This is the timeline of the Akriti System, a system home to one of the Strangest Occurrences in the Milky Way Galaxy- The discovery of a Human civilization with no knowledge of Earth.


8,245,000,000 BCE (estimated date) - The Akriti System, and by extension, Azlan, forms.

3,000,000,000 BCE - Life Emerges on Azlan

2,500,000,000 BCE - Life Emerges on Lenus, Multicellular life on Azlan

2,000,000,000 BCE - Multicellular life on Lenus

500,000,000 BCE - The Azlani Nightstalker evolves

7,500 BCE - Humans shifted by an unknown civilisation.

750 BCE - Azlani Humans invent Bronze Working

250 BCE - The first true civilization on the planet is at it's height.

250 CE - Iron Working is invented

500 CE - An empire spans much of the southern half of Shentori

1500 CE - Gunpowder is invented on Azlan

1895 CE - Industrial Revolution on Azlan

1960 CE - The Atomic Bomb is invented on Azlan

1980 CE - The first artificial satellite is launched into Orbit

2040 CE - First landing on Lenus.Life is found on Lenus.

2060 CE -Global war on azlan, civilization sent back into the stone age.

7,000 CE - Azlani civilization reaches the point it was at prior to the war.

7,500 CE - The first FTL Spacecraft is invented by the Azlani.

7,520 CE - First contact with the Confederacy of Humanity

7920 CE - Azlan joins the Confederacy of Humanity.

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