Thesoki (RS 5335-5-7-598395-53 5 in is a temperate E-Class planet, located in the Peleunsk, home to the species of the same name.



When the Confederacy intercepted a signal coming from Peleunsk near Commonwealth Space, they sent a scout ship to investigate the signal's origin. Once the team onboard the ship located the terra world from ten light years away, they monitored the system for a year before a reconnaissance ship had performed a close inspection of the waiting ship. The team decided to make contact by sending a wave of signals towards them, followed by a series of signals back to them. Contact was officially made.

The Thesoki's living on the paradise world were delighted to watch an intergalactic ship land on their planet. However, the team found the atmosphere to be too poisonous, due to the high levels of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The Federations of United Star Systems were quick to invite the Thesoki's to join the Confederacy of Borealis, and proudly responded with agreement to the offer. 

Upon contact with the Thesoki's, they exchanged so much information of their culture and history and, due to their spoken language, a new language had to be made for both races to understand each other. Since the early 99990s, they expanded further out into their home galaxy and discovered far many new star systems and planets to colonise. Their empire began to expand. However, this was cut short as they bumped into the borders of the Lo'Xal Federation. Since then, both nations have become belligerent.



While colder, but with an axial tilt of 25 degrees, weather on Thesoki is similar to that of Earth. Hurricanes form closer to the equator, while occasionally strong winds may form tornadoes, but no more powerful than 100 mph. Rainfall is far more common, however, rain drops fall faster due to the higher gravity.

Due to high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, once the planet has reached aphelion, some of the carbon dioxide falls back on to the surface, or as the Thesoki's observe it from the ground, it appears to be like snowfall. At perihelion, the carbon dioxide returns to the atmosphere.

Deserts, such as the Equatorial Desert, are composed of grains of sand which occasionally form sandstorms, ferocious clouds of sand that can blind anything caught in the storm. No life seems to have conquered the deserts, except for the endangered species the Sandworms that burrow under the sand during sandstorms.

Grasslands, which occupy the tropical regions, are filled with all forms of life from green grass blades to trees with bioluminescent lights. At night, the grasslands are dimly lit white by various species of plants. Trees are slighly grouped together, but in locations where water is plentiful.


The life on Thesoki has existed for around 10 billion years, and in that time, its adapted to many different conditions. It first originated in pools of water during the planet's formation, but over time the microbes assembled into multicellular creatures. During the last 8 billion years of complex marine and terrestrial life, there have been eight mass extinctions.

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