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  • CE = Common Era
  • BCE = Before Common Era
  • ACE = After Common Era

Zero Age Edit

13.8 Billion BCE: The Big Bang.

13.5 Billion BCE: First galaxies and stars.

13.4 Billion BCE: The Archurion Galaxy is formed.

13.3 Billion BCE: Rixxes galaxy formed.

13.2 Billion BCE: Milky WayAmatria, Stardust Dwarf Galaxy, and the Whirlpool Galaxy form.

13 Billion BCE: Artria and Yegassin galaxies form.

12.8 Billion BCE: Tyci System formed

12.7 Billion BCE: Derva system formed. 

12.3 Billion BCE: Larsone system formed.

12.2 Billion BCE: NGC 1277 form.

12.1 Billion BCE: Ilask system formed.

11.9 Billion BCE: Dagda system formed.

11.8 Billion BCE: Aine system formed.

11.5 Billion BCE: Uukazon galaxy forms.

11.1 Billion BCE: Valinor system formed, Lehra system formed, Vanqai's system formed.

10.9 Billion BCE: Arydia system formed.

10.8 Billion BCE: Tannayka Meenaisk born.

10.7 Billion BCE: Life on Lehra emerges.

10.3 Billion BCE: Thesoki system formed.

10.2 Billion BCE: Rodinia system formed. Chronir System formed.

9.5 Billion BCE: Agsia system formed.

9 Billion BCE: Andromeda galaxy formed, Enticor system formed.

8.3 Billion BCE: Bee'onne system formed. Rhyne system formed. Liola system formed.

8.24 Billion BCE: The Akriti System is formed.

8.1 Billion BCE: Life on Liola emerges.

7.8 Billion BCE: Smohera is formed.

7.2 Billion BCE: Ishtar begins to form

6.8 Billion BCE: Hakoduil interstellar civilization began on Algwethmai.

6.7 Billion BCE: Life on Smohera forms.

6.6 Billion BCE: The Terminus System is formed.

6.2 Billion BCE: Nithia system formed.

6 Billion BCE: Hakoduil interstellar civilization fell, survivors flee in sleeper ships. Rocia system formed.

5.4 Billion BCE: Suquina system formed.

5.3 Billion BCE: Wryn system formed.

5 Billion BCE: TRAPPIST-1 system formed.

4.9 Billion BCE: Aketi system formed.

4.7 Billion BCE: Sakia is formed.

4.6 Billion BCE: Sol System formed, Orpheus system formed, Providence system formed, life begins to evolve on Ishtar.

4.5 Billion BCE: Calesius system formed. Theia colildes with Earth to form the Moon.

4.3 Billion BCE: Gamma Nova and Sentyla systems formed.

4 Billion BCE: Ildemir's magnetic field weakens and loses most of its atmosphere to space.

3.8 Billion BCE: Ingla civilization began. Life emerges on Earth.

3.6 Billion BCE: Armina system formed.

3.1 Billion BCE: Basaten system formed.

3 Billion BCE: Ingla civilization fell, survivors flee in sleeper ships. Life Emerges on Azlan. Ancient civilisation emerges on Ogan, falls about 15,000 years later.

2.4 Billion BCE: First land animals appear on Ishtar. Ski'pec discover fire.

2 Billion BCE: Ski'pec reach Type I .

1.8 Billion BCE: Aptian system formed, mass extinction on Ishtar.

1.7 Billion BCE: Rise of the Anera civilization, lasts for 250 million years, the First Civilization also rises to power for the first time around this time, lasts 200,000 years longer, Turanga formed.

1.68 Billion BCE: The Anerian War lasts for 1,000 years, resulting in the victory of the First Civilization.

1.4 Billion BCE: The Stepul rise to Power.

1.45 Billion BCE: Mass extinction event of the Anera civilization, First Era of the First Civilization begins falling into decline.

1.3 Billion BCE: The Archid civilization develops space-faring technology.

1.2 Billion BCE: Ilusa system formed.

1.1 Billion BCE: Calida system formed.

900 Million BCE: Life appears in the oceans of Aptia as single celled bacteria.

680 Million BCE: Star Balloons evolve.

500-600 Million BCE: Zempala system formed.

570 Million BCE: Multi-celled animals appear on Aptia.

500 Million BCE: Horuth, inhabitants of Hemasti, colonize Vonri, life begins on Uathyn and Ifindris.

484 Million BCE: Volcanic acitivity causes a mass extinction on Aptia that kills 88% of species. Afterwards, some life begins living on land.

250 Million BCE: End of the comet bombardment on Ilusa.

230 Million BCE: Dinosaurs appear on Earth

200 Million BCE: Second Era of the First Civilization begins.

65 Million BCE: Eeyttir terraformed by First Civilization. Dinosaurs disappear on Earth.

59 Million BCE: Yeenar Crater on Wryn forms from 37 km-wide asteroid and causes the Arachee Extinction.

50 Million BCE: Inhabitants of Akir go extinct due to global thermonuclear war. First Civilization falls.

23 Million BCE: On Aptia, the Neopithicans evolve.

16 Million BCE: The Neopithicans enter a Stone Age.

15 Million BCE: Yera's Canyon on Wryn forms from tectonic activity.

10 Million BCE: The Gorvat Empire forms and remains active and at large today.

5 Million BCE: Githu first appear on Algwethmai.

3.7 Million BCE: Life appears on Kalder.

2 Million BCE: Clospet break FTL barrier.

1.3 Million BCE: Xa'Thin Worms grow appendages.

1 Million BCE: Woakes appear on WoakeHastir appear on Otehirs. Tavir escape their original home world and embark on an interstellar journey. The Taans first appear on Basaten.

