The native inhabitants of the planet Tkowes.

Physical Description

Standing as tall as a standard human, the Tkowes are remarkably feline in appearance. They have rather large eyes for their skull size as well as powerful jaws that they use for hunting. They also have a pair of swiveling ears.

They walk on their toes whether they are on two feet or four (only children and hunters walk on all fours). Their five digits, vaguely similar to human hands, don’t have fingernails but retractable claws.

Like most species on their world, the Tkowes have four skin layers as well as a layer of fur to protect them from the cold. They also have a long tail. Their normal lifespan is around 70 to 80 local years.


Currently the Tkowes are just beginning to colonize other worlds of their star system and have sent many probes out to the other worlds of their star system.

The Tkowes, however, are well aware of life on other worlds, considering the fact that they share a unique relationship with the inhabitants of the eighth planet, Nolaxelr, and the giant telepathic aliens, called the Iruahr, that inhabit that planet’s atmosphere.

At one point in their history the Iruahr were worshiped by the Tkowes as gods and for a while the Iruahr told them to believe it. However, after a period of silence from them, people began to doubt but contact was reestablished soon after. However the Iruahr now told them that the gods had been killed and that the people now communicating with them wanted to help.

This sparked a planetary industrial revolution and within a hundred years they were making steam powered trains and building better houses and buildings.

Currently the planetary government is an interspecies republic with a council of both member species keeping the peace on the planet. However, even among the supposed united worlds racism abounds. Those with pure colored fur are still known to look down on spotted Tkowes. There is even a cult that still believes that the old Iruahr gods still exist and will return one day.

There is a current population of 3 billion Tkowes.

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