Tim Milton Greerson was an human American astronaut and biologist. He was part of the second human mission to ever step on the surface an exoplanet on Aeros in 2063, after Cassandra Goodman's famous landing in 2061. He was also the very first human to look and discover an extrasolar lifeform. He was 43 at the time he landed.


Greerson was born in Los Angeles in 2020. From a young age, his dream had been to reach the stars and step foot on alien worlds. His dreams were only fueled during his childhood when humans began a massive exploration of many planets around the solar system, and even more when they colonised some of them. What solidified his interests was when NASA announced they'd discovered alien life on Europa.

He started to attend university when he was 22, studying astronomy, engineering, biology and aerodynamics. He was known to be an exceptional student. In 2044, he began attending military school, and two years later joined the US army

Thanks to his outstanding grades, he was able to join NASA in 2049. During that time he underwent rigorous training, stepping foot on Luna, Mars and Titan.

In 2054, upon hearing the RPSA searching for candidates to reach and possibly land on Proxima B on board of the Egeria, he left NASA to become a candidate. On 15 November 2054 he, along with five others, was finally elected to join the mission. For the next five years, he trained for the mission, spending time in a simulated ship in orbit for months at a time and spending more time in Antarctica in a simulated Proxima B environment.

In 2057, a second mission was built in competition with Egeria, the Vagi I mission. When the Egeria was finally finished building in 2058, the astronauts were ready to departure, and could very well be the first spacecraft to go. However it had to be postponed for technical issues and a year later when the IXS Enterprise was built and FTL was finally achieved, the entire ship's engine had to be overhauled in order to install a new antimatter Warp drive unit.

In 2061 the Vagi I was successfully launched to the Proxima Centauri system and Cassandra Goodman arrived at the end of that same year. In 2062, the Egeria launched.

Upon his arrival and landing on Proxima B, he discovered microbial extrasolar life, the most notable being A. proximus. While he wasn't the first human to step on Proxima b, he became known as the first human to discover life outside of the Sol System. During the return journey to Earth, he conducted several experiments on the lifeform. He discovered that, unlike life on Earth or Europa, this was a silicon based life form.

He returned to Earth in late 2064, and in 2066 he arranged a meeting with renowned astrobiologist Heinrich Bergmann to give him sample for more accurate studies. Bergmann continued his studies and in 2068 he finally described and named it.

In 2068 Greerson married and had children. For the rest of his life, he continued to visit many planets in the solar system. He died aged 103 in 2123 in New York, Earth.

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