800000 BCE: Small interstellar civilization formed on Hyperion.

790000 BCE: Tha-ro first evolve and build Harthost.

500000 BCE: Tavir arrive at Calesius.

440000 BCE: Nylex appear on Arydia due to the mysterious, sudden eradication of a serious reproductive disease.

400000 BCE: Hyperion civilization goes extinct, leaves behind mysterious portal system across its space.

250000 BCE: Hastir go extinct, Tadian take their place.

240000 BCE: Mhera appear on Rodinia, Katoxyn first appear.

230000 BCE: Uathyn first appear.

220000 BCE: The Swarm first appears, it discovers the Star Beasts.

200000 BCE: Modern humans migrate out of Africa and all across the Earth.

165000 BCE: Xa'Thins are now hunter-gatherers.

150000 BCE: First piece of recorded history of Calisn.

140000 BCE: Hakoduil sleeper ships awake over their new homeworld of Maurotal.

130000 BCE: Orcians first evolve on Rocia. The Orcians enslave the Trula for 40,000 years.

90000 BCE: Trula rebel and free themselves.

75000 BCE: First Amatrian galactic ruler.

55000 BCE: Ingla sleeper ships awake over their new homeworld of Yvoli.

51100 BCE: Xa'Thins invent writing.

50000 BCE: The final Archid colony is built, marking the peak of the Archid civilzation.

49000 BCE: Danuil first evolve on Isadan.

48684 BCE: The Xa'Thin Shroud Era begins.

45000 BCE: Uprisings are reported throughout the Archid Union. The cause is unknown.

40000 BCE: Nuclear war on Gamma Nova wipes out the local inhabitants.

30000 BCE: By this date, the Archid civilzation has ceased to exist.

27000 BCE: Most of the Nylex ancestors become extinct, except for Nya Orionis.

24000 BCE: Haila Orionis, a hybrid race of Nylex, first appears on Arydia.

23927 BCE: Xa'Thins own their portion of M110.

23500 BCE: Hybrid race of Haila Orionis and Nya Orionis.

22000 BCE: Trula become extinct from a pandemic.

21154 BCE: Tarcav discover the Losuuai on Angriel's moon Bakari.

21153 BCE: Angriel-Bakari War begins.

21140 BCE: Angriel-Bakari War ends.

16000 BCE: Orcian civilisation begins.

10000 BCE: Wars on Uathyn end, the native species ally the entire race.

7000 BCE: Humans taken from Earth to Azlan by an unknown race.

5000 BCE: Untoa civilisation begins.

4831: The Delvans begin their space age.

4943 BCE: Northern and Southern Danuil rediscover each other, war begins.

4939 BCE: Southern Danuil lose the war, are enslaved by the Northern Danuil.

4000 BCE: In Mesopotamia, the Sumerians begin building observation towers called Ziggurats. From 300 feet up, they observe the movements of the Sun, Venus, and Mars.

3921 BCE: Southern Danuil rebel.

3917 BCE: Peace established between the two Danuil races, a massive plague ravages the planet, creating the Roknoir.

2947 BCE: Bolga launch their space program.

2831 BCE: Yegassin Republic formed.

2312 BCE: Old Empire Wars on Isiaeor begins.

1027 BCE: Republic of Rixxes founded.

12 BCE: Old Empire Wars end.

316 CE: Tambora-like volcano erupts on Rocia, a two-year long winter begins.

891 CE: Asteroid hits Rocia, plunging the planet into a 10-year winter.

901 CE: Rocia's 10-year winter ends, the Orcians recover.

1000 CE: Orcians control the Amatria galaxy.

1350 CE: The Black Plague wipes out nearly a third of Earth's population.

1426 CE: Sentyla discovered.

1427 CE: Sentyla colonised by the Orcians.

1493 CE: Sentyla Gateway developed and fully functional. 

1610 CE: Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei discovers the Four moons of Jupiter, later called Galilean moons

1776 CE: Founding of the United States, the nation behind NASA and SpaceX. 

1781 CE: Uranus discovered.

1800 CE: Woakes begin space exploration.

1846 CE: Neptune discovered.

1886 CE: The first automobile is put into production on Earth.

1914 CE: World War I starts.

1919 CE: World War I ends.

1925 CE: Radio broadcasting comes into widespread use on Earth.

1930 CE: Planet Pluto is discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.

1939 CE: World War II starts.

1945 CE: World War II ends.

1959 CE: NASA is founded.

1961 CE: Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin first goes to space.

1969 CE: Humans first land on Luna

2000 CE: Uathyn expedition to the surface ends in failure

2003 CE: The Xaridgar discover Xaridge Da.

2006 CE: Pluto is demoted to a dwarf planet, New Horizons space probe launched towards Pluto.

2011 CE: Gliese 667C c is discovered.

2013 CE: Gliese 667C f is discovered, Aeros is initially discovered.

2015 CE: Turanga discovered

2015 CE: New Horizons arrives at Pluto.

2017 CE: Fly-by of Earth reveals life to Scenth as well as ending the Ski'pec Music Void.

2018 CE: The InSight probe lands on Mars and captures the first sounds from the red planet: Gusts of wind.

2018 CE: Terragen Company founded

2020 CE: The James Webb Space Telescope discovers Zempala and 3 of its planets.

2021 CE: Humans land on Luna for the first time since the Apollo Missions.Regular missions to the moon twice a day .

2022 CE: NASA’s Europa Clipper mission launched to Europa.

2023 CE: The rest of the Zempala system is discovered.                                        

2024 CE: Humans land on Mars.

2025 CE: Contact with the Voyager 1 and 2 probes is lost. ESU probe launched to Jupiter and its moons. Terragen contracted by UN to combat climate change. ISSAP founded.

