The only terraformed moon of Saturn.


Once a frozen Ma-Class moon and the the only moon in the system with a thick methane atmosphere, the moon has since been transformed into a temperate Me-Class paradise. With a new mean temperature of a cool 13.8°C (56.8 °F) and a day of 25 hours and 33 minutes, this world is the last major trade route to the outer colonies.

Terraforming began in 2251 after it was determined that no life existed in the methane oceans. Most of the methane was mined out of the atmosphere for use elsewhere throughout the system. Massive magnifiers were placed in orbit to warm the moon and engineered microorganisms were deployed to manufacture oxygen. At the same time many rocky asteroids and comets were diverted to speed up the rotation of Titan to give it an earthlike day and to create landmasses.

By 2431 Titan was thriving with engineered plant and animal life.

There is still a chance that there is organic life under its surface, but nobody wants to dig there due to the moon being terraformed.


Titan’s population of around one billion is the largest concentrated population on any world farthest from the sun. Like most planets with a low gravity most get around with flight suits.


Titan’s climate is a few degrees cooler than Earth’s thanks to the vast quantities of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. Genetically engineered plants and animals thrive in the spidery forests of the moon.

Because it orbits the ringed planet, Titan is a great tourist attraction for its view of Saturn and because of its massive tides which the more adventurous love to surf.

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