The planet Tloinin, not to be confused with the Tloinin Galaxy, is an E-class planet the seat and capital of The Administrator. It is inhabited by the Tloinan race and has a population of over 400 billion.


Most of the planet's recorded history had it under the control of The Administrator. Before then, it was home to the Tloinin race. Nothing about this race stood out, they were divided into nations, they had currency, and they had a form of democracy.

Intelligent life emerged on the planet 321,000 years ago. Much like every other intelligent species, it took them 14,000 years to get to space. However, for over 1000 years, the Tloinan did nothing but colonize it's nearby asteroid moons.

The reason for this is that they created five AI's to manage themselves. These AI's would later merge (after a five hundred year war) to form The Administrator.


The moons of Tloinin have all been harvested for resources, but the rings remain. The planet has about 40% of it's mass missing from all of the harvesting that has been do to the planet.
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