2026 CE: Clipper Mission arrives at Europa, life discovered in its oceans.

2027 CE: On Earth, Biosphere 5 is declared a success, first private space station built.

2030 CE: Earth climate stabilizes thanks to Terragen, debates begin on progressing further into the outer Solar System.

2032 CE: Fort Jupiter, humanity’s first offworld colony, established on Luna.

2034 CE: The Plu'ani from the planet Mykhatsi visit Earth, but clandestinely due to their Contact Directive.

2035 CE: SepMin PLC founded, Cassandra Goodman born.

2037 CE: The first Quantum computers come into widespread use.

2039 CE: Last Martian expedition leaves planet, Terragen contracted to begin Martian terraforming.

2041 CE: Armstrong city constructed on Luna.

2042 CE: First floating city established within Venus’ atmosphere.

2043 CE: Elithia is discovered.

2044 CE: Nithia is discovered, Woakes begin colonization of their three moons.

2045 CE: Kuiper Belt Exploration Program launched by many space companies, including NASA. World War III begins.

2047 CE: The US rolls out the first fully autonomous and intelligent military aircraft.

2048 CE: Bullet probe sent to the Alpha Centauri B system.

2050 CE: Nueva Terra discovered.

2055 CE: World War III ends.

2056 CE: First KBEP missions to Pluto.

2057 CE: Bullet probe arrives at the Alpha Centauri system.

2059 CE: Warp Drive invented, humans first step on Triton.

2060 CE: First human steps on Pluto, colony established by KBEP.

2061 CE: Humans first visit the Alpha Centauri trinary star system, Cassandra Goodman sets foot on Aeros, Main Star Exploration Program begun by NASA, the ESA, and other private space industries, First KBEP missions to Eris.

2062 CE: Yin Yang discovered, Cassandra Goodman sets foot on Helion.

2065 CE: Venus terraforming begins, MSEP mission Sirius Prime leaves for Sirius, First colony on Eris established by KBEP.

2066 CE: Sirius Prime returns to Earth, First KBEP missions to Haumea.

2067 CE: Aine discovered by ISAC, Hercules discovered.

2068 CE: Frontier Probe launched. Mars terraforming begins.

2069 CE: Sunna System discovered, Ikusos discovered. The MSEP's second mission, Vega Prime arrives at Vega, gas giant Bond-Whipple discovered.

2070 CE: Colony on Haumea established by KBEP.

2071 CE: First KBEP missions to Makemake.

2072 CE First colony established on Terranova, research outpost placed on planets Yin and Yang.

2073 CE: Colony established on Njord, exploration of the rest of the Sunna System begins, Fomalhaut Primary crew performs fly-by of Fomalhaut b, terraforming of Aeros begins

2074 CE: Omega Prime discovered.

2075 CE: Hercules colonized, ISSAP probes arrive at Omega Prime, Colony on Makemake established by KBEP.

2076 CE: Pegasus Prime completes dangerous fly-by of the planet Bellerophon in the 51 Pegasi system, First KBEP missions to Sedna.

2077 CE: Yin outpost shut down, first publication of The Galactographic Journal (as Extrasolar).

2078 CE: Research outpost established on Twilight by Stanford University.

2079 CE: Wayfarer spacecraft discovers Terranova, Star Jaunte commissioned to be built.

2080 CE: Colony on Sedna established by KBEP.

2081 CE: KBEP abandoned due to entire Solar System cataloged and scanned, New space companies founded which aim to colonize interstellar space.

2082 CE: Colony established on Terranova, Cassiopeia Prime and Cowabunga discovered by Wayfarer.

2083 CE: Colony established on Surtr.

2084 CE: Androids and drones become widespread in law enforcement.

2085 CE: First visit to Betelgeuse.

2086 CE: Manned mission to Omega Prime. Hephaestus (Gas Giant) was discovered.

2087 CE: Omega Prime first colonized. Floating cities are established on the gas giants.

2088 CE: Colony established on Vorstell.

2089 CE: HIP 16101 system discovered by Star Jaunte, colony ships sent out, terraforming begins on Zion.

2090 CE: Ganymede terraforming begins. Simud discovered.

2095 CE: AfrikaCorp founded.

2096 CE: Adephaga system visited and mapped.

2098 CE: Major nations and organizations meet to try and establish an interstellar government.

2099 CE: Adephaga system revisited

First Age Edit

2100 CE: United Republic of Space Settlements established with the government head on Earth, Hercules becomes an independent colony, First Age begins, MSEP absorbed into the URSS colonization organization.The Terraforming comitee established. Polaris visited.

2101 CE: Terragen's headquarters moved to Mars.

2102 CE: Afrika first settled, terraforming begins.

2105 CE: Betelgeuse research station built on Betelgeuse 7.

2110 CE: Frontier Probe arrives at the 111 Tauri system, Vanqai discovered.

2116 CE: Woakes colonization of their three moons is completed.

2118 CE: Dauntless probe launched to explore the Gliese 667C system.

2119 CE: Gamma Nova discovered.

2125 CE: Mission to Gamma Nova begins.The C-Unit is established.     

2126 CE: First human landing on Gamma Nova and colonization begins.

2127 CE: Humanity becomes a Type I Civilization.

2130 CE: Planetary Colonization Bureau formed.

2132 CE: Project Deepdive is launched and arrives at Enceladus after a two week trek and discovers life in its oceans.

2134 CE: Josa System discovered. Project Deepdive concludes it's mission and is declared a success.

2138 CE: Derva system discovered.

2140 CE: Martopia discovered.

2142 CE: Lunar terraforming begins.

2144 CE: The Traveler is spotted on Aketi.

2150 CE: Tesla was created.

2159 CE: Nesara discovered.

2163 CE: First colonies on Nueva Terra are built and terraforming begins.

2167 CE: ISAC's FTL probe leaves for Aine.

2170 CE: Europa terraforming begins.

2177 CE: First recorded orbit of Pluto since its discovery in 1930.

2193 CE: Soara send out a series of "Hello" messages into interstellar space, Soara launch an interstellar probe.

2195 CE: Callisto terraforming begins.

2205 CE: Water is found on Zempala-e and Zempala-f.

2209 CE: ISAC's FTL probe arrives at Aine and reveals it climate issues.

2210 CE: Colonization of Aine is called off.

2218 CE: Lonrho becomes headquarter world for SepMin Plc.

2225 CE: Neo-Norse Religion founded.

2233 CE: Simud moved into Martian orbit.

2234 CE: Polaris Playground built.

2235 CE: Mintaka Prime discovered.

2241 CE: Taygeta 3 discovered.

2243 CE: An unmanned probe is launched to investigate Taygeta 3 and the other planets in the Taygeta system.

2249 CE: Unmanned probe arrives at Taygeta 3. While no life was detected there, it was chosen to be Humanity's first colony in the Pleiades.

