Inhabitants of the planet of the same name.


When the Confederate scout ship discovered the Thesoki, the team on board exclaimed "They're almost like us!". They were correct, the Thesoki do resemble Humans, with similar features and a humanoid-shaped body. 

On average, Thesoki will live to around 410 years and have at least two offspring in their entire lifespan. Their long lifespan allows them to witness at least one generation of great-grandchildren or great-grandparents. They reproduce in a similar manner to mammals on Earth, and usually reproduce at around 35 years old - the gestation period can last between 4 to 6 months. They can grow to an average height of 1.74 meters between both genders.

Unlike human sight, they see a range of Visible Light and Infrared due to their much cooler and dimmer sun. This is proven to be a fantastic proprietorial tactic at night-time, where they can locate hidden animals by seeing their heat signatures emitted off their bodies. A usual scare tactic is hissing and spitting poisonous saliva towards the threat.

Their facial features resemble closely to Humans - except larger eyes and lips. Unlike human eyes, their eyes twinkle with light every time they show affection towards another, and their behavior can change as well with affection. They do not, however, have eyebrows. Their hair typically feels like fur and does not grow too long, usually a few centimeters long.


Upon contact with the Confederacy of Humanity, the then Thesoki leader, named Chaki, decided to send countless amounts of Thesoki cultural information. This was exchanged with the Confederacy, which the team then exclaimed "That is so fascinating!" to Chaki. When the Chaki toured the Confederacy team around the planet, the team instantly noticed the species fascination with jewelry. They also noticed how there were no physical symptoms of aging between any Thesoki.

The Thesoki based their culture off a book believed to have been written thousands of years ago over several generations. The book is titled "Genesis of the Thesoki" and clearly describes the story leading up to the creation of the book and also instructs its followers to do certain things throughout their life. Some modern Thesoki have argued the book is too old and ancient to believe what is written in it, but most oppose to that idea.

Rapid Zythyn expansion pushed the Thesoki people tighter and tighter within their own galaxy. This caused a large negative relationship between both empires in the past. It even boiled down to conflict across their borders. eventually, in around 12000 CE, the Lowzyol Federation at the time decided it was best to slowly loan the Thesoki claims throughout M110 and Andromeda.

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