quite advanced, and helped greatly with the war effort. However, this did all but delay the burning of Earth in the end.

The Moon Plague

The Moon Plague was an event in TWE where all life on it happened to disappear, due to massive Seekite bombardments. The bombardments contained many radiation bombs that killed all plant life in mere days. The radiation was emitted by The Seekers to drive out Humanity from The Moon, and eventually shoot them down. The Seekers also shot The Moon directly, and made it revert to its original form. This was a major event in TWE timeline, and it affected allied morale everywhere.

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