2244 CE: Z-Colo probe is sent to the Zempala system.

2251 CE: Titan terraforming begins.

2263 CE: Construction of colonies begin on Taygeta 3.

2267 CE: Ganymede terraforming completed.

2270 CE: Hercules ecosystem stabilized.

2272 CE: Europa terraforming completed.

2273 CE: Bircerl and Kotalia discovered.

2275 CE: Agco Inc. moves headquarters to Hercules.

2290 CE: Callisto terraforming completed.

2310 CE: Voyager 1 reaches 2,000 AU from the sun and enters the Oort Cloud.

2312 CE: Z-Colo finds developing bacterium on Zempala-f.

2317 CE: 7 kilometer asteroid hits Zempala-f; most developing bacteria is destroyed.

2321 CE: Mercury moved out of solar orbit and into Venusian orbit.

2333 CE: Exotel System discovered.

2335 CE: Mercury terraforming begins.

2342 CE: Zion terraforming completed, colonization begins.

2349 CE: Mintaka Prime is chosen to test Terragen's revolutionary terraforming technology.

2350 CE: Hercules is ranked second most populated world in URSS.

2352 CE: Taygeta 3 colonized.

2353 CE: Neo-Norse church splits into Aesir Church and Vanir Church.

2367 CE: Lunar terraforming completed.

2374 CE: The First Incursion begins.

2399 CE: Terragen moves their headquarters to Mintaka Prime.

2405 CE: Treaty of Aine signed to protect the planet's delicate climate.

2431 CE: Titan terraforming completed.

2475 CE: Mars terraforming completed.

2497 CE: Riots arise on Hercules.

2498 CE: NASA’s New Horizons probe is re-discovered drifting through the Oort Cloud at around 2600 AU from the sun. After some debate, it is put in a historical exhibition.

2500 CE: Venus terraforming completed. The Artrian Galactic Republic is formed.

2501 CE: Simud terraforming begins.

2502 CE: The Magellan Ultravoid is discovered.

2505 CE: Shalem terraforming begins.

2510 CE: The Xa'Thin Golden Age begins.

2545 CE: Mintaka Prime terraforming complete, cities exposed to the atmosphere.

2562 CE: Dwarf planet Eris completes its first recorded orbit. Dyson Spheres invented by Dr Arya Khan.

2590 CE: Eta Carina mission leaves, crew placed in suspended animation.

2601 CE: Mintakan Army For Free Humanity formed.

2611 CE: Terrorist strikes occur on Hercules, Hercules population begins to decline.

2613 CE: Mercury terraforming completed.

2633 CE: URSS thwarts terrorist plot to set off a nuclear warhead in the Senate.

2635 CE: Schwarzschild's Star discovered.

2641 CE: First mining and research outpost of Schwarzschild's Star built on Einstein.

2645 CE: Riots erupt on Mintaka Prime.

2650 CE: Humanity becomes a Type II Civilization.

2674 CE: Eta Carina Mission arrives at Eta Carina, evidence of First Civilization discovered.

2674 CE: Tyler discovered.

2677 CE: Betelgeuse Station abandoned.

2678 CE: Xaridge Da is colonized by the Xaridgar.

March 4th, 2679 CE: Eastern Galactic Rebellions begins, Second Age begins.

Second Age Edit

2680 CE: SepMin PLC goes out of business.

2682 CE: A flyby mission is conducted at J1433.

2684 CE: Order reestablished on Hercules.

2712 CE: The Xaridgar-Archas War begins.

2752 CE: Io terraforming begins.

2809 CE: Fearing that the URSS will destroy almost all humanity, New Hope Colony Expedition leaves.

2811 CE: Simud terraforming completed.

2861 CE: Sanctuary discovered by New Hope Colony Expedition, terraforming begins.

2872 CE: Nova Roma colonized by misplaced scientific team.

2886 CE: First colony established on Sanctuary.

2934 CE: First floating city established within Jupiter’s atmosphere.

2990 CE: Pluto Vault supposedly built.

2991 CE: Concordia discovered.

2995 CE: Republic Space Core (URSS army) splits.

June 6th, 2997 CE: URSS senate destroyed with a nuclear warhead.

2998 CE: Hercules capital as well as the starport and Agco headquarters bombarded.

2999 CE: Ilusa colonised, Old Order founded and manned missions to other planets begins.

February 3, 2999 CE: Stronghold Incident, URSS falls.

Third Age Edit

January 1, 3000 CE: Confederacy of Humanity is born, Condordia colonized, Wrina civilization begins.

3002 CE: Hercules Civil War breaks out.

3003 CE: Hercules placed on lockdown by the Confederacy.

3005 CE: Humanity becomes a Type III Civilization; Mandarin-Cantonese Peace-Treaty.All civilasation accept the confedaracy as its head.

3008 CE: First official mission to Carina Nebula.

3009 CE: Nueva Terra fully terraformed.

3011 CE: Old Order mission arrives at 30 Cas and colonises desert planet.

3012 CE: Turanga first colonized.

3014 CE: Shalem terraforming completed.

3016 CE: Old Order declares civil war on Ilusa.

3020 CE: Old Order Army is formed.The Terraforming comitee is given complete power to carry out all terraforming projects for human and alien civilization.

