The Thulcandran Federation is a former S-type and current G-Type human civilization located originally within Bernard’s Loop and the Orion Nebula but now located within the Via Aurum (NGC 1262) as well as around 3,000 surrounding galaxies.


By the year 3151, many were dissatisfied and were growing tired of the ever-increasing wars that plagued the former URSS and the skirmishes that plagued the current FUSS. Throughout the slowly expanding FUSS a group of people began a weekly broadcast known as the Thulcandran Initiative which quickly turned into a panel of sorts. The name came from the fictitious planet Thulcandra from C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. The purpose of the broadcast was mostly for people to air their grievances about the way both nations had erred and how they believed both nations were poorly reacting to the plights of the outer colonies. Most guests on the interstellar nationwide broadcast were disgruntled former war vets, poor colonists and others.

The broadcast became one of the most controversial throughout the FUSS, and the leader of the panel, one Reginald Bard, kept pushing for those who were tired of the politics to split and relocate to a colony world far from the reaches of the FUSS. Finally by the year 3157, a petition was sent out for loyal listeners to help provide funding to the Initiative who would then utilize said funds to construct a large colony fleet that would head towards the Orion Nebula, then a far distance from the FUSS. Donations poured in and Reginald himself along with every member of the panel pooled their entire financial resources into the fleet fund. By 3160 they had reached and overshot their financial mark.

Construction on the fleet began the following year, with everyone who helped crowd-source this endeavor guaranteed a spot on one of the ships if they so chose. A surprising 96% of those who contributed immediately signed up and soon there were more signing up than there was room for, so the Initiative had to pay to install cold freezing for the majority of the colonists so they would not run through their resources before reaching the nebula.

By 3190 the fleet had been completed, one year behind schedule thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from hopeful colonists. At the beginning of the year 3196, the fleet departed at the edge of current FUSS space. Long range telescopes had detected a suitable planet near the nebula.

Upon the arrival of the Thulcandrans, as they now called themselves, to the new colony world of Thulcandra, most of the fleet was disassembled and Olympus City was constructed from the materials. The new colony began forming a new government and eventually by the year 3200 the Thulcandran Federation was established.


The capital and all government buildings are located on Thulcandra in Olympus City.

Executive Branch

The official head of the government for the Federation is the President. Their duties include:

Commander-in-Chief of the Federation Armed Forces

The Federation President is the nominal C&C of the Federation’s armed forces. During times of war, the President and his War Cabinet are at the forefront of war strategies. Some presidents during wartimes have even gone to the front lines and fought, although these instances have been mostly symbolic in nature, the notable exception being President Baskin.

Executive Power

The Federation President has broad powers to manage affairs over Federal resources and can set into law Executive laws. These have been used during times of crisis, especially during the Pale Rider Pandemic from 23412 – 23461 CE.

Limited power of appointment

The President can appoint certain members of his own Executive Cabinet without the approval of the Senate, but that only applies to the War Cabinet and certain members of the Foreign Affairs Office. Other appointments, such as Justices of the High Court must be approved by a majority vote from the Federation Senate.

Limited power over legislation

The President can sign bills into law, but can veto bills on the condition that he or she addresses the Senate on what he or she feels needs to be changed and provide their reasoning.

Executive Clemency

The President can issue Writ of Pardon or Write of Commutation for crimes committed by individuals or groups of individuals. In order for these writs to be approved, the guilty party must go through official channels and write a Statement of Purpose which lists their crimes, alleged or otherwise, and provide an argument for why a writ should be provided to them. The President can then accept or decline this SOP.

Foreign Affairs

The President is the primary Federal representative to all foreign powers. All federal foreign treaties must be signed by the President but only after the allocated Time of Deliberation.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of the Thulcandran Federation Senate, a large body of individuals consisting of two representatives from each nation. The Senate is itself divided into smaller Planetary Councils where Senators from each planet deliberate over the larger issues facing the Senate. Senators are elected by majority vote by the inhabitants of each nation. Their duties include:


The Senate is the primary source of all Federal Law throughout the Federation. Through careful deliberation the Planetary Councils and then the Senate form government laws to be approved by the President.


As well as creating laws, the Senate is the prime source for Senators to bring forward any issues facing their constituents on their planets.


Senators are also tasked with granting authority to colonize and potentially terraform habitable worlds after affirmation of the planet’s suitability by reputable organizations.

