Tionis is a T-class moon is the homeworld of the spacefaring Tionite species.


Tionis is the 5th moon orbiting the gas giant Veysaris in the Zeymus Galaxy and is the capital of the Tionites' interstellar civilization.

Tionis has a bitterly cold temperature of -118 degrees Celsius and is obscured by a dense cloud cover, completely obscuring the surface from space. The weather is quite chaotic as rapid winds, rainstorms and even cyclones are quite prevalent on Tionis and because of this, Tionites ten to have their cities located within protective domes.


Vast plains of pink algae span much of the land while the methane seas contain bioluminescent forests beneath them. Most animal life on the surface is bioluminescent as well due to how dark the nights are with the constant cloud cover.

Flying, bioluminescent pod-like creatures drift in the skies, almost like lanterns. Early Tionites worshipped them as guardians or watchers of some sort.

Culture and Technology

The Tionites are certainly a weird species. The best way they can be described is, looking like a sycamore seed crossed an insect, with thin appendages and three eyes at the front.

As said before, they inhabit dome cities to protect their buildings from their homeworld's harmful weather. They get to each city by using fast hover vehicles that resemble silver dome-like objects. These vehicles are very fast, zapping to each city in mere minutes.

Their ships are ovoid in shape and seem to utilize a less advanced version of the wormhole-drive although they haven't reached other galaxies yet.

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