Tiafe map

Map of Tiafe

Tiafe is one of the first that Humanity has tried to communicate is another alien civilization in a another star system in 2193 CE[1].

The planet was discover in 2187 CE and a scientific estimate the age of this planet to 893.621*109 years, hence sending a signal to expect an answer with another civilization which has a very different life than experienced on Earth.

Indeed, this one is 2395.60 ly from the Sol system, so theoretically, the answer should arrive on Earth in 5119 CE about, since at that time, we could not send that information to the speed of light, but that was not the case.

So it was then that the answer why mankind has not received signal, in effect 2 years after the return date of the hypothetical signal, sientifique who checked the age of the planet has actually noticed this was not an 9 but a 6 (893.621*106). A reversal of a figure that ruined all those years of hope for a answer alien, although during this time, there have been many discoveries and progress.

However, an expedition was still sent in 8531 CE with towards this planet. It made it possible to discover organic and exotic life form.
This planet was declared as a protected planet in 8540 CE to avoid contamination with these young life forms. Therefore, any colonization on this planet is prohibited, even if in orbit, a research station was built to follow the evolution, in 8615 CE.


  1. CE : Common Era (according to Timeline), 2193 CE : Series of "Hello" message send in interstellar space (according to Timeline)
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