Tkowes (1)

A planet located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, homeworld of the beings of the same name.

Discovered orbiting a type G4V star which the discoverers named Aryabhata (RS 8413-3-6-149654-5742 in 9.7.3) in 8012, this cooler alien world is the seventh planet in the system. It has a diameter of 11881.7 km (7382.9 mi) and a semimajor axis of 1.24 AUs making its year 1.4 Earth years.

Its day is short at only 15 hours and 16 minutes. It’s slightly younger than Earth at 4.4 billion years. Its gravity is 1 G and it has an atmospheric pressure of 0.85. The mean temperature on the planet is a frigid -15.7 °C (3.7 °F).

Twelve moons orbit the planet, eleven being captured asteroids and the twelvth being a small selena.
Tkowes (2)

Milky Way from the surface of Tkowes before a sunrise.

The lifeforms of Tkowes have evolved with four layers of skin to add extra protection from the cold environment. Two major landmasses on the planet are covered with a thick layer of ice. The planet shows signs of early heavy bombardment even now, with the deepest impact crater being a lake on the largest continent.
Tkowes Map

Map of Tkowes

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