3021 CE: Rogue planet Vulcan enters Sol System, diverted to become the first planet.

3024 CE: Woakes send a signal into space in the direction of Earth (without knowledge of Humans).

3026 CE: Woakes discovered by humans.

3034 CE: Neo-Norse explorers begin to explore Carina Nebula thoroughly.

3036 CE: The Gerissian Archive begins operation.

3042 CE: Valhalla discovered by Aesir explorers.

3044 CE: Valhalla colonized.

3046 CE: Vannaheimr discovered by Vanir explorers.

3049 CE: Kingdom of Valhalla established.

3051 CE: Vannaheimr colonized, Kingdom of Vannaheimr established.

3052 CE: Valhalla made central house of Aesir church.

3055 CE: Kirkju Sjo constuction begins.

3056 CE: Resplendent discovered.

3058 CE: First colony ships arrive on Resplendent.

3091 CE: Skogar colonized.

3094 CE: Dokk Skogar discovered.

3101 CE: Turanga terraforming begins.

3103 CE: Kirkju Sjo completed.

3104 CE: Aesir attack Dokk Skogar, Vanir-Aesir War begins.

3115 CE: Vanie-Aesir War ends.

3131 CE: Io terraforming completed.

3145 CE: Vannaheimr terraforming completed.

3150 CE: Thulcandra discovered.

3152 CE: Thulcandra terraforming begins.

3160 CE: Thulcandra terraforming completed, colonization begins.

3174 CE: Vitae Discovered

3180 CE: First contact between humanity and the planet Aketi.

3183 CE: The Time Pyramid is completed and is open to the public, Vitae terraforming begins

3189 CE: Vitae terraforming completed, colonization begins.

3192 CE: Hyperion and Barsoom discovered.

3200 CE: Thulcandran Federation formed.

3212 CE: Eden discovered.

3215 CE: Cassiopeia Consortium founded.

3224 CE: Eden terraforming complete, colonization begins.

3233 CE: Turanga terraforming completed.

3303 CE: Pirates begin to construct a base on Eonxe

3321 CE: Theia discovered.

3375 CE: Clius discovered.

3381 CE: Clius terraformed.

3500 CE: Asteroid enters orbit of Ifindris, Katoxyn space exploration begins

3506 CE: Ceres terraforming begins.

3671 CE: Di'hwaj discovered by a joint Vanir-Aesir exploration mission.

3712 CE: Eeyttir discovered.

3722 CE: Novum Imperium Rōmānum formed.

3912 CE: Uathyn begin space program

3997 CE: Old Order Stronghold built to escape the Confederacy of Humanity.

4000 CE: Old Order Stronghold destroyed.

4003 CE: Old Order destroyed, last survivors flee in starships to the Andromeda galaxy.

4010 CE: Arydia discovered, first contact between Nylex and Humanity.

4012 CE: Ceres enters Eden star system, makes contact with the Edenites

4013 CE: Further colonization of Resplendent forbidden by local government.

4025 CE: Nylex join the Confederacy of Humanity.

4029 CE: Bisydu and the Halfred system discovered, Uathyn land on their moon Yewin, first contact between Uathyn and Katoxyn, Glitter Territories formed.

4031 CE: Human and other alien colonies appear on Arydia for the first time.

4032 CE: Halfred Corporation is founded by Iuri Halfred.

4077 CE: Heritage discovered and colonized.

4080 CE: Angel White and a few colonists leave Heritage to find another world.

4085 CE: Angel's Landing discovered and terraformed.

4100 CE: Glitter Territories discover Warp Drive.

4275 CE: Asteroid collision on Gamma Nova wipes out major human colony.

4302 CE: Neoxian cult formed.

4311 CE: Neoxia terraforming begins.

4321 CE: The Nortesx system is discovered, along with the Caren civilization and the planets Daylie and Pyreen

4336 CE: Neoxia terraforming ends, colonization begins.

4482 CE: Core Worlds Alliance founded.

4532 CE: Norse-Neoxia War begins. On the human colony world of Liminibus , contact with other human worlds is completely cut off after the last ship capable of interstellar travel is destroyed in the 12th Interplanetary War, resulting in complete isolation of the people of Liminibus.

4536 CE: Neoxian plot to nuke the Kirkju Sjo thwarted, Odin's Hall on Valhalla destroyed by terrorists.

4540 CE: Norse-Neoxia War ends.

4550 CE: Valhalla Summit called.

4551 CE: Valhalla Summit ends.

4556 CE: Neoxian Revolution.

4623 CE: New Alexandria discovered.

4742 CE: New Alexandria colonized, terraforming begins.

4744 CE: Eden becomes a member of the Confederacy and Thulcandran Federation.

4769 CE: New Alexandria terraforming completed.

4771 CE: Alexandrian Network construction begins, second library branch built on Lilith Space Station.

4800 CE: Exyiens begin space exploration.

4809 CE: Alexandrian Network officially brought online.

4852 CE: Hawai'i discovered, terraforming begins.

4867 CE: Hawai'i settled.

5016 CE: Outerian star system discovered.

5123 CE: Yamato and Okinawa discovered.

5128 CE: Kyoto settlement established.

5212 CE: Nativia discovered.

5231 CE: Havor War begins.

5250 CE: Nativia terraforming begins.

5272 CE: Nativia terraforming ends, colonization begins.

5307 CE: Confederacy of Humanity raids Eonxe and returns the moon to the Trarrofs.

5391 CE: Havor War ends.

5861 CE: Okinawa terraforming begins

6020 CE: Okinawa terraforming ends.

6027 CE: Okinawa settled

5920 CE: Southern Danuil Rebel.

6070 CE: Rhyne discovered, Gaunta classified as Type 0 civilisation.

6212 CE: Isan discovered and colonized.

6520 CE: Gaunta become Type I civilisation

7029 CE: Invasion of Fasthled, the Gamos Conflict begins.

7036 CE: Gamos Conflict ended by the Treaty of Recidus.

7042 CE: Argonya discovered and colonized.

7044 CE: Plans to further terraform Argonya abandoned.

7212 CE: Leracesi discovered by Githu, enslaved.

7253 CE: Agsia discovered, announced with plans to establish new food service.

7264 CE: Agsia colonised.

7285 CE: The Kyrusin religion spreads to Agsia.

7500 CE: Temples constructed across the Antennae Galaxies by the Mensar. The Azlani humans create their first FTL spacecraft.

7520: The Azlani Humans make contact with the Confederacy of Humanity.

7800 CE: Sedna, on a 11,400 year orbit, reaches aphelion of 937 AU (about 1% of a light year). Construction of the Imperial Armada begins in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

7920 CE: Azlan becomes a member world of the Confederacy of Humanity.

8012 CE: Aryabhata system discovered.

8015 CE: Isadanh discovered by humans.

8017 CE: The Intergalactic Confederacy is founded by Ik Klap'Tuk.

8019 CE: Sol System is the first member of the Intergalactic Confederacy.

8023 CE: Chayyim joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8025 CE: Aeyra and Nerva civilisations discover each other.

