The Tloinan are a race of tripedal reptilians living in the Tloinin Galaxy.

The race is relatively similar to humans, but there are many differences. They do have a single head with two eyes and one mouth. The head has a large snout, similar to that of the extinct velociraptor. It has sharp teeth also similar to the velociraptor.

They also have two arms attached to a central torso. They have four fingers on each arm. The "hand" region is not distinct on their arm.

The major difference is the three legs that Tloinans have. The three legs are attached to the bottom of the torso. Two facing forward and one facing backward.

Olfactory sensors are a set of small holes on the top of the head.

The eyes see similar wavelengths to humans. They are able to see slightly into the ultraviolet wavelengths.

They are covered in scales similar in size to those of a lizard from Earth.

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