Judicial System

The Judicial System for the Federation consists of members of the High Court, otherwise known as the Group of Seven. The Group of Seven are seven High Court Justices, led by the Superlative Justice. Their duties include:

Interpretation of the Law

High Court Justices reserve the right to interpret the Federation Federal Law in cases which reach court. Most cases can be resolved in lower courts, but cases of the highest contention have reached the Court.


The Thulcandran government first started after many people were tired of the URSS and the FUSS being unstable. Soon enough, many people had left the FUSS altogether, and wanted to form a nation in their own image. Soon enough, the future colonists, which self-identified as Thulcandrans, announced their departure, and left with flocks of citizen and colony ships.

Within the next few decades, many worlds were settled. In 3197, representatives from each world were called to Olympus City to try and form a government, which would try to keep this new Humanity cohesive. After many meetings and planning, this idea eventually blossomed into the Thulcandran Federation.

The majority of the next few thousand years was spent by the Federation in an unusually slow expansion from its capital planet. The Federation eventually slowed its expansion even further when they came into contact with the surrounding interstellar nations like the FUSS and other alien nations around the year 10000 CE.

For the next ninety thousand years, the Thulcandran Federation mostly kept to themselves, but it remained one of the wealthiest nations in the Milky Way despite its small radius. The Federation independently developed many different technological innovations that had already been discovered by neighboring intergalactic superpowers such as Terrashaping and Hyperdrive and sold the techniques to the Confederacy and their allies, heavily boosting their economy in the process. In fact, the Federation was regularly among the top twenty five stable economies in all Confederate space.

The Federation was also involved in many of the wars fought by the Confederacy, including the War of the Decamillennial Transition. During the Reconstruction of the Confederacy after its infamous split after the war, the Federation was one of the nations who sent out many of their best negotiators and ambassadors to attempt a reunification which was eventually successful.

In 100024 CE the Thulcandran Federation Senate called for an emergency meeting in which they brought forth a proposal to the President in which they implored for the Federation to provide approval for the Fleet of Systems Project. The Collective-Federation War had been the tipping point for the Federation citizens who wanted to leave the complex politics of the Confederacy behind and start a new life elsewhere. The Federation citizens also felt as if their original purpose had been abandoned, attempting to avoid the wars that plagued the surrounding FUSS. The small but ancient interstellar nation’s citizens, human and otherwise, were calling for the Federation to remove themselves from the intergalactic political scene. There were many peaceful demonstrations in major cities and spaceports along major trade routes.

Finally, on August 21, 100029, the President at the time, Jules Santek IV, made an official announcement over all official Thulcandran Federation interstellar channels. There he made one of the most famous speeches in Federation history, initiating the beginning of the Fleet of Systems Project.

The Federation began the process by creating the materials necessary to create massive Dyson Spheres which would encompass each and every member world. Minor colony habitats were placed in orbit of major star systems. These spheres would be equipped with the most advanced Hyperdrives and Warp Drives. The journey to the intended galaxy would take more than a thousand standard years.

Construction of these spheres took place over the next one thousand standard years until in 101056 the last Federation star system had been completely encased in its own FTL Dyson Sphere. Seventeen years later in 101073 CE the Federation worlds departed the Milky Way forever.

The entire Fleet of Systems took a collective 23,424 standard years to pass through the cosmos, utilizing Hyperdrive for longer stretches of travel time. Upon reaching the edge of the target galaxy, NGC 1262 in the year 124497 CE, a scout fleet was sent into the new galaxy to search for suitable locations for the major worlds. It took a surprising fifty-six years before a suitable location near a large nebula was discovered where all major and minor worlds could be relocated.

By the year 124547, the entirety of the Thulcandran Federation was located around the newly renamed Maleldil Nebula. The Federation had renamed NGC 1262 the Via Aurum, meaning the Golden Way in Latin. Located so far away from other major intergalactic traffic, the Federation did what it had been unable to do for millennia: expand.

Thanks in part to the lack of spacefaring races upon the Federation's arrival, the once restricted nation expanded at an unprecedented rate, settling and terraforming hundreds of worlds. By the year 130000 CE they had control of the vast majority of the Via Aurum, with the exception of protectorate spaces around worlds with sapient life. The Federation began expanding out of their native galaxy in the hopes of contacting new species within their new local group.

Currently, the Federation governs the entire Via Aurum and has expanded to govern around 3000 nearby galaxies.

Member Worlds

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