The planet Tloinin, not to be confused with the Tloinin Galaxy, is an E-class planet the seat and capital of The Supreme. It is the most important planet in The Supreme and contains the numerous servers running the Supreme. It is inhabited by the Tloinan race and has a population of over 400 billion.

The Supreme hollowed out the planet for resources and room for gargantuan quantum computing networks and electricity production. This hollowing took 200 years to complete and resulted in the destruction of the magnetic field of the planet. The planet is not entirely hollow, but a vast majority of the interior was harvested, resulting in the planet maintaining ten percent of its original surface gravity. This meant that the sensitive electronics and the populous were exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation. For 10 years the populous were forced to live underground while The Supreme began work on a grid field. This field covered most of the planet except for the poles and where space elevators were present.

Trillions of support beams were constructed to support the now mostly hollow planet, and thousands of asteroids were harvested to complete the project.

Artificial gravity generators were also constructed to allow the Tloinan to survive on the planet. The lack of strong Gravity destroyed the faint ring system and scattered the remaining moons. The atmosphere also dispersed, so the grid field was modified to an atmospheric grid field which contained the atmosphere by magnetically repulsing any molecules which try to escape the planet.

Former Moons


The moons of Tloinin have all been harvested for resources. Even if they weren't harvested the reduction of the surface gravity of Tloinin by the interior mining would result in the moons escaping the planet's gravity well.

List of Former Moons

  • Newn (Temperate Selena)
  • Newnis (Cold Selena)
  • Tloinin 3 (Cold Asteroid)
  • Tloinin 4 (Cold Asteroid)
  • Tloinin 5 (Cold Asteroid)
  • Tloinin 6 (Cold Asteroid)
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