8027 CE: Derva joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8030 CE: Lothlórien incident, first contact established between humans and Danuil/Roknoir.

8050 CE: The Xa'Thin Galactic Utopia meets Humanity.

8054 CE: Di'hwaj joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8097 CE: Denil joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8098 CE: Pupra joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8103 CE: Daylie joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8104 CE: Isiaeor joins The Intergalactic Confederacy.

8123 CE: Nok’Chu-Raa first step foot on Abog-yithar and Liotho.

8156 CE: Nok’Chu-Raa establish colonies on Abog-yithar and Liotho.

8242 CE: K’weeeyyuu and Nok'Chu-Raa first contact.

8376 CE: K’weeeyyuu colonize Rhuuno with the Nok'Chu-Raa's help.

8410 CE: Old Order survivors arrive at Andromeda, New Order established.

8411 CE: The last human on Liminibus, Saffiyah Lurtch Honeycutt, commits suicide at the age of 17. This ends human life on the planet of Liminibus.

8463 CE: New Order rules over Andromeda for 98 years.

8561 CE: New Order steps down from galactic ruler of Andromeda.

8586 CE: New Order builds gigantic fleet; Jeira Lyn becomes leader of the New Order.

8589 CE: New Order fleet heads towards Milky Way in one large battle with the Confederacy of Humanity.

8671 CE: The Imperial Armada is finished, with a fleet numbering in the thousands.

8700 CE: Nixiens begin interstellar exploration.

8761 CE: Nixiens discovered by Humanity

8763 CE: Eyxiens discovered by Humanity

9017 CE: First Amatrian War declared.

9042 CE: First Amatrian War ends.

9054 CE: Core Worlds Alliance discovers the Swarm.

9056 CE: Giokans begin terrorist attacks on Humans. The First Galactic War is declared.

9060 CE: Larsone  discovered.

9062 CE: Rationing begins during the First Galactic War as announced by the Rinsian Food Service.

9088 CE: Larsone colonised.

9097 CE: Confederacy of Humanity revisits the Outerian star system.

9116 CE: Second Amatrian War declared.

March 15-20 9122 CE: Battle of Larsone.

9124 CE: New Larsone government and president.

9148 CE: Second Amatrian War ends.

9152 CE: The Swarm discovered by the Core Worlds Alliance, enslaved.

9161 CE: Fleet to Omega Centauri star cluster takes four months.

9163 CE: Brayleigh discovered.

9172 CE: The Centauri Confederacy is founded by refugees originating from war-torn worlds of the First Galactic War.

9187 CE: The Act of Conquest is passed by the Xcathlian Senate and the Nebula program is developed.

9188 CE: Nebula I is launched.

9189 CE: Nebula II is launched.

9190 CE: Nebula III is launched.

9191 CE: Nebula IV is launched.

9192 CE: Nebula V is launched.

9201 CE: The Nebula V arrives in the Orpheus System.

9215 CE: The Swarm freed from their captivity in the Battle of Agugararzontograr.

9220 CE: The first round-trip journey to and from the Orpheus System is made.

9224 CE: The Intergalactic Confederacy begins Project Orpheus.

9231 CE: The Confederacy finishes the wormhole's construction, and travel begins between Xcathlia and Klar'ik'ii.

9237 CE: Starspire City is established on Klar'ik'ii.

9278 CE: The name "Orpheus System" is officially instated.

9283 CE: First Galactic War ends.

9285 CE: The Valinorian Cult is founded by the last Giokans.

9323 CE: The Confederacy of Humanity conducts the first of five attempts to retrieve Voyager 1 and 2.

9427 CE: Following confederate reform, the Intergalactic Confederacy's Confederate Officers now use regal names as opposed to their birth names. The first such example is Sol-Ty I, who governs for 880 years.

9427 CE: NGC 1277 is colonized by humans.

9521 CE: Vionia and Zemus first contact.

9532 CE: Ali'yoshulake discovered by the Githu, inhabitants enslaved

9691 CE: Sephiroth System discovered, terraforming begins on Terramartis.

9721 CE: Cooperative Imperium of Spheres formed after Githu, Hakoduil and Ingla rediscover each other.

9842 CE: Molkor invasion of the Milky Way begins, Second Galactic War begins.

9884 CE: Supreme Leader Taide is born.

9903 CE: Battle of Halfred begins, ends the year after.

9906 CE: Comet collision on Nitha but the ocean absorbs most of the impact force, preventing a mass extinction.

9950 CE: Humanity becomes a Type IV Civilization. This will prevent extinction from the universe.

9951 CE: Matthias Ixxenon Malasaf is born.

9952 CE: Wormhole Drive invented. Second Galactic War ends.

9954 CE: Starbright System discovered.

9956 CE: Aothor System discovered by the Confederacy.

9959 CE: Ztebam discovered.

July 5, 9960 CE: Confederacy-Glitter Treaty signed.

9961 CE: Calida discovered, Serenity terraforming begins.

9963 CE: First contact between the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres and the Confederacy.

9964 CE: Project Anaximander initiated.

9970 CE: Mensar officially achieve status of galactic civilisation.

9972 CE: Igolath discovered.

9977 CE: Rodinia discovered, contact made with inhabitants.

9980 CE: First discoveries of ancient relics of the Anera civilisation, the first being an ancient artifact on Betelgeuse 7.

9981 CE: The Cult of the Black Sun is formed. Serenity colonized.

9982 CE: The Amatria-Artria War begins.

9984 CE: Xeikon discovered. The Nexus of Humanity is formed.

9986 CE: Otehirs discovered.

9991 CE: Remidia discovered. Sanctuary rediscovered.

9992 CE: Isiaeor discovered, contact between the Confederacy and the inhabitants made.

9993 CE: Riranuer discovered. Uunbassht'Fin Incident occurs. The Juline Treaty is signed, bringing the end of the First Amatria-Artria War.

