The Thulcandran Federation is a small S-type interstellar human civilization located within Bernard’s Loop and the Orion Nebula.


Founded in 3200, the government of this Federation has incorporated many aspects of science fiction civilizations such as Star Trek, Star Wars etc. The capital is located on Thulcandra in Olympus City. Each planet has a representative within a large senate. The Federation has something called a Chancellor President.

A democratic republic, this form of government only works because of the amount of space they have allotted themselves which is all the Barnard’s Loop and the Orion Nebula.


It originally started out as an idea between many of the science fiction fans who had come to settle Thulcandra. The idea of settling other worlds and model them after science fiction worlds was an exciting idea. Eventually they decided to make a petition to the Thulcandran government. It soon became official in 3172.

When the announcement reached other worlds across the Confederacy, many more science fiction fans flocked to settle other worlds. Many sci-fi civilizations were built across the vast expanses of space allotted to Thulcandra.

Within the next few decades many worlds were terraformed or settled. In 3197 representatives from each world were called to Olympus City to try and form a government like those in famous sci-fi. They realized they would still be under the governance of the Confederacy but they wanted to be as close to their fandoms as possible. It took three years but eventually the Thulcandran Federation was formed and has continued to prosper ever since.


Many varied cultures have sprung up from the worlds within the Federation based off of many famous and some not-so-famous science fiction shows, movies and books. However in 3312 a group calling themselves Edenites began settling worlds with the intention to recreate certain fantasy worlds. As such a split occurred between the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. Edenites settled the world Eden first and quickly spread from there. Eden's official language is Elvish as created by J.R.R. Tolkien, making it one of the three official languages of the Federation, which also include Old Modern English and Klingon.

Major Worlds

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