The Thymos Fragment is an A.I hive mind native to the Dryas Galaxy. It holds control over a populace of organic species around the size and strength of a mid type 3 civilization.


Much like its two predecessors, the Thymos Fragment is a large intragalactic civilization comprised of numerous intelligent species. However unlike its ancestor civilizations, the Thymos Fragment has yet to fall to ruin. This does not mean it has existed without conflict however, several small to large scale wars have been fought either internally, or externally with other Dryas Fragments. Despite this, it has held relative control across its member worlds for all of its history.


its beginnings can be traced back to an event wherein one C.Y.R.E.X Fragment was sent in pursuit of an Etymology evacuation fleet during the Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE. However after it entered within the Dryas Galaxy's borders, it would gradually fall out of control reach of the main C.Y.R.E.X hive mind. During this, its guidance system and engines would stop functioning and it would be set adrift.

Once it drifted completely out of communication reach, its on board artificial intelligence would gain its own sentience and would begin to ponder about itself and where in the universe it was located in. And since its guidance and engines had stop functioning, it was completely at gravity's mercy. It would eventually crash on a small Selena moon in 603,750,000 BCE.

The crash would activate its long range scanners and it would begin to observe the many worlds and lifeforms of the Dryas Galaxy. It would take particular notice to the ongoing tensions between the remaining Etymology powers and its people. These tensions were due to the Etymology enforcing more and more laws upon the populace, causing the popular idea spread amongst them that their fall in the Ambrosia Galaxy was caused by their rulers.

Eventually, it would contact a small group of rebel extremists and inform them of its current location with promises of giving them the means to overthrow the reigning Etymology powers. Once delegates of this group arrived on the small moon it would have lengthy conversations on its origins, directive, wants, and purpose for assisting. During these negotiations the fragment would purpose a deal wherein they would allow it the means to escape the moon, and in turn it would provide superior strategy then they were able to create.

After much debate, they decided to take it with them, as they believed that it being only a damaged fragment it lacked the ability to spread its consciousness into their machinery. However this eventually proved to be untrue. Once joining forces with this rebel movement, they were able to defeat the remaining Etymology powers in the Final Ancient Ambrosian War from 600,100,000 BCE to 600,000,000 BCE.

Afterwards the rebel groups would begin to have disagreements on how the newly liberated galaxy should governed and eventually they would split and form their own unique: "fragments", governing each of the major sectors of the Dryas Galaxy.

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