9994 CE: Fort Cendvrel is constructed and colonized. 

9997 CE: Denil discovered. Attack on Heria initiates the cold war between Amatria and Artria.

9998 CE: Cervan, Niphf’cha and Hach’iya discovered.

9999 CE: Nova Roma discovered.

Fourth Age Edit

10001 CE: Yegassin is discovered, intergalactic signals detected are emitted from the galaxy.

10002 CE: Yellowstone eruption on Earth.

10008 CE: Jupiter Ignition Project idea is put forward in the Confederacy's senate. The project could commence at some point but most people are against it.

10009 CE: Messier 81 exploration initiated by human colonists.

10010 CE: The Second Amatria-Artria War is declared.

10022 CE: Novum Imperium Rōmānum and Confederacy join forces, becoming very close allies.

10024 CE: The Second Amatria-Artria War ends.

10029 CE: Yegassin-Confederacy Alliance established.

10030 CE: Orcians become a Type V civilisation. 

10032 CE: Confederacy accepts the Glitter Territories petition to join. 

10033 CE: Trierra discovered, terraforming begins 

10034 CE: Novum Imperium Rōmānum joins the Confederacy as a member. 

10037 CE: Neetha discovered.

10042 CE: Trierra colonization begins.

10094 CE: Neetha colonisation begins.

10307 CE: Sol-Ty II is elected Confederate Officer.

10450 CE: Confederacy of Humanity explores the Antennae Galaxies.

10457 CE: Contact between Humanity and Mensar fails. They avoid each other for thousands of years. 

10487 CE: Sol-Ty III is elected Confederate Officer. 

11032 CE: The Amatria-Yegassin War is declared.

11153 CE: The Amatria-Yegassin War ends.

11206 CE: Light from the Eta Carina supernova reaches Earth.

11487 CE: Sol-Re I is elected Confederate Officer.

11600 CE: Project Anaximander completed.

12000 CE: Sol exits the Local Interstellar Cloud.

12006 CE: Chenell discovered and becomes research outpost for the Confederacy.

12110 CE: WDS Isvoy is retired and is now a museum ship in Earth orbit, visited by millions.

12637 CE: Sol-Re II is elected Confederate Officer.

13025 CE: Contact made between the Amatrian Galactic Spherium and Confederacy of Humanity.

13129 CE: The First Intergalactic War is declared.

13231 CE: The First Intergalactic War ends.

13397 CE: Following the war, tensions are high between the Confederacy of Humanity and the Intergalactic Confederacy. To try to ease the situation, Sol-Re III is elected Confederate Officer.

13727 CE: The star Vega becomes Earth's North Star.

13728 CE: Earth Beautification Project begins.

13997 CE: Humanity becomes a Type V civilization.

14002 CE: The Second Intergalactic War is declared.

14015 CE: The Third Galactic War is declared.

14021 CE: The first of a new generation of wormhole generators opens a wormhole to the Tadpole Galaxy.

14025 CE: Yggdrasil terraformed and colonized.

14029 CE: Confederacy arrive at Yegassin, the Yegassin-Confederacy Alliance is formed.

14031 CE: The Xcathli become a Type IV civilization.

14083 CE: Intergalactic trade route between the Milky Way and Yegassin established.

14127 CE: The Third Galactic War ends.

14217 CE: The Second Intergalactic War ends.

14218 CE: Violent acts of terrorism and riots across Amatria mark the start of the Amatrian Revolution.

14240 CE: The Amatrian Revolution is succesful, but Amatria is without a government for another nineteen years.

14259 CE: The High Council of Amatria is formed and becomes the main government of Amatria.

14707 CE: Sol-Re IV is elected Confederate Officer.

14721 CE: Hawai'i Industrial Revolution begins.

15287 CE: Sol-Re V is elected Confederate Officer.

15421 CE: Hawai'ians develop Warp Drive.

15427 CE: Hawai'i and Confederacy First Contact.

15473 CE: Hawai'i becomes member of the Confederacy.

16337 CE: Sol-Re VI is elected Confederate Officer.

17307 CE: Sol-Re VII is elected Confederate Officer.

17921 CE: The Xcathli become a Type V civilization. Rather than joining the Rexlorian-Human Alliance, they expand the Intergalatcic Confederacy across the visible universe.

19804 CE: War of the Decamillenial Transition is declared.

19947 CE: Sol-Re VIII is elected Confederate Officer.

20286 CE: War of the Decamillenial Transition Ends.

20290 CE: Human colonists open the Uupin Wormhole to the Amethyst Ring Galaxy.

20296 CE: Wormhole is opened up and leads a large fleet of humans into the Calisn galaxy.

20587 CE: Nix-Ar I is elected Confederate Officer. Abandoning the Sol dynasty, he takes great steps in ensuring complete protection of his dominion.

21100 CE: Remnants of the fragmented Confederacy of Humanity reaches Calisn and attempts to gain control over the current human colonies. The attempt results in a short period of conflict, which eventually forces the Confederacy's remnants out of the galaxy.

21137 CE: The Calisn Federation is established.

23527 CE: Lux-Ar I is elected Confederate Officer.

24877 CE: Lux-Ar II is elected Confederate Officer.

27800 CE: Polaris becomes Earth's North Star again.

28100 CE: The Xcathli become a Type VI civilization. Now no longer requiring a home planet to settle upon, they decide to abandon most of their colonies except those that would provide beneficial for trade, including Klar'ik'ii and Xcathli.

29587 CE: Lux-Ar III is elected Confederate Officer.

30000 CE: On Aptia, the Neopithicans finally begin hunting with tools and soon develop farming.

32527 CE: Lux-Ar IV is elected Confederate Officer.

34000 CE: Early cities and towns are built by the Neopithicans.

35000 CE: Ross 248 becomes closest star to Earth.

35800 CE: The Neopithicans enter an industrial age of machinery.

36034 CE: Railroads begin construction by the Neopithicans across Aptia and enable land travel at higher speeds than ever before.

