A human temperate E-Class colony planet located near Barnard’s Loop and capital planet of the Thulcandran Federation.


Thulcandra is cooler than Earth, but its ice caps are less pronounced thanks to its axial tilt being less than Earth. The planet is 1581.7 light-years from Earth and is located close to the Orion Nebula, Horsehead Nebula, Bernard’s Look and Messier 78.

Local Life

The lifeforms on Thulcandra seem to be edible to humans save for a few poisonous plants and animals. There does not appear to be any type of humanlike intelligent species on the planet safe for the small feline sized creatures known to the inhabitants as kzinti. They have felinoid characteristics, four legs, tail and a face that has remarkably feline features, plus they can purr and meow. It is unknown how kzinti came to be so feline in appearance.


Discovered in 3150 by a group of science fiction enthusiasts, this planet seemed like a remarkable world for many people who enjoyed science fiction to settle and create the cultures based off of their favorite scifi book, tv series, holoseries etc. The choice was

made mostly due to the alien night sky which had many nebulae in the sky.
Hyperion (2)

Thulcandra's surface with its two moons. The Orion Nebula, Bernard's Loop and Milky Way can be seen.

In 3152 a large group of scientists, engineers etc arrived in large ships that resembled their favorite scifi ships and began to build up the atmosphere of Thulcandra after extensive tests on the native lifeforms to make sure that the increase of pressure wouldn’t harm them. A few had to be relocated to higher ground but they took to their new homes eagerly.

When the terraforming was completed in 3160 the colonists began to spread across the main continents and built settlements and cities that would closely resemble their favorite cities. Large utopian cities based on science fiction and fantasy stories were built on Hyperion as well as its two S-Class moons Asimov and Clarke.

Over the next few decades, cities were constructed all over the system and soon the Thulcandran civilization began to terraform and colonize other nearby worlds to fit the conditions of other famous science fiction stories. They soon formed the small Thulcandran Federation in 3200, a loose grouping of worlds that mimicked many of the interstellar civilizations found in science fiction.

They stayed within the confines of the nebulae surrounding them, and have even welcomed a couple of alien civilizations into their small interstellar coalition.

As human technology advancedm the people of these worlds began to create near exact replicas of famous ships such as the USS Enterprise, Death Star, Serenity, and many more. Some humans even used genetic manipulation to become the aliens of science fiction.

Today the nebulae are filled with worlds based off of ancient scifi as well as unique ships and stations. Some have even been known to call it the “Nerd Sector.”


The culture of Thulcandra is vastly disperse and unique. Each city could be considered a country in and of itself. They are self-governing.

Hyperion (3)

Map of Thulcandra

The difference between cities is astonishing. One could appear to look like a section of Coruscant while another could appear to be from the Hyperion or Foundation series.

All in all, this planet has one of the most unique human cultures throughout the galaxy.

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