36061 CE: Aircraft are first built and flown on Aptia.

36397 CE: Lux-Ar V is elected Confederate Officer.

39000 CE: Orcians become a Type VI civilization.

40947 CE: Lux-Ar VI is elected Confederate Officer.

42807 CE: Lux-Ri I is elected Confederate Officer.

46597 CE: Lux-Ri II is elected Confederate Officer.

52517 CE: Nix-Ar II is elected Confederate Officer, restoring the long-dormant philosophies of the Nix dynasty.

54767 CE: Nix-Ar III is elected Confederate Officer.

58342 CE: Xa'Thins become a Type-VI Civilization.

62397 CE: Nix-Ar IV is elected Confederate Officer.

67997 CE: Nix-Ar V is elected Confederate Officer.

73067 CE: Nix-Ar VI is elected Confederate Officer.

75917 CE: Nix-Ar VII is elected Confederate Officer.

81000 CE: Thesoki enslave the Hurln for 400 years.

81400 CE: The Hurln rebel and free themselves from the Thesoki.

81891 CE: Survey of Black Eye Galaxy begins.

82000 CE: Thesoki civilisation is estimated to have begun around now.

82025 CE: Morningstar Colonization Mission begins to form

82055 CE: Morningstar Colonization Mission arrives at the Black Eye Galaxy.

82981 CE: Liphro discovered

82991 CE: Liphro colonized

83000 CE: Protectorate established.

85617 CE: Sol-Ii I is elected Confederate Officer, restoring the Sol dynasty to power.

87067 CE: Sol-Ii II is elected Confederate Officer.

91373 CE: All Humans and Polinians gain psionic-like intelligence, and powers gifted from The Shroud.

95337 CE: Sol-Ii III is elected Confederate Officer.

97400 CE: United Thesoki Republic is formed.

97436 CE: Light from an extremely powerful hypernova reaches Thesoki.

97451 CE: United Thesoki Army is assembled.

13 July 99894 CE: United Thesoki Republic collapses.

3 May 99997 CE: Sol-Ii III is removed from his position of Confederate Officer of the Intergalactic Confederacy. Sol-Ii IV (born Er Zonad) is elected Confederate Officer in his place.

99998 CE: The red hypergiant star, VY Canis Majoris, goes hypernova, producing one of the largest supernovas the galaxy has ever seen. Humanity becomes Type-VI Civilization.

Fifth Age Edit

100000 CE: Er Zonad (regal name Sol-Ii IV) is the current Confederate Officer as of the 9199th Decennial Parliament.

103726 CE: The XGU becomes a Type VI civilization, all technology seems to slow, though.

104579 CE: The XGU disbands after a failing economy strikes it down. The Xa'Thin Commonwealth is formed as a result

113729 CE: Supervolcano Yellowstone erupts on Earth, destroying a few cities. It is surprisingly hard to contain.

121083 CE: The Fryda Revolution begins.

121174 CE: The Fryda Revolution ends.

131428 CE: The Galvanian War begins, as a result of the Attack on Eldrum.

131530 CE: The Galvanian War ends just as the Battle of Eliptis ends.

139904 CE: Mane Kollar is assassinated on Basaten. Political chaos ensues the United Kingdoms of Basaten.

154300 CE: Kya start to develop arms and some type of hands, they are adapted to the new terraformed environment.

184367 CE: Xa'Thainity, Humanity, and many other nations declare war on The Seekers, creating a conflict of universal proportions.

195372 CE: The Seekers are finally fended off, which concludes the largest war in history. Most countries are in economic debt, and it creates decades of pure struggle.

195385 CE: Most economies fully recover, and technology left from The Seekers are found, and reverse engineered.

195629 CE: A collaboration of many nations create The Universe Portal, allowing travelers to expand into untouched universes with similar laws of physics.

200000 CE: Current Year.

Future Events Edit

211304 CE: Humanity and Polinians become type 7 civilizations.

1 Million CE: Betelgeuse has gone supernova by now.

8,401,979 CE: LAGEOS-1 returns to Earth, splashing down in the north Atlantic.

30 Million CE: SpaceX’s landmark Tesla Roadster has completely disintegrated due to the solar radiation.

Astronomical EventsEdit

1 Million ACE: If untended to, footprints left behind on Luna by Neil Armstrong will have eroded away due to space weathering.

7.2 Million ACE: Mount Rushmore on Earth has eroded away by now, becoming unrecognizable. 

25 Million ACE: Neptune and Pluto swap orbits. 

200 Million ACE: All of Earth’s continents combine into a super continent.  

230 Million ACE: Prediction of the planet's orbits becomes impossible beyond this point.  

1 Billion ACE: Earth's oceans boil away due to the Sun increasing in luminosity.

3 Billion ACE: Milky Way and Andromeda collide and form an elliptical galaxy called Milkomeda.

5 Billion ACE: The Sun has become a Red Giant, and engulfed Vulcan, Venus, and Mercury. Earth, the Moon, and Mars are boiling. Io, Europa, Ganymede, Calilsto, and Titan are the only places where humans still live.

7 Billion ACE: The Sun explodes into a supernova and becomes a planetary nebula similar to Cat's Eye Nebula.

9 Billion ACE: The Sun becomes a white dwarf.

22 Billion ACE: Estimated time for the Big Rip scenario.

70 Billion ACE: The first generation of orange dwarf stars begin to die.

100 Billion ACE: Galaxies beyond the Local Group are so far away they are no longer visible.

1 Trillion ACE: Cosmic Microwave Background becomes undetectable.

20 Trillion ACE: The first generation of red dwarf stars begin to die.

100 Trillion ACE: Star formation ceases. All the remaining stars slowly exhaust their fuel and die.

122.4 Trillion ACE: The last remaining star, a red dwarf in Milkomeda, burns out.

1 Quadrillion ACE: Only stellar remnants roam the Universe by now, Red Dwarfs become White Dwarfs, White Dwarfs become Black Dwarfs, Magnetars become Pulsars, and Black Holes remain.

1.01 Quadrillion ACE: Descendants of today's civilizations revive the universe.